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Raaka Chocolate  Unroasted Dark Chocolate made from scratch with transparently traded single origin cacao beans.

Tomorrow we are releasing the first in a series limited batch bars. This photo depicts the tasting notes. Let the guessing begin....

If you’ve enjoyed a Raaka mini lately, you can thank chocolate maker Mads! Mads is one of the production team members trained to use the minis wrapping machine (among other talents). Her attention to detail and good sense of humor make her the perfect fit for a task than can be a bit troublesome at times. She hand picks out any mini that didn’t temper properly or just isn’t a good fit for wrapping, then inspects each wrapped mini to ensure they’re good to go.

Behold, our Black & White cookie bars. Roughly half lemon infused single origin unroasted dark chocolate made with @zorzal_cacao and roughly half vegan white chocolate with vanilla bean. Only 750 of these have been made. Sign up for First Nibs via our website to get yours.

Say hello to little Violet! The highlight of the new year so far has been meeting Raaka team member Liv Ordway’s @livordway baby!

Violet was born in December 6th. Liv has been with Raaka since 2011 as a chocolate maker, production manager, and now QA and Sales Manager. He’s the first of us to become a parent and we couldn’t be more excited for him and his wife, Heather.

Liv brought Violet to the factory last week and we have to be honest - work stopped for a period while we all gathered and melted like warm chocolate around her. Congrats to Liv and Heather!

We’ve been making a vegan white chocolate for @eatchic since last summer, and after experimenting with it in our own bars, we’re hooked.

We use Peruvian cacao butter and coconut in place of milk to recreate that extra creamy, milky quality that white chocolate is known for.

For this months First Nibs Black and White Cookie bar, we’ve infused our white with lemon and vanilla to mimic the aforementioned treat with a cult-like following.

Allow us to introduce our Black & White Cookie unroasted dark chocolate. We’re a week into the new year, but we’re finally saying “Hello!” to 2019 with this year’s first First Nibs subscription batch. The theme of month? NYC bakery classics.

In an homage to this cookie with a cult following, we’ve made a half dark half white chocolate with single origin Dominican cacao from @zorzal_cacao for the dark half, and coconut, vanilla bean, and lemon for the (vegan!) white half.

Only 600 have been made. Sign up for First Nibs to get this batch before it’s gone!

Last chance for Christmas delivery! But you knew that already, didn’t you? But perhaps you haven’t considered how perfect our Three Bar Gift Packs are as a stocking stuffer or just something extra. Pick any three Raaka bars and we’ll gently pack them and tie them up in these lovely hand-stamped muslin bags. Oh yeah, and did we mention they’re just $15?

Chocolate or a cookie? How about chocolate that is basically a cookie? Our limited batch Ginger Snap unroasted dark chocolate bar is the literal taste of holiday cheer, and today we’re gifting them on the house with all over $50.

PSA: Swirl bars are here until 23:59 PM, complimentary with all orders over $50. Very, very limited supply. So limited, might delete later.

New shirts! New Hats! On the site! Limited quantities! Swipe through to see them all!

Okay so we’re pretty excited about our new merch. Each one is inspired by our flavor and origin artwork designed by @sablock and @trabuccocampos

Our chocolate makers look pretty stylish now, no? Ricardo, pictured first and second, really raaks the pocket tee and five panel cap. And Sophie, pictured third, is a walking Coconut Milk bar. Even the founders of @dicktaylorchocolate are wearing our hats! We’re humbled, to be honest.

Have a complimentary double shot with our Organic Espresso Sierra @acrcoffee collaboration bar today with all purchases over $50 on our website, and get FREE shipping. This coffee infused unroasted dark chocolate is very delicious way to help you perk up and get you through the hectic side of the holidays.

It’s all about balance. Our Yacón Root bar is a true whole food dark chocolate bar - with no added or refined sugar if any kind. Just unroasted, single origin, transparently sourced Dominican cacao, yacón root (a root veggie!), cacao butter, and a dash of vanilla bean. At 79%, it lacks some of the intensity that many find too harsh in 100% bars, but has the same virtue: a low sugar content.

This is our 4th bar in our 12 Days of Raaka celebration! If you’re curious to try it, we’re offering a complimentary bar with all orders above $50, plus free shipping.

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