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Rach Asakawa  Hi! I'm Rach. I'm a fangirl :p #cosplay and stuff. Twitter / Deviantart / Tumblr / Facebook / PSN: rachasakawa For my shirts, follow @rachsarts

Some #tbt! Leona from The King of Fighters!
Photo by @dansegoshi
#cosplay #leona #kof #thekingoffighters #kofcosplay

Some #Pharmercy for tonight. Blake behaved so well yesterday, she did pretty well at the con. The new mascot :) I can't wait for spring to start so I can sunbathe again. I look more healthy when tanned, haha. More Pharaish like too.
#couple #overwatch #cat #catsofinstagram

Today was my first time at an artists alley kinda thing, at a local convention.
A girl showed me a picture of nowadays Jaina Proudmore from Warcraft (I stopped playing on Cataclysm) and asked that for a shirt, in a overwatch icon style. After paiting all the hair, I learned she gave me a flipped image and Jaina's golden locks are on the other side.
Felt like crying for the rest of the day :')
besides that, it was fun, I got a Reinhardt shirt order and sold another shirt! Yay me :')

Nana on stage! 🎸

I love this shoot! It is also something that reminds me of a decisive time in my life. So I hold it very dear to me.
Photo by @valrophotography
#cosplay #nana #aiyazawa #music #rock

I hate cold weather. I miss the beach 🌴
A photo from our vacations in December 💜
Lightning by @rizzy.cosart
Photo by @naycfreitas
#beach #beachbody #finalfantasy #Fang #Lightning

Some Samus and some people at the background xD stuff that happens at cons, right?

Vid by @coisadepeique
#cosplay #samus #metroid #zeromission #samuscosplay

2007 x 2018
Photos by Gabriel Neo Nights and @eckhardtcosphotos
Time does wonders to one self, eh? XD
#cosplay #kof #king #kofcosplay #kingoffighters

Hoje estamos no Museu Gerdau, trabalhando no O Museu é Nerd :D
Entrada franca, apareçam aí! O concurso começa as 15h e tem muito premio bacana 💜
Esquento isso, venham tirar fotos no nosso estúdio!

A 3rd wheeling Black Lady xD
It was super fun taking pics with the girls! Kit even changed her cosplay so she could play with us, that made me so happy!! @kitsuneraposa as Saturn
@pryfelippe as Chibi Moon
@adrianabcosplay as Black Lady
💜 @rizzy.cosart as Neptune

Photo by @gigaxis / Daniel Kato

#sailormoon #cosplay #shoujoai #sailorneptune #sailoruranus

Playing Samus for one day. It's been... way too many years since i wanted to do this

#cosplay #selfie #samus #metroid #samuscosplay

How to surprise your girlfriend in one step 101

@rizzy.cosart as this dashing Motoko Kusanagi
Photo by @alandria7
What can I say? I'm engaged now :3

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