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I went shopping for shorts after a long, cold winter with minimal quad exposure. Needless to say, I spent more time perfecting my leg angles than actually trying on shorts. I also ate a caramel slice, some sponge cake and almost a bottle of red wine the night before. Pretty content with life right now.

Preparation for the 120km Himalayan mountain trek this week- posing practice in my hiking boots. LOL. I also ate hotcakes and chocolate biscuits for dinner. Balance.
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Breast Implants- can you still train chest???
👍🏽 Absolutely. I thought I would touch on the subject, as it’s a question I am regularly asked by clients and it’s something I rarely ever see addressed or spoken about. I’m an open book- feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. But first I’ll offer my personal experience after 15 years of weight training with implants and 2 breast augmentations (both under the muscle). I have never had any issues training chest, in fact it was my strongest area. I always stick to incline though (alternating between 30-45degrees as I like to hit a little front shoulder as well), to build only the upper chest. I have trained chest using flat and decline bench in the past but it’s not really an area females need to build (middle/lower chest). After my second surgery it took me roughly 6 months to get back into training chest fully, but I don’t go quiet as heavy as I used to. I noticed a significant decrease in shoulder strength after not training chest, so I always ensure I include it as part of my routine. These days I train it not necessarily for muscularity but moreso for strength and a nice, toned upper chest. I have never had a problem with any movement of the implants ‘outwards’ as I’ve always kept things safe and listened to my body. Of course this advice is not for everyone, as each case is individual and if your body tells you to stop you need to listen to it. ➖ I generally always advise my female athletes to train upper chest, regardless of which division they compete in. Bikini girls lighter weight, Figure girls can go heavier. ➖ Incline only, between 30-45degrees, whichever feels most comfortable for you.
➖ Keep your technique strict- slow tension and movements only ➖ Always start with a warm up- including shoulders ➖ Note: girls, you can actually post training videos without your nipples hanging out- who would have thought!
I hope this info helps some of you.

It’s all about who you look for in a crowded room- that’s who your heart belongs to 💕 @mitchgfitness

💥EXCLUSIVE OFFER💥 only for my IG followers regarding eyebrow microblading. @faceonfleekbeauty has been kind enough to extend the following reduced pricing for anyone who quotes ‘RACHBROWS’ upon their booking-
1st initial session- $400
Touch ups- $50

Just DM @faceonfleekbeauty or text 0438 693 040 to make your booking.
Highly recommended- there’s no better feeling than waking up with eyebrows 🙌🏼
Located in Mount Waverley, Melbourne.

Skin- @auskinclinicshighpoint- code ‘RACH25’ for 25% off all skin treatments
Eyelashes- full Russian volume @artangel42
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R U OK Day ❤️❤️❤️
Suicide is the number one cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44, with around eight people a day taking their own lives.

Suicide is not only a tragedy for the individual, but every suicide creates a huge ripple effect, with repercussions for friends, families and the wider community.

Mental health issues are likely to affect around 50% of the Australian population at some stage during their lives, with suicide sometimes being the tragic result. Asking someone if they’re OK may sound a little simplistic, but it may just be the catalyst they need to seek help and get their life back on track. You can get involved on R U OK? Day by being observant in your circle of friends and colleagues and if you think someone might have a problem, asking the question R U OK? They may not wish to talk about it if they do have an issue and that’s okay as well. The fact that you have asked may spur them on to seek professional help elsewhere.

#ruok #suicideprevention #kindness

Eyebrow Microblading- @faceonfleekbeauty was highly recommended to me as I was after someone who specialised in a thicker, longer brow yet nothing too over the top. Liz is located in Mount Waverley, Melbourne, and is in very high demand so be sure to book in ahead of time to secure your appointment. I’m really impressed even after just one treatment so far, the shape is exactly what I was after. @faceonfleekbeauty #microblading #melbournemicroblading #brows #eyebrows #glamourous #higharch #fullbrows #faceonfleek

Ate some ice cream and had some crumpets the night before. Life is good.

Not a whole lot you can do on a cold, rainy Saturday. So we just enjoy a sleep in, a training session and then I’ll cook him a lamb roast lol. Maybe add some ice cream and cookies in there too 🙊
Some days are meant for relaxing and going at your own pace, life can get hectic and stressful, everyone needs a little downtime 💕@mitchgfitness 🌏

💋Eyebrows- microblading by @faceonfleekbeauty 💋Eyelashes- Russian Volume 4D by @artangel42 💋Skin- Regular Rx Fractionals, microdermabrasion and peels by Steph @auskinclinicshighpoint @s_lambii 💋Makeup- ASAP Pure Minerals powder #4
💋Lips- Brooke @biriks_and_bowie @auskinclinicshighpoint
Always happy to share my little routines and recommendations 💕

Some simple methods I like to use to remain lean, yet still ‘full and round’- Note- I am not necessarily trying to increase muscle mass right now. I do train heavy, but only 4 days per week, with my nutrition intake based on maintenance/recovery only. 🍏Alternating breakfast, training days will be protein/fats, non training days will be a blended greens smoothie and fats. 🍏ATP Alpha Prime, 4 per day (2 x AM, 2 x PM) to help reduce catabolic cortisol, detoxify excess estrogen which can help free up thick, fatty deposits in the thighs/buttock/lower back/triceps, and regulate my moods so people don’t feel the need to avoid me when they see me 🍏No carbs pre training - Carbs for the 2 meals post training (my body loves basmati rice, I tend to ‘hold’ sweet potato so I only have it on a rare occasion) 🍏 5 small meals per day, plus one post workout shake (I use ATP NoWay- it’s dairy free and gluten free which means no bloat and is fully digestible)

It’s actually not that difficult- by keeping things simple and looking past all the conflicting information available today will allow you to focus on a realistic approach to Nutrition and Supplementation. 🍏My full supplement list is available on one of my recent posts.
Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section, I’m happy to answer to the best of my knowledge and experience ❤️ @atpscience @alphaethos @auskinclinicshighpoint @physiquechef @humphrishealth_physio @faceonfleekbeauty @artangel42 @dohertysgymperth
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@sarahlouise_np nothing to see here besides an alpaca birthday cake. @emzilic @mitchgfitness @liz_manno @mac.krukowski @m_kinna @bosswoman_life @chantalle.sb

Cake made by @finessecakesbyingrid 😍😍

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