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Rachel  👨‍👩‍👧‍👧Mommy with 2 👩🏻👧🏻 and a 🐶 📍Singapore 🛒Shopkeeper @RevolveFitness 💳RACHELYOGA for $10 off @PitangaFit 🧘🏻‍♀️ #rachelyogajourney


I took a good 2 minutes to adjust and get into the pose (video is speed up at the beginning, don’t want to bore you). There is no way I can hook my foot at my neck if this pose is done in a class setting. I’m still learning to articulate my thoracic spine and I need time to create more space and make the ‘little cave’ (as described by Carmen). This is such an awesome hip flexor stretch #LetTheWheelsTurn #EkaPadaRajaKapotasanaI #单腿鸽王式

Decided to try the #paperchallenge for fun and to show my husband what it is. Ignore my weird looking arms. They seem to have a mind of their own 😜

Our first practice in the year of the 🐕 a twisty flow is much needed since we’ve been eating more than usual 😅 #yogahomepractice

Happy new year and have a pawsperous year of the dog! Wishing my friends here on IG good health, happiness and success.

祝大家新年快乐,四季平安 ,身体健康 ,吉祥如意 ,青春美丽。🍊🍊 #adoptdontshop #exclusivelymongrels @exclusivelymongrels

Taking turns to have the bigger face in photos. That’s what husband and wife do :)
These photos were taken at lunch just before our car gave us problem. Long story short. We managed to get our errands done in time and host our friend for dinner who came back from overseas. We also managed to get our car back in time.

I was telling my husband I’m relieved the car broke down after our Vday lunch date and before chinese new year. If not, that means more inconvenience when most car workshops are closed during CNY period. Well. Life isn’t always going to go our way and we cannot be in control all the time right. I guess it all boils down to perspective and that situations aren’t always that bad or can be fortunate from another opinion. Feeling very thankful too for the speedy help we received yesterday.
It’s the eve of CNY. Enjoy your reunion dinner with your loved ones and have a merry weekend filled with lots of joy and feasting ahead. 🙏💕✨

“Lift chest, Rach, lift” in my head. It was a good camel practice this morning, with no lower back strain. #Ustrasana #LetTheWheelsTurn #骆驼式

Less than a week to Lunar New Year #wheredidthetimego 🌸 #神猴哈努曼式 #hanumanasana #LetTheWheelsTurn

Life in the mornings these days. Pup. Yoga. Plants. Repeat. #homebody

Hardly 15 mins into my primary series and I’m distracted by my dog. First her ball. Then her chew toy. Next ended up sitting on me. Kaya 1. Me 0.

Learning a new pose today. Was inspired to try #patridgepose #kapinjalasana #山鹑式 after seeing it in #LetTheWheelsTurn . This pose reminds me of trying to flip the grip in half moon pose.
Ever so grateful there’s this #igyogafam to keep on inspiring home practitioners like me. Video in real time

Nothing fancy and flashy for social media for final day of #AYearOfYoga2018 . I chose to do a yogi’s choice, frog pose, working on my most overlooked part of my body, inner thighs and groin area. This and reclined bound angle pose (reclined butterfly pose) kill me.
Taking on challenges and working on things I do not enjoy but necessary. It’s so easy to build up a self limiting belief but I always remind myself that the struggle is temporary. We all have poses we struggle with. I know I’m not alone. Telling myself that if I can finally find comfort in backbend, I can do this! #mandukasana #瑜伽蛙式

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