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R5  PASS ME BY RIKER ROCKY RYDEL ELLINGTON ROSS RYLAND. Ginger • A&A • Soup • babies • tutus • Warblers R5


# Cruisin For a Bruisin

I wanted to finish the song!!!!

Cool tricks and where did my cookies go?????

Gay is oky

I reposted it

Who loves my phone case

(3 months later) "Y/n you are the best girl on earth!" sed Ross. 2 days after that , your birth day. Ross takes you to your favorite roller skating ranke but you had to cloze your eyes because Ross wanted to suprize you. Then you sed "It smells like stinkey shoes, are we at my favorite roller skating ranke?!" Ross sed yes and you opened your eyes and saw all of R5 and you huged and kissed Ross. You and all of R5 had a great time!!

After that you and Ross whent home and you both looked at eachother and… kissed!!! " Y/n Iove you soo much." Ross sed. Right after he sed that you blushed and sed " Ross I love you soo much too." You felt like the luckest girl on earth!!

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