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Rachel  ❤️️🍊🌞🍀📘🔮🎵 🌱Plant-based yogi on a mission towards mindfulness ❣CT based yoga teacher ❣️Find me at West Hartford Yoga, Hartford Sweat💧or Granby Yoga



Finishing up day 7 of #ExploreAshtanga2 a day late with a #headstand variation, but figured it would be a perfect opportunity to do a #TBT to the very first yoga pose I ever posted. I have a lot of favorite poses. Headstand is close to the top. I have made a lot of progress since my bannana🍌back days of 2013. This pose was the gateway towards doing things with my body I would have never thought possible back then when I could barely get my foot off the wall. I recently listened to a podcast by @joerogan where he was talking about finding a practice that makes you uncomfortable; a practice like yoga or martial arts that forces you out of your comfort zone, into all the sticky areas of yourself you may not chose to look at on a daily basis. You keep coming back to the practice and you improve, not just in body but mind as well. So make yourself uncomfortable. You have no idea what you are capable of❤️ #practiceandalliscoming .
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Catching up on day Day 6 of #ExploreAshtanga2 : #Firefly 🔥🐛#practiceandalliscoming

What can I say?🐶❤️

Keeping it simple for day 4 of #ExploreAshtanga2 : #HorsePose 🐴 When I first saw the list of poses for this challenge, a small part of me thought who knows, even though I never practice #peacock maybe I'll just press right up when I try it!!😄🙂😐Yeah not so much. One of my favorite things about yoga though is one day suddenly getting the body to do something that you never before imagined yourself being capable of. So yeah, guess I'll start practicing it🙂#practiceandalliscoming

Day3️⃣ of #ExploreAshtanga2 : Camel🐪+Crow🐦+Hike=🙂🙃😎

Day two✌️of #ExploreAshtanga2 : Bow Pose. #realtalk : I hate this pose. Hate. It. I have a history of lower back issues so backbends are my weakest area. I have had to visit the chiropractor on more than one occasion after busting this pose out at the end of a hot class and going way deeper than my body really cared to. Even so, four and a half years of yoga has more or less healed lower spine issues that I had dealt with for close to a decade prior. Yoga is more than a physical work out. It's more than taking perfectly timed photos for Instagram and it transcends "getting more flexible" or finally nailing that postcard pose you have been working on. Yoga is a path towards healing both the physical and mental. It is a practice that lets us connect inward to the ever present peace that is always available if we can just learn how to access it. Even though I hate backbends, I am grateful for their ability to heal me, body, mind and soul. #practiceandalliscoming

Day 1 of #ExploreAshtanga2 🎉 Heron pose, aka Krounchasana, aka oh hey hamstrings. Roll to the front of your sit bones for this one to take all the rounding out of the lower back. If you can't keep a lengthened spine with the pelvis tilting forward, use a strap instead of binding the foot👌#practiceandalliscoming

Shout out to all my fellow lotus flowers🌺

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