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Rohin ✨  18 | Melbourne & Newcastle | Just another boy trying to spread love & change the world 🌈 👻: rohin.mehta

In the last 12 months I have overcome so many emotional challenges. I lost myself and my purpose a fair few times. However, I wouldn’t undo any of those months because they’ve made me so much stronger and aware. At times it gets really rough with uni but my college friends support me so much that I feel not only grateful but safe in their presence from my thoughts. Twelve months ago, it felt like my life was coming to an end but these three months have been both a refreshing and draining chapter. It just comes to prove that life is a wonderful experience and you never know what is in store for your future. If you or anyone you know is having a difficult time please help them or direct them towards help even if they’re hesitant and don’t see the need. It’s so easy in this broken world to belittle and invalidate your own problems when that’s the last thing you need. Don’t be afraid to seek out and get the support you need, even if you feel ashamed, your future self will be so thankful. Self care is so important. Treat yourself with love and respect. Thank you to everyone who has been there for me in the last six months. I can’t remember all of you but I’ve tried to tag as many of you as I can think of at this instant. 💕💖

🌈 Proud to have my identity 🏳️‍🌈 Proud of how far we’ve come 🌈 Proud of the LGBTQI+ progress we’ve made in the last twelve months 🏳️‍🌈 Proud of all of us 🌈

It’s so upsetting that I won’t be able to see these three on a daily basis but I am incredibly proud of my squad for how far we’ve come and how much we’ve grown. 💁🏾 I know for sure that you all will do me proud and I can’t wait to see you conquer the “unconquerable”. 💋 I love you very much and please don’t forget me as you start university x 🙁💖

As this year comes to a close all I can say is that I’m grateful it is coming to an end. This year by far has been the hardest for me emotionally, those of you who are close to me would know this well. I think it has been an incredibly tough year for many of my peers as well and for this reason I feel a sense of refreshment wash over me when I think of the possibilities of 2018. I really do hope the future brings greater good in this world. Now back to social issues... 2017 has brought light to the incredible amount of social injustices that are still occurring in this world. In 2017, Saudi Arabia, finally granted women the right to drive yet the case of Dina Ali Lasloom and her tragic failed escape from the country, highlighted to the world the need for the removal of the oppressive & sexist guardianship laws. Back at home- Australia, I couldn’t be prouder to say that marriage equality exists but the overwhelming injustices that the refugees of manus island face are grotesque, whilst aboriginal Australians suffer conditions likened to a 3rd world country in rural Australia. In Indonesia, there currently are government run anti LGBTQI+ crackdowns occurring due to the broad anti pornography act which acts as a means for the government to physically and emotionally abuse LGBT individuals. In America- (I could go on forever truly), the Flint Michigan crisis, Trump, the DAPL, the Paris agreement, Puerto Rico, net neutrality and the list will take forever. Russia- all I need to say is Chechnya and social media laws. I know I’ve fluffed on ahah but my point is that there are so so many injustices currently occurring around the world in each and every part and although we often forget them when celebrating a progressive movement, we as people need to stay focussed on change and have faith in our ability as a species to create positive. People power and love will always have greater force than hate + greed- remember that. (Sorry for the rant loves xoxox)

18 (and a month now) baby xoxo 💋, finally free to attend protests and what not without the hindrance of my parents

When somebody tells you to stop doing something you love, just keep doing it until you become so good at it that they regret their words. #inspo

The Women's March, truly was such a magnificently sized protest against the newly elected President of the United States of America - the donald. 2.6 million people protested worldwide and participated in the Women's March of which 500,000 protested in Washington DC itself. It's a necessity that in such horrid times, we unite to fight against the misuse of power for the division of our people and the personal benefit of a select few. May the world provide us with the strength to progress forwards and hopefully Donald doesn't do half the things he claimed he would as President, however he's already signed the anti-abortion piece of legislation so I wouldn't be shocked if he (mostly) does. May the world be blessed with love, peace, harmony and strength to move on. #prayfortheworld #prayforminorities

I hope everyone in Australia is enjoying their holidays 💖 and everyone else across the world is having a simply wonderful time 💟

I know this photo may not necessarily depict me in a positive light to others, but this is me, with no angling, that would display my face in a nature disproportionate to its true self. In society, we often judge people by their faces but how long will it take people to realise an individual should be defined by their personality as to their looks. Many people try to hide their scars and I personally have been a victim to that thought process. From the age of four, I was pestered about my chicken pox scars by family members and friends. With the transition into puberty as a 12 year old, I received countless lectures and tips on treatments for acne. I have been on countless medications and still receive continuous comments by family members at each family gathering. Now I'm just a boy. Now imagine what would happen if I was a girl? It would be so much worse, right? The unrealistic body and facial standards perpetuated by media and popular culture are absolutely ridiculous and though as a generation we are fighting these judgemental ideologies and institutionalised concepts, these issues are still prevalent and deeply rooted in the mindsets of individuals in our society. My scars do not define me. My chicken pox does not define me, they only mark my growth as a child and constant resilience to humiliation by family and strength. My acne does not define me, they mark my transition into the growth of a young man. My eyebags do not define me, they tell the tale of my nights wide awake. The institutions have taught us that our body "imperfections" make us less attractive, though I disagree. They tell a tale. They don't define us necessarily but they distinguish us. Each imperfection of ours tells a story so beautiful that composes parts of our lives. Embrace your body & live free of the burdens by society and love both yourself and others freely- for it requires greater strength to love in this world. 💜💞💞

Bitch I'm back, by popular demand

Remember your insults don't invalidate someone's attractiveness, the next time you attempt to hurt them. Yes words hurt and yes the impact of someone's words can be significant on an individual but what's to stop someone from growing/moving forward? In our world, we are quick to judge and vocal in hate but where's the strength in our love? If we really loved ourselves and this world, we wouldn't talk to others poorly when in states of anger or confusion because the wise know that our actions not only reflect on ourselves but our families. To stoop to the level of those who do you wrong makes you equivalent to them. Embrace forgiveness, kindness, self control and patience- the world truly needs it at this point in time. ✨✨✨

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