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Rachel Pohl Art  ✨Be well and do good work✨

It’s a half-crazy thing to put yourself out there for the scrutiny of others day after day. A lot goes into this digital world many don’t see. There’s countless hours of time and energy, intentional cultivation of community, and keeping up with or refuting the expectations others have placed on you. Then there’s sheer exhaustion, disenchantment, and a little voice that says, “if this platform imploded tomorrow that would be cool with me.” And the constant tug to post to stay relevant, to make a living. But however tiring it is to keep up with the pressures of taking the right photo, saying the right words, and responding to all of your heartfelt thoughts (which I love!), I could not be a full time artist without all of you.✨ I adore the commonality and connection I feel here. The truth is, the pressure to create and simply show up is not coming from all of you, but from myself, because if I don’t post y’all will be just fine. And that is a humbling truth to admit.✨ I find myself talking more and more about this, but life is really all in the balance. Trust your heart to stop and go as needed, move slowly enough to notice if the path you’re walking is a good one. And most of all, know who you are regardless of what everyone else is saying and doing around you. ✨ My intention moving forwards is that I will be just Rachel. That I’ll take a break from the noise when needed, and not feel like I’m losing momentum, but rather building up the strength to live with more intention and meaning. That I’ll encourage and support all of you however I can, but not treat Instagram like it’s the whole world, like real life. Thanks always for taking the time to be here and to read my thoughts. 📷: @mountainmoonphoto#girlswhopaint #artiststudio #rachelpohlart #painterslife #artislife #artistslife

Sedona bound and very pleased about it!! 🌵 Can’t wait to tell you about a project we’re working on there! It involves painting, biking, desert wandering, and an exciting collaboration!! Stay tuned! 📷 : @alexander_falk on a sunrise scramble last winter. Have you guys been to Sedona? ✨ #rachelpohlart #sedonaarizona #desertlife #creativehappylife #getamongstit

Becoming an artist will not happen overnight. It takes dedication to survive the frustrations, heartbreak, and failures associated with learning any new skill. I’ve had paintings stolen, copied by others, get lost in the mail, be cruelly critiqued, get destroyed, and become utterly ruined by my own hand. I’m my own worst critic, and every time I finish a piece, thoughts of my next painting fill my head. A determination to make the next one so much better overwhelms me. Having high standards for ourselves is ok, but we must be gentle and kind if we are to grow. ✨ Learning to paint is like becoming who you are meant to be. You must take each and every step along the way, even the steps that make tears well up in your eyes, make you frustrated. Every time you create, just like every day of life you live, you manifest more beauty than you ever could have imagined. Because growth is beautiful and failure is beautiful. And looking back on who you used to be is made even more magical by having visuals you’ve created as signposts along your journey. So whether you’ve always wanted to make art, are a professional artist that’s too self critical, or want to get back into creating, remember that it is in the hardest moments that your skills and resilience progress the most. ✨ “Crazy Mountains” available as a small and large print, sticker, and face mask on rachelpohlart.com link is in bio. ✨ #rachelpohlart #creativehappylife #letsgetcreative #artiststudio #winterlight

Congratulations @anabeza for winning our giveaway!! ✨✨✨ I believe that we should celebrate our girlfriends every day, but today is extra special because it’s International Women’s Day! Tag the women who inspire you, and tell them why they’re so great!! Then follow @hipcamp @wyldergoods and @rachel.pohl and you’ll be entered to win $50 in Wylder credit, $50 in Hipcamp credit (and some stickers), and a sticker pack from me!! I’ll even let the winner choose 5 of their favorite stickers to accompany their other goodies! ✨ I’ve tagged a few of my gals here, from friends to family- I love you all so much!!✨ Tell your people what they mean to you. Be strong, proud of who you are, independent, fight for what you know is right in your heart, and empower others. Today and every day should be about supporting and celebrating one another.✨ Photo by my mom @campbell.tamera 🧡 #womenwhowild #internationalwomensday #rachelpohlart #wilder #hipcamp

I’m still glowing from the sun drenched days of the past weeks. @charles_post and I left on our trip feeling exhausted and in need of sunshine, and returned with a renewed sense of purpose. It was an important reminder that we can’t always be working, and that stepping away from daily life is a great luxury we certainly don’t take for granted.☀️ My “California” CA+Yosemite stickers are here!! Link to all stickers and sticker packs in bio.☀️ What State stickers should I make next??☀️ #rachelpohlart #californiasun #beachdays #creativehappylife #yosemitenationalpark

I made a promise to myself. I promised that I wouldn’t let life pass me by as I drowned in work. That I would take time to be who I’ve always been, immerse myself in wild places, take everything less seriously. I promised that I’d care less about the stigmas that come with being an artist, and ignore thoughts in the back of my mind that say “if I work all the time no one can say I’m a starving artist!” Because I know that no matter what I do, some people will appreciate who I am, and some will not, and really I should do what makes me, my family, and my friends happy. ✨This week I’ve successfully kept that promise. I painted for hours in the sun, I laid on a beach and did nothing, I was still for longer than I have been in years. I felt a salty wind in my hair, and surfed in a steel gray ocean. ✨ But each and every day we have to hold ourselves accountable for the promises we make to ourselves and others. We can’t simply decide we want change, and wake up the next day a new person. All things worth having take making a promises and doing our best every day to keep them. I promise that I will only do what I have the time and love in my heart for, and be the best I can for those around me. ✨ What have you promised yourself that is changing your life? ✨ Photo by @charles_post from a few days ago, after four hours of painting this gorgeous view. #rachelpohlart #artiststudio #mounttam #creativehappylife

We will be Californian dreamin’ for the next week and it’s so good to see the sun!! It may be “cold” in The Bay Area, but it’s a full 50 degrees warmer than the 0 degree weather we’ve been having in Montana! We are hiking and hopefully going to the beach today, then attending @banffmountainfestival to see @charles_post’s film “Sky Migrations” ✨ What are your plans for today?✨ #rachelpohlart #yosemitenationalpark #mountainart #creativehappylife #banfffilmfestival

I’m not fast at anything. In fact, I’m rather slow. From painting to outdoor sports, to accomplishing tasks within a time frame, I’m constantly late. I have always struggled to stop doing what I’m currently immersed in, and that tendency used to really bother me.✨ You see, I’d love to be faster at many things, but it’s important and useful that I’m not. My painting style doesn’t allow me to complete work in a single sitting, or even in a few days. I have 6 paintings in progress right now, and it’s kind of overwhelming. I’m not on time for most things, despite my efforts. And I certainly let important deadlines slip through the cracks.✨ But in my slowness, I notice what others might not. When I am in he mountains, I pick out colors, shapes, textures, light, coincidences, and nuances of the world around me. I’m not trying to hurry by so I cherish the details. I have deep conversations with myself and others. I see how landscapes have changed, and what is missing. Missing trees, wildlife, snowpack. I notice the absence and presence of new sounds. When you’re slow, you feel the loss of the land around you, over time. And you feel the importance of encapsulating these places in photos, paint, or words for the years to come, so others may remember their faded magnificence.✨ It used to bother me that I am slow, but now I embrace the way I am, it’s all relative anyway. Speed is just a perception imposed by society to hypothetically increase productivity or assert dominance and superiority. And Time itself is a human construct created for efficiency and communication, though we are bound to it in a finite sense. But I choose to think of time in different terms. Rather than being “slow” or “fast” in life, I live by the mantra “slow is smooth and smooth is fast.” I will never be the fastest or do the most in the least amount of time- but I will notice the small things and honor them. ✨ Are you “fast” or “slow” at life? Or something in between? ✨ Photo by @charles_post on our cabin adventure a few days ago. #rachelpohlart #cabinlife #pleinair #mountainart #getoutsidemore

Hi, my name is Rachel and I enjoy long walks through the woods with my art supplies! ✨ Thank you @ospreypacks for making me a custom backpack so I can carry my paintings and plenty of snacks to beautiful places!! ✨ Photo by @charles_post from yesterday’s gorgeous painting + wildlife watching wander.✨ #rachelpohlart #pleinairpainting #exploreandcreate #getamongstit #creativehappylife

I hope you’re all having a wonderful holiday!! I am so grateful for each one of you, and your support means a lot! Thanks for showing kindness towards me and my work, and for reading, appreciating, and reflecting on my words.✨ As a thank you, enjoy 15% off any order on my website, (excluding originals) by using PRESIDENTS15 ✨ The link to shop is in my bio! That code is good through midnight tonight, MST, so tag your friends because this sale won’t last long!! P.s. this is the first discount code I’ve ever offered so take advantage of it!✨ rachelpohlart.com #rachelpohlart #mountainart #presidentsdaysale #creativehappylife #sale

I’ve been thinking a lot about this “grass is always greener” thing. It seems that with the right (actually the wrong) attitude, we can always be longing for what we don’t have: living somewhere warm when it’s cold: vacation when we’re working: more work when we’re not busy enough. It is frustrating to always wish you were somewhere else, and social media is always telling us that there’s green grass everywhere but under our own feet. ✨ I happen to think seeking the “greener grass” is an important exercise to realize that attitude, not situation, is everything. We should leave our bubble of existence every once in a while so we can see that the grass already was pretty darn green, right where we were. Be it traveling near; far, or volunteering in your community, it’s essential to see how others live to gain perspective. When we do this we realize that where we are is reality, and the illusion of a more fun way of living is often ephemeral. ✨ I’m not saying you shouldn’t strive for a better life. It’s wonderful to have dreams and work to achieve them, but no matter where you are, life is always going to be hard, and you won’t change that by escaping to somewhere else, be it a geographic move or career shift. You’ll make a difference in your life by taking time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you right now. And remember that it might be someone else’s dream to be where you are, so appreciate the good little things happening around you every day.✨ Photo by my sweetheart @charles_post from this morning! How are you spending your Sunday?! ✨ #artiststudio #rachelpohlart #mountainart #paintingwithpurpose #exploreandcreate

Notice the details, today and always. ✨ rachelpohlart.com #rachelpohlart #mountainart

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