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Rachel Geiger  Uganda transplant from Colorado. Engineer and wife. Love God, water, and development work.

Bringing back the essentials from the US; water testing probes and extra sharp cheddar. #TeamGeiger

That's definitely a new one! Found in the lemon tree. I'll need to be more careful when picking lemons. =\ #TeamGeiger #WhenLifeGivesYouLemonWorms

At first, we weren't sure if it was the world's creepiest spider, or the most spidery-looking beetle. Turned out to be a beetle (thank goodness!).
#TeamGeiger #BeetlesBetterThanSpiders

Great sunset, newly planted mango tree, and roasted bananas for a snack on the road. Images of the last 48 hours. #TeamGeiger

Just wrapped up an awesome visit with Jesse's parents! They were a joy to have and we will miss them!
#TeamGeiger #BradNBeckyUganda2017

Just started my on-line course with the International WaterCentre in Australia! Really excited to learn about WASH from and with people all over the world! #TeamGeiger #CenterOrCentre

Morning coffee on safari in Kidepo National Park last week. #TeamGeiger #NowWeAreBackToWork

Happy Easter from the Geigers and some rhinos.
#TeamGeiger #ZiwaRhinoSanctuary #BradnBeckyUganda2017

Not a bad place to spend the day.

Found a bat today. So cool to see it's face up close. Noticed that you could see through the wings a bit, too. #TeamGeiger #CreepyAndCool

Just a regular grasshopper, until...bam! Rainbow! #TeamGeiger

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