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Rachel Bowler  🇬🇧 // British Model - Creative - Adventurer // sharing my journeys // BOOKINGS: LDN - IMM CURVE / SPN - FRANCINA / AUS - BELLA //

Magical moments with a gentle giant, captured by ever-talented @brendanforbes // Ryan is a critically endangered Sumatran Elephant who was rescued because his home forests were destroyed by the logging trade. I feel so blessed to have spent an amazing morning with him and great people, in a safe protected environment where he can live in comfort, now that, devastatingly, the wild is no longer a place he can survive in.
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About 12 million hectares of forest on Sumatra have been cleared in the past 22 years, that’s a loss of nearly 50%, having a devastating impact on the lives of so many animals, like Ryan, such as the Sumatran Tiger (fewer than 500 left in the world) and Rhino (fewer than 300 left in the world). Did anybody watch FernGully when they were little? It was one of my favourite films and first animations that moved me when I was young and made me want to look after my world. If you’re a parent, put this film on for your bambino’s, educate them. It’s about fairies who’s homes in the rainforest are destroyed by a logging company. And adults, if you don’t like being preached to, watch Avatar, I think the message is very much the same.
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We, as humans need to be far more conscious about how our actions affect the planet and those who live on it. Something as simple as not funding Palm Oil (responsible for 8% of the planets deforestation) can begin to reverse the damage. Food for thought from David Attenborough: “Are we happy that our grandchildren may never seen an elephant except in a picture book?”
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We have ONE world. Take CARE of it. 🌎 // #RachelBowlerStories #ProtectThePlanet #Elephant

Sunday Moooooooddddd - wouldn’t mind another Zen Hideaway sesh RNNN! How are you guys spending your Sundays and where in the world are you? // @eyesofanomad // #RachelBowlerStories #SundayMood

What does female empowerment mean to you? I googled for a definition but I couldn’t find an exact one. ‍
To me, it’s growing and establishing a woman’s sense of self worth and belonging, for her to have the power to control her own life (in and outside of the home), the rights to opportunities, resources, education and choices; turning ‘cant’s’ into ‘cans’; and the ability to influence social and economic change. ‍
Society, very frustratingly, has certain expectations for what and who a woman is supposed to be, on top of conditioning and the notions the Media forces on us, we make it harder on each other, too. Empowering girls and women is powerful, it’s life changing and world changing! ‍
I’m not going into my own back-story in this post, but on reflection I know exactly when/how I’ve been prejudiced, mistreated and discriminated against for being a girl/woman (by men and women, known and strangers, alike). And I know exactly when I’ve been EMPOWERED, with a notable shift in my most recent years, which is likely down to a combination of reasons (a whole other essay on its own…) Regardless, I know the powerful impact it has, which is why it’s one of my core values to empower other women and girls. Who else shares this value, and how do you carry it out? Why do you think it’s important? I’d love to get a dialogue going on this topic, as it’s not one I’ve really touched on here. // #RachelBowlerStories #FemaleEmpowerment

BECAUSE LIFE IS SHORT AND THE WORLD IS WIDE // Dad always used to tell me off for drawing on the windows when we went on road trips, I’m sure @spaceshipsuk won’t mind me spreading an important message via theres...? 😏 #RachelBowlerStories #RoadTrip

Waddup Famile! Sorry if you’ve seen this twice, IG was down yesterday and I wanted to get to know you guys so I’m reposting, I also see new faces and think it’s time to re-introduce myself, too. 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️ ‍
I'm so grateful for Instagram being a platform to share and connect with yewwww. Soooo, say hey! What's your name, where are you from? Tell me an interesting fact about you! What are you passionate about? ‍
I'm Rachel, my friends call me RB. I'm a British model and creative who loves adventures. Ever since I was little I've embarked on little missions and returned home covered in mud, cuts and bruises. As far as I'm concerned, now I'm bigger the world is just a bigger playground and I want to see as much of the planet as I can. I'm on an on-going pursuit of self-development and mindfulness, and I'm super passionate about making others feel good about themselves, empowerment and encouraging people to live lives they are passionate about, too. ‍
Now, tell me about YOU! :) 👊🏼 ‍
Also, to those of you who have been around for a while (thank youuuuu!) - I'd like to take this op to pick your brains please, as what I'm sharing now is a little different to what I was when I first came here. What would you like to see more of here?:
1. Travel/ Adventure
2. Fashion - lifestyle or editorial?
3. Body Positivity
4. Self help/ PD / Mindfulness
5. Anything I’m missing? ‍
Thank you for being here!
Big Love 🖤
RB x

#RachelBowlerStories #IntroduceYourself

Run wild and free, like a waterfall. I’m a sucker for waterfalls, was forever chasing them in Bali, and I’ve got more to tick off in places like Iceland, Oregon and Java - who else loves them? // shot by my bro @eyesofanomad 🙏🏼🖤 // #RachelBowlerStories #Bali

HIYAAAAAA!! Sometimes you've just got to make yourself SEEN! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Show yourself some love and throw an attention-grabbing pose by the pool. I never saw my body-type represented in the media growing up. The only one I did see that wasn’t a size 6 was my Mum's, who would tell me to stop being silly if I called myself 'fat', but would sometimes leave changing rooms in tears when she went shopping, because she didn’t look like the girls advertising the clothes! ‍
How I should look has been dictated to me my whole life by the industry - basically anything but this! It crushed my health and mind, but I'm recovered and working on accepting/loving myself and resilience every damn day. I’m a UK size 12/14, the size between Straight-size and Plus-size, which is still unseen in the industry. It's 2018 and I am losing some work because I’m not 3 dress sizes smaller, or 3 dress sizes bigger, but I'm making it my mission to never change for the industry again and show that beauty DOES lie between those categories. ‍
Some days I feel myself lapse, but then I remind myself, ‘be what you needed to see when you were younger, so that other young girls don’t have to feel the things you felt’. I want girls and women to know that they do not have to force their bodies to change to meet unattainable idealised beauty standards, and that they can and should be happy and comfortable in their natural body-types. ‍
The majority of women in this world are 'inbetween sized' and we MUST to be seen, TOO! ‍
If you're an 'Inbetwenie' please comment below and/or tag me in your photos - I want to SEE you! ‍
#RachelBowlerStories #MakeInbetweenSeen #Inbetweenie

Will and I had such a rad week exploring Scotland for 5 days in our @spaceshipsuk camper van. The place is mad beautiful, I can't believe it's taken me so long to get up there. I loved the freedom a home on wheels gives you. You can drive wherever you feel (a blessing for unpredictable British weather), park up to sleep almost anywhere, and wake up to incredible ever-changing views, like this. ‍
Tag who you would have as your ROAD TRIP BUDDY. 👯‍♀️ 🕺🏼I solo travelled for the majority of last year, and urge anyone who can to do so, but it's pretty damn special when you get to share adventures with someone else. 🤙🏼 Thanks for the good times @will17wallis // #RachelBowlerStories #Scotland #CamperVan #Quiraing #TravelBuddy

Glenfinnan Viaduct AKA the Harry Potter Bridge and a cheesy grin from me on the swipe! // I wonder if we followed the tracks we'd get to Hogwarts... If you could pick your House, which would you join? // (Dedicating these snaps to my HP-obsessed friend, Shelbs, who made me stand in the cue for platform 9¾ with her for an hour, and get scorned by 100 eyes when I asked what 'Ravenclaw' was (pls don't troll me 😂).
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#RachelBowlerStories #Scotland #GlenfinnanViaduct

Who here has an up-down relationship with @instagram? Some days I feel what I share is badass, some days I feel inadequate. Sometimes a scroll fills me up, sometimes it makes me feel sucky. Some days I’m stoked for others slaying life, some days I beat myself up about why I’m not where they are. Anyone else? If this sounds familiar, say HEY below and read on, I’ve got some pointers.
⠀ ⠀

I just had my guzzilionth break of the past 6 months but I’m ready to return! Before I decided that though, I checked in with myself about why I feel like this. If I was needing breaks from a relationship I’d question it and, as cray as it sounds, an app is noooo different. If you’re engaging with something daily which affects how you feel, you 100% need to check in!
⠀ ⠀
I’ve always struggled with my self-esteem and self-worth (I’m good at hiding it). We all have good and bad days right? When they’re out of whack it impacts your mindset towards other things, too (relationships, career, SOCIAL MEDIA etc) So, if you’re scrolling and not vibing, check in with YOU first, before each thumb flick becomes a trigger for negativity. Self-love first baby! Just for the record, YOU ARE WORTHY! Your worth comes from within, do not seek it in things external to you (such as likes, in this case) and do not to compare yourself to other peoples ‘highlight reels’.
⠀ ⠀

WHY are you using this app? Sometimes the above makes you forget. I use and love @instagram for the following reasons: 1. It’s a CREATIVE OUTLET for me, I love to create and see other peoples art. 2. WANDERLUST. It’s my blue planet quick-fix. 3. CONNECTION. You can connect with like-minded people from any part of the world, and I’m so grateful for the friends I’ve made through it. 4. I want to use this social platform for GOOD, maybe even INSPIRE if I can… I want people to believe in their truest selves and pursue their best lives. My forever goal is to fill the gap I needed to see when I was a young girl, for other girls (and guys). Now I’ve checked-in and reminded myself of the good stuff - I’m sooooo down. THIS IS WHY I CAME HERE, AND THIS IS WHY I’M BACK. ⠀ ⠀
So, who‘s going to check in, what’s your why!?

If you’ve visited my stories in the past 24 hours, you’ll see I’m currently road-tripping around the Scottish-Highlands. I’ve been wanting to visit this gorgeous place for soooo long! 2 days in and it’s already blown my mind, I can’t believe this place is in my own country, the scapes and scales are mad, the colours are crazy - I’ve actually never seen orange grass before, it’s pure Martian land 👽 This is in Glen Coe valley, full of steep-slides and little waterfalls, somewhere I’d happily recommend anyone to road trip through! Keep popping over to the stories, signals getting poor the further North we’re getting, but I’m trying to update when I can ⛰ // #RachelBowlerStories #GlenCoe

GOOD MORNING CHARLIE! 😎 Oh the good ol days of walking around in shorts and netting... I’m going to be spending the coming week in Scotland dressed like the Michelin man! ⛄️ // @eyesofanomad #RachelBowlerStories

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