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Raad S Rahman  It has little to do with what you see and more to do with how you see them.


Mirror mirror on the couch..
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Working with Britt is truly a pleasure, not just for me but for everyone on set. She is that person who leaves a good memory behind for everyone with the entire experience and thats why whenever i need a stylist or a make up artist when I shoot i just need to go like its Britt and they get excited. Dont beleive me? Ask @jasminemakela πŸ’›


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Shot @chloesouthh and other lovely delegates of Miss World Canada for the swimwear round. Miss world thought i had my swimwear game strong πŸ™ˆ Today is the last day to vote for this ladies ill put up a link on my story and you can vote if you want to. Ill put a link up in my story, no pressure πŸ€—


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#sponsored - From the lot of housewarming presents i got, the one from @leesasleep was honestly the best. The mattress was made for me and for someone who gets a maximum of 4 hours of sleep on good nights you kinda want to make sure you have the most comfortable set up. People from the US and Canada planning to get a new mattress use the code 'RAADRAHMAN' to take $130CAD off from your purchase. Thats quite a bit of money to save to be honest. Link for #leesa in bio

My favourite face's birthday today also a good excuse to start processing these photos we took recently they are experimental and Gigi flew in all the way from England for this (and not for her cousins wedding) i dont know how I feel about them so ill just share one for now and gather some feedback from yall?

Wish emm for her birthday too! 🎁

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Thinking about Trudaddy (J. Trudeau) when mom wasn't looking!

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As i am progressing in the career of photography i see myself doing things thats required from me and adding a bit of my touch within that requirement and thats as creative as i get to be (no complaints at all). But i can hardly make time to think about a creative ideas/shoots and go ahead and find someone to execute it with. This was one of those times where i wasnt under the pressure of fullfilling a requirement and i dont know whether i could execute what i set out to in this story with emily or not, but i am definitely glad i bugged her till she gave in to see me for this shoot.

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Had an intense 45mins with the most entertaining trainer @tyrelldesean at @soulcycle. Didnt sleep for 45 hours before this, didnt pass out either πŸ™ˆ As a person who does alot of boring HIIT training, Id recommend everyone to try this out cause it was fun and you cant tell how time goes by in this session (the playlist playing is good too) and quite intense too.
Thank you @dulcedomodels and #agentJ @jessylalancette for having me, @hitsusocks for the comfiest socks everr and @boltfreshbar for that small cup of I dont know what it was (smoothie) but it tasted like a vacation in my mouth. Definitely going back!


Missed Roob! πŸ’›
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Typical day with hale = she comes in, takes her clothes off, cries about life for a bit, then slays every shot, calls @dylansc starts yelling in general and leaves right after!
And repeats the process everytime i see her. Does it only with me though and i still love her πŸ’›


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