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Raaka Chocolate  Unroasted bean-to-bar dark chocolate made from scratch. Single origin, vegan, organic, non-gmo, free of lecithin, and uncommonly delicious.

Mondays. Even chocolate makers have them. Our advice? Dance and sing while you're doing your thing like our production manager Will Widmaier. We see a lot of things "Made with love" today, and while we're not totally scientifically certain we can transfer love into what we make, we swear these Pink Sea Salt minis that Will is wrapping in this photo have some seriously good vibes in them. You may find yourself dancing and singing to Taylor Swift, as Will is here. Happy Monday everyone.

Happy #nationalicecreamday to all. We're so proud to be the chocolate of choice for ice cream makers both near and far. You can find us in flavors at @bucketandbay @milkmade @luckycatrolledcreams and @vanleeuwenicecream đŸ«đŸŠ
We hope everyone enjoys a scoop or two (or three 😆) today.

Our August Tour & Class schedule is live so we thought we'd announce it with is low angle photo of our Red Hook factory. There is truly no better time to visit Red Hook than the summer, so come on down for a factory experience, then head to one of our neighbors for drinks and dining (too many to list here, and they're all fabulous). To book a factory experience, check out the Visit tab on our website.

INTRODUCING Guatemala 75% pure unroasted dark chocolate. Our summer limited batch has arrived fashionably deep into the season. Packed with notes of summer's bounty: deep fudge, golden raisin, and cantaloupe. Don't sleep on this. It is *the* perfect dark chocolate for tasting, sharing, and S'morin' (we know that is not an actual verb).
We make this bar with Asochivite cocoa beans, which come to us from a coalition of 40 families in San Juan Chivite by way of @uncommoncacao .
In this small village, accessible only by a wooden suspension bridge, farmers grow, harvest, ferment and dry their cacao before it's carried by hand over the wooden bridge to be sold. Their efforts yield a delicious cacao that we're delighted to showcase in this pure unroasted dark chocolate.

Chocolate maker Jess milling our Zorzal Cacao @zorzal_cacao 60% dark chocolate for @jetblue đŸ«âœˆïž. Pretty cool to make this and know that folks are going to taste this thousands of feet up in the air.

*GIVEAWAY* Case of the Mondays? How about a case of Coconut Minis? Comment below with your favorite way to start the week for a chance to win a case of 100 Coconut Milk minis. Contest ends Wednesday at midnight PST. Must live in the USA for shipping.

For #WorldChocolateDay we're celebrating the folks who make our chocolate possible: cacao producers. This is Baleriamo B'ordora Muñoz, proud cacao, citrus, coffee, and banana farmer in the Junín Valley of Peru, and a real charmer. We were privileged to meet Baleriamo two weeks ago during our visit with CAC Pangoa, who purchases his cacao, ferments it, dries it, and exports it to folks in the chocolate industry like us. Baleriamo's farm has been around since the 1970s when it was primarily a coffee plantation; the cacao was grown mostly for worker consumption. Recently, the climate has made growing coffee difficult for the family, so they've switched their focus to fine cacao. Baleriamo has several cacaos nativos trees: cacao trees native to the region, and known for their delicious fruity flavor. We were humbled to give Baleriamo our Vanilla Rooibos bar, made with some of the cacao that began on his land. Lucky for us, he liked it! It's surreal to taste our bars on origin soil - a real, big picture, warm, fuzzy, we-are-alive kind of feeling.
More on Baleriamo, his farm, CAC Pangoa, and our trip to Peru coming later this year!

Are you aware that #WorldChocolateDay is tomorrow? Are you prepared? Wikipedia says the celebration of World Chocolate Day includes the consumption of chocolate. Today, we're observing the fruit where chocolate begins: cacao! Yes, cacao beans are actually fruit seeds. Does this mean chocolate is part of your five-a-day? Unfortunately, we're prevented from giving you official nutritional advice so we will just say we spend all day working with and consuming these amazing fruit seeds and we feel pretty great. We don't mean to be enablers, we're just passing on our very scientific n=1 experience. Anyway, aren't cacao fruits amazing?
These "Nativos" are located in the Junín region of Peru on Baleriamo B'ordora Muñoz's farm. They end up in all our bars made with CAC Pangoa cacao: Cabernet Sauvignon, Bananas Foster, and Vanilla Rooibos Tea.

Our Cabernet Sauvignon bar is anecdotally proven to eliminate the post-holiday, back-to-work blues. Single origin Peruvian cacao from CAC Pangoa, steamed over a big Californian Cabernet. Juicy, fruity, loud. Dose as necessary.

We're so excited to be making a vegan white chocolate for @eatchic nut butter cups! These Birthday Cake cup cuties are made with cashew butter and @gosupernatural sprinkles. Dare we say they are better than the cake itself.

It's 90+ degrees in NYC and all we can think about is a tall glass of Thai Iced Tea. So we took the recipe and did we what we do: made a single origin dark chocolate with it.
This one's got flavor waves as swoon-worthy as the July sunset. Coconut and Cardamom fans? Your heart will melt with the one. Made with Tanzanian cacao, Ceylon and Assam tea, cardamom, star anise, and coconut. Ice not included.
Sign up for First Nibs to taste this summertime batch. Use the code 50FN at checkout to receive 50% off your first month.

Brunch on this: Mojito 70% cacao Unroasted Dark Chocolate with Guatemalan cacao from Asochivite. This is a real take off your shoes and kickback kind of chocolate. It will take you on a plane and put you on a first class seat to where ever you want to be. Super limited. Sign up for First Nibs to get yours. Ships July 15th. Gone on July 30th. Don't sleep on it.

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