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Escape the madness, adventure with a squad, chase the sunrise, watch the moon set and feel the wind in your hair and the sand between your toes as you appreciate! 🙏

Credit: @iamtaejin 👌

Did someone say vodka 😜

TV commercials and antics 🎬🎥

Cheers to the freakin' weekend! 🍾

One of those moments when mum is telling me to "stay there" so she can take "just one more photo" 20 photos later 🙄😂🎓🎉..... And me going "someone give me a wine" 😝🍷
I can't believe it has already been two years!!!!! #graduation

BRB Quitting everything to be a mermaid!

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Swigging for you! @johnnydanger_nz 🙏😇❤️
Missing your daily jokes and banter, you amazing human!
Thank you for being such an amazing friend and checking up on me all the time, making an endless effort in our friendship and making me laugh! ❤️

Wearing my fave @piagrams 💕 💭💭💭💭💭💭🙏😇
Reminder to all:
Sadly these days we live in a world where we are always busy and there is so much going on that we forget to stop, reflect, take a break and spend quality time with our loved ones!
This photo was taken yesterday (me - smiling and happy as I approach the end of my busy day - Freedom) moments before I was meant to see @johnnydanger_nz for a long awaited catch up that had been delayed and delayed because of my busy schedule! And unfortunately because of this schedule I was too late! 😔

The terrible news yesterday taught me and I'm sure many others another lesson... TO MAKE MORE TIME and have a break from work/life (whatever is keeping you busy) and see your friends and family more / celebrate life! And that although we are young and tend to think we are invincible, healthy, fit, young and that we have yeeeeaaarrrsss ahead of us... You never know and can't take time for granted.... Yesterday was a sad reminder that we need to remember to cherish everyday and every minute with the people around us!
To remember to not sweat the small stuff, to make time for our friends and family, have fun, push the boundaries, smile, laugh, be kind and really live life to the fullest!

I wish "will buzz ya later shalala!" was not our goodbye! 😔.... You were an inspiration with an amazing soul and you will be missed by soooo many people!
Life can be unfair! ❤x #ripjohnnydanger #johnnydanger

Take me back to paradise 🌴🍸🍍

Some women fear the fire...
Some simply become it. 🔥
Wearing the one and only @rochelle_goodrick

Seeing double... 🥂
@ghmummnz @longroomnz

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