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Raad S Rahman  It has little to do with what you see and more to do with how you see them. 📍Toronto


The best smelling set Ive worked on everrr! @heygoodlookin_x flavoured coffee scrubs smells like everything good in life. I am so happy that they finally launched and started deliveries today.
Models @georgiadispenza @valentinarueda.v @ellaparsonss
MUAH @iamgigiiiii

When make up queen wants to get creative you make sure you do it right (or atleast try to)
@emma.vankoughnett | @nextcanada
MUAH/Direction @estelle_phillips

Below average photo of a not so below average face! 😍
@eemmawilsonxo X #raadrahman
Agency @dulcedomodels

It’s my mother’s birthday today and given I will try to grasp some social media attention using this noble cause, let me also attempt to share a few things about us. My mom birthed me at the age of 19! At a time when the princess could barely spread butter on bread let alone give birth to a kid and have to parent the thing. Soon after she decided to channel her life through mine or in other words I became her life. Being delusional in love with her life/first born child she believed i was the most capable being on the face of this planet, she is truly delusional enough to still believe that. But oddly enough her belief has always been my truest source of strength and confidence, and in my weakest moments in life I’ve felt invincible only cause my mom thinks I am the best! Makes no sense but it works. For everyone out there who at some point thought I am arrogant, cocky and full of myself you are most welcome to blame me mother. I KNOW I CAN, ONLY CAUSE SHE SAID I CAN! Things she said intentionally or unintentionally through the course of life, shaped my life in ways she probably did not expect. One of her unintentional lines that i conveniently remember was ‘please be the best at what you do, even if you are into cleaning try to be the best cleaner out there’ and boy i took that advice seriously enough to embark on an unconventional career path. Parenting and communicating with your child is extremely important, kids are impressionable and they will learn and remember more of what their parents have to say over what their Econometrics professor at University will. Whether she knew a thing about parenting or not being a child herself she managed to communicate well with another, and somehow we have both managed to parent each other for the betterment of each other. Proud of you Laila, you've atleast managed to do one thing right in life! But on a more important note Happy Birthday Laila Rahman for very selfish reasons I am glad you exist! 💛

Ps. Gotta love baby Raad he was quite cute tbh. 🤷🏻‍♂️

Montana bloom par Raad Rahman on @koddmagazine
Model @montanabloom
Agency @bossmodelmanagement @vipmodelsparis @elitemodelsmiami
Styling by @laurietb
Muah @iamgigiiiii

Life is great when you show up for work to find your favourite girlies there. It was a joy shooting for @thenewdelhicompany and @mustbekismet_official team with @brittchurchill and @shaifalixo. 💛

@tilliemedland X #raadrahman
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Model @sarahs7s7
Featured on @imutemagazine N'20
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MUAH @beautyroom6
Styling @jasminemakela

A peak from the shoot last week. Have some stellar finals and lots to edit from this day. Major respect for this woman for putting up with my mess that day, love her and my team for making life easy. 💛

Model @kirstenvmackay
Agency @spot6management
Styling @jasminemakela
Muah @sierraeartistry
Assist @andrewobtinalla
Location @thecommons.studio

Finding ways to offend people
Model @jess.jjohn
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Location @thehoxtonhotel

Not impressed by the VS show yesterday tbh. Eve's face says it all.
Model @evebastien
Agency @dulcedomodels
Muah @sierraeartistry

Had such a good day shooting with the team and the people who showed up at the shoot to hang and lend a hand occasionally. You know it's been a good day when you realize you havent eaten in 25 hours.
Love @kirstenvmackay @spot6management @jasminemakela @sierraeartistry @andrewobtinalla for letting me take all the credit for a good shoot. And many thanks to the people who showed up today to witness my mess first hand 🤦🏻‍♂️
Ps. Big ups to @thecommons.studio and @uaqdesigns for literally being the best studio to work with. Love this guy for the shit he happily takes for me 🙊

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