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Raaka Chocolate  Unroasted bean-to-bar dark chocolate made from scratch. Single origin, vegan, organic, non-gmo, free of lecithin, and uncommonly delicious.

Meet Sophie, Queen of the Factory, or more properly: Facilities Manager at Raaka. Sophie keeps our factory running, whether it's orchestrating a big move or floor installation, coordinating events, keeping our factory tidy, assisting all of our guests, or booking up our tours and classes. Sophie's energy and warmth brings joy to our team and our guests. We're lucky to have her on our team!
Have you been to our factory and met Sophie? If so, say leave something nice in the comments below!

GIVEAWAY! If you've been following us for a while, you might already know that cacao is a fruit, and cacao beans are actually fruit seeds. Historically, most people have not been able to taste the fruit itself, but our friends at @repurposedpod are working to change that by bringing cold-pressed cacao fruit juice straight from Ecuador to you. They're doing some really awesome work, providing another market for growers to profit off their cacao by buying the excess fruit and juicing it.
We are ALL about getting folks more familiar with cacao as fruit, so we've teamed up with @repurposedpod to give away a 4-pack of Cacao Juice and a Chocolate Library box from us.
To enter:
1. Follow @repurposedpod and @raakachocolate
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Giveaway ends 8/14 at midnight EST. Open to US residents only. Good luck!

We now make this gorgeous salted caramel like dream thing for @eatchic Salted Caramel Mocha Cups!
We make it with cacao butter, toasted coconut, and a little salt. Scroll through to see Raakstar chocolate maker Mara Pelto hand packing each 5lb bag. This chocolate is a lot less viscous (meaning it's a bit runny when it's liquified), so when we pour it, we fill up a whole sheet pan, cool it, and break it into pieces by hand.
Want to see more vegan white chocolate from us? Comment below!

Rise and POW with a Turkish Coffee Dark Chocolate for breakfast 💥☕️🍫✊️
When open the wrapper of this @lacolombecoffee collaboration you're treated to the life-giving scent of freshly roasted coffee, followed by a giddy, gleeful buzz upon consumption. This bar has been known to induce Superhuman Syndrome. Available exclusively at La Colombe cafes.

Soak in this deliciousness: Our single origin Guatemala is a rare pure dark from us (if you don't count Maple or Pink Sea Salt). We love all our beans equally, but these Asochivite beans sourced from @cacao_verapaz demand their own experience. This one is almost gone - don't sleep on it.

August's First Nibs batch is all about FERMENTATION! Did you know chocolate is somewhat of a fermented food? Cacao beans are fermented at origin by cacao producers, and this process is largely responsible for the flavor profile unique to each crop (along with soil, climate, and genetics).
This month we've partnered with @eatcultured to produce a Double Fermented 75% made with @zorzal_cacao here in Brooklyn. We've coupled it with a pure, single fermented dark Zorzal bar of the same percentage for comparison. This collage of photos showcases bits of cacao fermentation at Zorzal: banana leaves (to sequester heat, fostering a favorable environment for microbes), wooden boxes (to contain the beans) and "wet cacao" (cacao covered in its sweet fruit pulp!).
What does Double Fermented Cacao chocolate taste like? We find that the chocolatety notes are far more pronounced, and the fruity acidity mellowed.
Sign up for First Nibs (via our website) to get this very limited microbatch. Use the code 50FN at checkout and get 50% off your first month!

Meet Pearl! Pearl is a chocolate maker here at Raaka and all around wonderful human. She approaches every task with care and precision, and this is perfectly demonstrated in her demolding technique.
Demolding is a task that seems really simple: release the bars from the mold, inspect, and organize them. But this requires A LOT of attention to detail. We demold over 2,000 bars a day, and each one must be checked for scuffing/scrapes, tempering mistakes, and other imperfections; this also has to done at a competitive pace - you can't go too slow or else you'll hold up production (the racks and molds need to be cleaned and used again, the bars need to be wrapped, etc). But if you go to fast, you risk becoming sloppy, breaking bars and missing details along the way. But Pearl demolds perfectly and at a pretty astounding (and humbling) pace. We're so lucky to have Pearl!

*CLOSED* GIVEAWAY! The prescription is chocolate. Take as needed. Tag a friend who needs this good medicine and we'll randomly select three winners on Monday. Winners will receive one box of 100 Pink Sea Salt minis each! Giveaway closes Sunday at midnight PST. Must live in the USA for shipping.

Monday Mill Forms. The chocolate here has been milled twice, giving it a soft, pillowy texture - almost like mousse. We then remix it in our grinders (to blend the cacao butter and cacao solids) before tempering, pouring, and molding it into bars.

New at the factory: @eatchic Black Sesame and Orange White Chocolate cups made with our exclusive vegan white chocolate. Just look at that oozing black sesame tahini... fall into it... excuse us now...

Flying 30,000 feet above ground, now 30,000 times more delicious. We make our exclusive single origin dark chocolate for @jetblue with @zorzal_cacao for a bright, fruity bite that'll match your literal elevation with a figurative one. Available on @jetblue Mint. 🍫✈️

Vegan white chocolate. We now make it. At the moment, it's exclusive for @eatchic nut butter and sesame cups. Here's chocolate maker Jess Morones pouring our latest batch. White chocolate gets a bad rep. We think that's unfair. White chocolate is made with cocoa/cacao butter, the fat portion of the cacao bean, but not the solids. Is it technically still "chocolate"? We think so. Our vegan white chocolate recipe is cacao butter, coconut, and cane sugar.

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