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Rachel Herrington Burkhart  Decide what to be and go be it.

It's Passover, but I wore the dress of many colors.

P A S S O V E R // chocolate macaroon cake

Mexican comfort food. It's a thing. (That I maybe just made up).

RUN + YOGA // ROGA // #pierROGA
(I felt v LA today 🙌)

Carolina nights, Carolina people, Carolina basketball 🙌🙌🙌

Unbelievably sore and so proud of all of us for running our first half marathon. Weeks and weeks of training was grueling but knowing my dad and aunt were doing it with me was inspiration enough. Onto the next one! #13before30 #halfbefore50 #runLivermore

T H I R T E E N . O N E

The amount of begging going on right now is unreal /// GIMME THE PUPPY.

Sisters who get baked together... #cruffin #bakedinLA

Pie for breakfast // Salty Honey was a religious experience 🙌

Never fear, Brooklyn is here.

Here's looking at you, Brooklyn.

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