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Wonderful birthday celebrations with my favourite humans, from Hamburg to the FoD! Thanks for my present and your presence xo

The Glastonbury team #glasto2017

Good thing about having a boyfriend at a different uni is a second summer ball #TheCrescent

Dissertation completed and binded!

One from Sicily with my dearest @sophiedunne4 #Capaci #addiopizzo

One year with the turd. Thnx for the bants x

Stunning as always xox

I wish I could wear this hat for the rest of my life #jellyfish #angel #kassyb

Babysitting the turtles for the weekend whilst @laurentheminx is away! Massive responsibility but it's going well so far #turtles #mynewchildren #missingtheirmomma

The time has come #cursedchild #Londonbaby

Two of the wonderful friends I've met in Madrid. Glad you were there so I wasn't a total loner in class for a year thnx xo

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