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Satu-Nea M.  15 | Finland IRL acc: @kristallikellot Eynaria tag: #EynariaCreatures ⬇Check out my website for worldbuilding and stuff⬇

A wip with an obnoxious-ass edited watermark on it, you're welcome.

Okay so as I already mentioned in my story, I'll be away for ~2 weeks. I'm not sure how my internet will work over in aMURICA so I may or may not be able to post then.
My website won't have any updates either during that time but the link can still be found in my bio if you haven't checked it out yet!
I think that's it for now ^^

Qisetean skin/mane texture example.

I've mentioned like 500 times how their skin is basically just wood but I've yet to draw a single example of what I mean so 👏here👏you👏go👏


"Sweet dreams are overrated"
Someone tell me why did I decide to dump all the nightmare fuel on qiseteans?


Umm,, that's g a y
I love these two beans so much and I've had this idea for MONTHS but everytime I tried to start I felt like I didn't have enough skill to make it happen.
It's not perfect but it's the best I could do for now 🌸

Why do I feel like I've already drawn a mermaid Trico before? Weird.

Ye e t

Got some motivation to keep working on my worldbuilding so here are few jello-haired space bois



This was supposed to be a mermay dragon but it just turned out to just be a normal lizard boi

+ A big three-headed dog-bear-dragon-fish thing

Few really messy prompt skip mermay sketches 🐋

#MerMay #mermay2018

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