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Patrice  💪🏼😽🐶

Today's edition of: "When are you having kids?"

Can't wait to see my George Constanza looking best friend in t minus one month. #pplusalequalspal

On day 21 of this damn no sugar cleanse but thankfully I'm still doing fruit. I made these amazing raw brownies and they are the fudgiest, yummiest, almost too sweet dessert for me right now. #dangerous #nosugarchallenge

4 years down as official partners in crime. ❤️Find you an adventure buddy.

Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mom ❤️🌺

I adore Wendy and her style on @sho_billions. I want allllll of her wardrobe.

I mean who could ever seriously be upset at this face. #eatwhateeveryouwantmydarling

Ermergerd literally all this girl does is climb mountains. 🙊

I love this girl. When we used to date rock stars, dance with our pinkies up, and wear aprons to go out apparently. #deltaco #truesoulmates

So many activities today. #pooped

Literally the only thing I wanted to do today is figure out how to post this. 👍🏼

My little hiking buddy made it all by herself to the top 🐶

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