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Raaka Chocolate  Unroasted Dark Chocolate made from scratch with transparently traded single origin cacao beans.

Keeping it NEW, our November First Nibs is here in a new look, and folks, these bars are truly chocolate for the table: Candied Sweet Potato and Carrot Cake!
These are single origin unroasted dark chocolate interpretations of our favorite fall root vegetable based treats. Sign up for a First Nibs subscription on our website and get this month’s batch in time for all your fall feasts.

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves.

Since 2010 we’ve been making unroasted dark chocolate from scratch, sourcing single origin cacao beans and crafting recipes that celebrate each cacao’s distinct flavor profile. To celebrate our eighth year, we’re introducing a bold new look that brings our unconventional processes and uncommonly delicious flavor to life.

Last year, we partnered with designers Andrea Trabucco-Campos @trabuccocampos and Simon Blockley @sablock in an effort to evolve and bring this story - a story of intrigue and discovery - to fruition. After many months of starting, tossing, restarting, and tweaking, it brings us great excitement to reintroduce our unroasted dark chocolate in a new look that celebrates and expresses our distinctive process, style, and flavor with playfulness, vibrancy, and wonder.

Read more at the link in our bio.

This month we said goodbye to our production manager, Will Widmaier. Will brought a real sense of community to our little chocolate company. His humility, warmth, goofiness made tough days bearable (yes, we have them) and good days great. He is walking proof that attitude is *everything* when it comes to getting things done. We'll miss his fishing stories, his "Lady Jams" playlists, his singing, his encyclopedia-like knowledge of memes, and his Godzilla t-shirts. But we're also excited to watch him grow and exercise his talent and skill somewhere new.

Here's a collection of photos of Will over the years that we think captures his energy, enthusiasm, and work ethic! If you had the chance to meet or work with Will, comment below!

How We Swirl 🍭🍫
For our 100% Cacao & Toasted Vegan White swirl bar, we tempered the 100% and the Toasted White separately; chocolate maker Priscilla poured each bar, finishing with the Toasted White on top.

Then, chocolate makers Veronica and Pearl hand mixed the swirls.

Finally, the bars were carefully demolded by Pearl. As you can see, it really does take teamwork to make the dream work.

For this yin and yang-like bar, we chose Kokoa Kamili cacao @kokoakamili for the 100%; Kokoa Kamili is a wonderfully earthy and fruity bean, with subtle cocoa notes. We make our Toasted White with toasted coconut, Peruvian cocoa butter, and coconut sugar.

We are so excited to host some folks from Zorzal Cacao @zorzal_cacao today at our factory. We work with Zorzal Cacao to make our Pink Sea Salt bar, Coconut Milk bar, and (spoiler alert!) soon to be rereleased Green Tea Crunch bar.

There are few things that make us feel as fuzzy as connecting with growers and producers. It’s not everyday that we get to host them at our own factory, so today has been one for the books.

When people ask us why bean-to-bar is so special, we tell them about moments like these when growers, producers, chocolate makers, founders, sales managers, operations directors, and marketing departments are all together under one roof, talking and sharing the chocolate we made together from two different parts of the Earth. A big, loud thank you to chocolate makers Priscilla and Ricardo for translating 🙏😊.

Allow us to introduce our One Hundred Percent & Toasted Coconut Vegan White Chocolate Swirl, the first bar in October’s all-about-contrast First Nibs batch.
Made with:
•Tanzanian cacao from @kokoakamili Toasted •Coconut
•Coconut Sugar
•Cocoa Butter
... and that’s it!
Stay tuned for bar number two. Sign up for First Nibs on our website to taste this batch.

Celebrating #internationalchocolateday the only way we know how: making chocolate from bean-to-bar. #tbt to one of our favorite images of the process, Victoria Canonico on the three roll mill. This shot captures so much of awe we experience when making chocolate. We hope all our efforts translate into something people find pretty awesome, in the truest sense of the word.

VEGAN WHITE CHOCOLATE. Very fresh. Very creamy. Very heavenly. Currently only available as couverture. You can taste it in @eatchic Matcha, Black Sesame, and Birthday Cake Cups.
Cacao Butter
Cane Sugar
Want a vegan white chocolate bar from us? Comment below ⬇️.

After years of making and eating chocolate, we're quite sure our blood looks like this. Should we be proud?
In all seriousness, this is actually just a photo of Ricardo loading a bucket of Bananas Foster dark chocolate into the dunk, ahem, excuse us, the *holding tank*.

*CLOSED* Congratulations to the winner @miss_tortellini *GIVEAWAY* We could not be more excited about our @food52 collaboration for September's First Nibs batch, inspired by recipes from their new book, Genius Desserts. We love all our children equally, but these bars are some of the best we've ever made. In celebration, we're giving away one batch (three bars) to one lucky winner. Here's what you have to do:
1. Follow @raakachocolate and @food52
2. Double tap to like this post.
3. Tag three friends to share these three bars with (it's always better shared, trust us).
The Details: One lucky winner gets one batch, complete with three bars: Nibby Butter Buckwheat Cookies, Roasted Sugar, and Cranberry Sage Pie. Contest closes Monday 9/10 at midnight PST. Winner will be announced Tuesday. **Must live in the USA for shipping.**

*CLOSED* GIVEAWAY! So you've got the post-Labor Day blues? We've got something to keep you fired up: a three pack of our Ghost Pepper dark chocolate and three boxes of @eatchic Chili Chocolate PB cups made with it. This is the LAST BATCH of Ghost Pepper until further notice. 😱Don't be scared: this bar is *balanced*. We've carefully steeped the pepper - the heat sneaks up on you gradually; it's not rude; it'll politely ask for your hand before it takes you on floor for tango.
1. Follow @raakachocolate and @eatchic
2. Double tap this post. ❤️
3. Tag the person you salsa with.
Because there's always rules:
*Must live in US for shipping
*Comment and tag as many times as you wish. All entries count.
*Contest closes Thursday at midnight.

CRANBERRY SAGE PIE DARK CHOCOLATE! The last and certainly not the least bar in September's First Nibs collab with @food52 is the dark chocolate interpretation of @birdsblack classic pie. This fruity, tart, and herbaceous bar has us really looking forward to fall. Made with single origin Tanzanian cacao from @kokoakamili 🙏🍫

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