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r.h. Sin  married to @samantha.king.holmes New York Times Best-Selling Author Photographer | Traveling Writer/Poet

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This book will change everything. Read " Don't Tell Me Not to Ask Why " after you finish " Empty Bottles Full of Stories " (link in bio) #bookstagram #booklover

“ Empty Bottles Full of Stories “ has made it to the New York Times Best Seller list. To all the people who have this book in their homes and in their hearts, thank you! “ Empty Bottles Full of Stories “ is also the #1 poetry collection in the world.

I love you @samantha.king.holmes !

you’re probably reading this now. phone in hand, scrolling down your timeline in search of something that will remind your heart to stop hurting. you’re restless tonight, you’re unable to find rest on most nights and now here you are reading these words, my words. be strong, keep fighting. vent below if you need to..

I love living in New York City.

Finally, some snow in NYC today. #newyorkcity #manhattan

Read this next, trust me. (link in bio) #booklover

you've gone through so much, you've been fighting for so long. there have been many wars, many battles that you have won and so I know that even though it's tough right now, you're tougher. and even though surviving is often the hardest thing you'll ever do, it's important to remember that you are fully capable. you are brave enough and you are always strong enough to get through all obstacles that stand in your way.

I think there’s this part of you that remains hidden. There’s a side of you that most people rarely see. You’ve buried that part of you deep like roots beneath trees, undiscovered by those who were never willing to search for you. There’s way too much depth in your soul and those too lazy to explore your extra layers have all come up short and you willingly allow it, you don’t bother to tell them that there’s more because you know that not everyone deserves all of which you have to offer. You’ve hidden so much because you’re tired of the betrayal that follows behind those who don’t deserve passage upon the bridge that leads to your heart. So much of you left to be discovered by someone who doesn’t have to be told where to go. Someone who knows what to do and how to treat you without hurting you in the process. I think there’s this part of you that will mean the world to the right person but until then, you will always mean the world to yourself and there is nothing wrong with protecting your light from those who will only represent darkness. #coffeegram

thank you for making " Empty Bottles Full of Stories " the #1 SELLING POETRY COLLECTION IN THE WORLD. #bookstagram

I hope you find the one person who doesn’t have to lose you to know your true worth. I hope you find the one person who has the courage to love you unconditionally. I hope you find the one person who will always remind your heart that it deserves the same amount of love and effort it has given to others. #coffeetime

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