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The Story Of My Crazy Life  Jesus❤️| Wifey💍| Mom to 8️⃣😊 through IVF, foster and adoption🤱🏻|Grandma👵🏼😍| I help busy mamas 👩‍👧‍👧 grow healthier and learn to love ❤️ themselves.

So tired. I run full steam well. But sometimes I crash. So here I sit, pumping and fading. #reallife #pumping #newborn

❤️❤️❤️ #elendjamesyboy #myjoeyjames

I love this boy. #howibecamehismom3

There are no words for my love for this child ❤️❤️❤️ he is my gift. #elendjamesyboy

Joey said, “shrove Tuesday?! Didn’t we JUST do this?!” Yep. One year ago. Man time flies. I love my family. .
.#myjoeyjames #mysweetremyboy #remygoestopreschool #howibecamehismom3 #aidarie #brightnoelilah #elendjamesyboy #grandbabywilliams

God has been so very faithful. Having these last two weeks with David has been such a gift to us. Tomorrow he leaves for his program. We aren’t sure the timeline. It could be 30 days, it could be 12 months. But we know his heart is in the best place it’s ever been to get help. I am proud of him, and thankful for him. God has taught me so much about my own shortcomings through this boy. I think I say, “I’m sorry” to him the most of all my kids”, and man have I been humbled because of him. David my dear boy, I adore you, and I am rooting and praying my heart out for you. #howibecamehismom3

Rocking his baby to sleep. #myjoeyjames #elendjamesyboy

My sweet baby is 10 weeks today. It’s going so fast!!! But nights like this, I just savor every moment. ❤️#elendjamesyboy #moby

This kid. He kills me with his cuteness!!! #mysweetremyboy

Shrove Tuesday carnival party with my sweet boy #remygoestopreschool #shrovetuesday #mysweetremyboy #elendjamesyboy #remyandelend

Helping David out of the Chinese finger traps 😂#davidandremy #mysweetremyboy #howibecamehismom3 #remygoestopreschool

There is a 17lb difference between these left photos. Part of my brain feels discouraged by that fact. But then I take a look at how far I’ve come and the progress I am making!! If I rest there, I find complete contentment in the process. If I focus on how far I have to go, I become deflated. I REFUSE to live in discontentment with this body I was given! So I shift my perspective to the positive every single time I need to. Because mental health is part of this healthy lifestyle I strive for! .
I am ditching the scale for lent. Who needs it?! I am focusing on my faith and my health for 40 days, neither of which are measured by the scale. .
What could you get rid of for 40 days that might better your life and make you healthier? I want to grow stronger in Jesus and rest my worth there, not in some number on a scale.

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