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Good bye Fra 😭❤️ All the best for you
And I love you all 😻
#also #I #love #you #london 😍

자구 싶다... 너무 자고싶당
12시간 자고 싶다아.... ㅈ ㅏ고 시파
#ㅠ^ㅠ #수면부족 #그리운 #내방 #이와중에 #며칠전에 #산 #해바라기 #너무 #예쁘다

A restaurant near Spagna station
It was raining and I ate out on the terrace which had a very nice atmosphere 😊
The seafood pasta was nice (it had a very nice texture) and the wine (unfortunately I don’t know the name) was a perfect combination.
Staff was very helpful and friendly. Would like to visit again for sure 😋
2. Cafe Greco
I had to have a second round after posting #shakerato 🤤.. had pistachio #cannoli and espresso which was amazing as well. The crema was beautiful and I did not dare to put sugar cause it was perfect on it’s own. The cannoli was very crunchy and oh my.. the puff inside had the perfect sweetness and tenderness!
I would love to come back to rome just for this cafe’s coffee and desert!
3. Captain Cono Gelateria
The first day we were so hungry we went to the nearest restaurant and this gelato shop was right next to that restaurant. Didn’t expect anything but it was our favourite gelato place 😊 we had pineapple, melon, lemon, banana and watermelon flavour and it tasted so fresh! Nothing too sugary or artificial. I personally really enjoyed banana and pineapple
4. Don nino
I just really needed to visit the bathroom near Trevi fountain 😅 found this place and realised I need caffein as well. Every time I had espresso in random places, I’ve realised it’s unnecessary to find a good coffee place because anywhere you go you will not be disappointed 😳 coffee in Italy is surely a different level 😻

5. Caffe Tazza Doro
Very strong but mild (very very nice espresso ❤️) No need for further explanation. It was a damn good espresso 😤

6+7. Il Chianti Vineria
We started off with pesto mozzarella salad which surprised us and agreed that it was the best pesto we’ve ever tasted. The chianti red wine went well with the steak, pizza and lasagna. It was my first time to have lasagna without tomato paste. I thought it would be weird but it had a little bit of spiciness which went well with the creamy taste 😊 loved the rocket gorgonzola pizza as well. In korea, gorgonzola is a complete different taste as well as carbonara. So it was fun to compare the taste as well.

#Italy #rome #food #trip #🇮🇹

Enjoyed the last night in Rome ❤️ The food was amazing here 😋

Okay, maybe I am little bit drunk but this coffee is so amazing!!!!!!!!!! Seriously.. 😳 AMAZING !! so better than cafe Nero (no offence...) I was a bit worried cause these days I quit coffee so espresso might feel too strong. But nope... coffee in Italy is the best 😂😂 I am so grateful 😭😭😭

After 8 hours .. I am finally in #Rome ❤️
#gonna #have #so #much #pasta #pizza #wine #gelato #and #coffee !!!!!! 😋❤️

Second round !
#pimms #❤️

My favorite pizza place in london with u guys 😘
#pizza #and #beer #is #such #a #nice #combination 😻

오랜만에 만나서 근황토크와 영화+공연에 대해서 폭풍 수다를 😆
혼자보는 공연은 온전히 작품에만 집중할 수 있어서 좋지만 .. 그래두 ㅠ-ㅠ 끝난 후 같이 호들갑 떨수 있는 사람이랑 보면 행복함이 배가 되는 것 같다
게다가 그게 민지언니라면 x100은 되는듯 😆
민지언니랑 글로브극장에서 햄릿을 같이 보다니!! 🤩
언니 ㅠ_^ ❤️ 비록 오랜시간 서서 보느라 다리가 후덜덜했지만 같이봐서 넘 좋았어
내년엔 언니 작품 꼭 볼거야 😊😊

Today I bought hydrangea 🐡
#Sunday #morning #with #아이린 ❤️

Late brunch ❤️
Thank u for having me @bonbonbohee @ayanozturk
보희언니 집밥은 항상 맛있당 😋😋 #블루베리 #팬케익도 #맛있게 #먹음 😻

내가 제일 좋아하던 아니 사랑하던 카페가...서비스, 맛 그리고 음악까지 달라졌다
ㅠ-ㅠ 세상에나... 맘이 너무 아프다
#변했니 #😭

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