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Qwest TV  Journey into jazz and beyond

#SOON on @qwest.tv -
Tigran Hamsyan live sampling and remixed at Punkt Festival in 2013

Born in Armenia, the composer and pianist @tigranhamasyan played the remix and improvisation game at the Punkt festival. For the 2013 edition of the Norwegian festival, Tigran Hamasyan revisit the concert of Jan Bang, artistic director of the festival, with live sampling, using his incredible talent with an original virtuosity. Accompanied by the norwegian guitarist Eivind Aarset, It is a breath of fresh air amongst the world of Jazz music !

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#NowOnQwestTV - Tony Allen tribute to Art Blakey - live at Festival Sons d’hiver 2016

#NowOnQwestTV - DOCUMENTARY : Charlie Mariano’s jazz world (pt. I and II)
The alto saxophonist and composer Charlie Mariano (1923-2009) wore many musical hats during his seven decade career. From his early days as a Boston bebopper to his later experiments with jazz fusion and world music–with significant encounters along the way with the likes of Stan Kenton, Shelly Manne, Charles Mingus, Elvin Jones and Phillip Catherine–Mariano distinguished himself as instrumental marvel as well as a questing and inclusive musician ever ready to incorporate diverse musics with his own. The film touches, with poignant results, on Mariano’s renewed relationship with his family. Also examined is Mariano’s passion for Indian music. Mariano’s sweeping aesthetic, informed by his experience with various musical practices and in far flung continents, reflects a bountiful artistic spirit ever ready to welcome the new.

#jazzlover #jazzmusic #jazzspirit #jazzisnotdead

#NowOnQwestTV Toots Thielemans - « musicalmente con » TV show

He was of every age. From the fifties until his death in 2016, Toots Thielemans breathed passion into jazz. @quincydjones , a lifelong friend, considered him a musician of the caliber of Charlie Parker. Indeed, Toots played with the legendary saxophonist, in addition to accompanying the likes of #FrankSinatra, #EllaFitzgerald, #ChetBaker, #MilesDavis, #BillEvans, #RayCharles, #OscarPeterson and #DizzyGillespie. He dominated the “miscellaneous instrument” category, defining the very essence of the jazz harmonica and mastering the art of breathing life into bebop. The two would go hand in hand.

#NowOnQwestTV - Aretha Franklin, live in Paris (1977)

Aretha Franklin’s entrance on the Paris stage is made with great fanfare, complete with bombastic introduction by the orchestra and sequin gown for the diva. She opens her arms wide before the public, as if to say, “Here I am!” Except for a little bit of larsen effect in the beginning, the concert starts off with a bang.

Onstage at the Palais des Sports, she demonstrates her cultural range, not hesitating to navigate everything from an enticing cover of La vie en rose to classics like Singing in the Rain, accompanied by full orchestra and three backing vocalists. Exhibiting an abundance of energy and numerous wardrobe changes, Franklin is a seasoned performer. The cheers of the audience are proof!

#jazzsinger #jazzlover #liveinparis

#NowOnQwestTV Children of the light - Perez, Patitucci, Blade.
Few recent groups carry the art of the trio to such a high level while also bringing an original contribution. Clearly, pianist Danilo Pérez, bassist John Patitucci, and drummer Brian Blade know each other really well. They forged their connection over 15 years within Wayne Shorter’s quartet; they dedicated their 2015 album, Children of the Light, to him. The saxophonist’s influence is obvious here, but the trio also develops its own discourse.

Two years after the album’s release, the interaction is all the more clear since the concert conditions are ideal in Junas.
#jazztrio #jazzlover #jazzmusic

#NowOnQwestTV Carla Bley and Steve Swallow Duo.

In full partnership, Carla Bley and Steve Swallow offer the quintessence of their minimalist universe, ultra-melodic and subtly distant.

#jazzlive #jazzmusic #jazzlover #pianist #carlabley #steveswallow

#NowOnQwestTV @kurtelling - live at Timisoara Jazz.

On a summer evening of Timisoara’s square, The crooner Kurt Elling magnifies unctuous songs.

This off-road crooner plays with all repertoires and his smile envelops any public. Surprise: it is in Timisoara, Romania, that we find him. TM Jazz has become a leading event, at least enough so that big wheels come each summer on the Victory Square, dominated by the Orthodox Cathedral. With a velvety quartet, Kurt interprets unctuous songs tackles with great respect, even rubbing shoulders with a few monuments, including Frank Sinatra and Edith Piaf, paying tribute to those great singers. -

#jazzsinger #crooner #timisoara

#NowOnQwestTV @fatoumata_diawara__ and @robertofonsecaofficial live at @porijazz 🎤 -

Brilliant concert by the Malian songstress and the Cuban pianist at a festival in Finland. The combination of Fatoumata Diawara and Roberto Fonseca is turning all the festivals that have witnessed it inside out. We know from experience that such collaborations regularly give birth to mice. In the case of the Malian singer (helped along by the diva Oumou Sangaré) and the Cuban pianist (successor of Chucho Valdés and Rubén González) the result is elephant-sized. The qualities of the former–dazzling charisma–and the latter– terrifying virtuosity– complement each other perfectly, while their respective musicians build breathtaking musical structures, coupled with a lace of Mandingo chords. It should also be mentioned that they share common ground, since the first West African bands were modeled on Cuban charangas. In fact, there are many musical bridges from one continent to the other, linking two cultures that obviously have much in common. It is these similarities that are celebrated in this project.

While there is also an At Home album, recorded live in Marciac, here the duo is recorded in the country setting of the Pori Jazz Festival in Finland. Once again, they are in complete collusion. Just look at how they introduce each other at the end of the concert, joking about their respective nationalities. “My brother from Mali, Roberto Fonseca,” says the first. “My sister from Cuba, Fatoumata Diawara,” the other replies. What a fusion! -
#jazzsinger #pianist #duo #malian #cuba #fusion

#NowOnQwestTV Bobby Mcferrin - Live at Estival Jazz (1985) -

The singer takes the art of the solo to new heights during an unforgettable open-air concert in Lugano. On that evening in the large city square, the singer performs a one-man show before a crowd of fans, displaying his usual coolitude. He frequently comes down and mingles with the audience, inviting their participation, in a spiritual ("Down by the Riverside"), as well as a fantastic version of the Beatles song "Blackbird". Get ready for pure magic! -

#jazzlover #jazzsinger #qwesttv #jazzlive

#nowonQwestTV 🎹 Omar Sosa -(@omarsosamusic ) tribute to « Kind of Blue » -
This wonderful performance at La Villette in Paris is labelled as a Tribute to Kind Of Blue, but the Cuban pianist ‘approach to the masterpiece of Miles Davis, elementary in the contemporary jazz repertoire, is genuinely inventive.

#jazzlover #jazzmusic #pianist #milesdavis #kindofblue

PRESS 🇩🇪 | Our CEO and co-founder Reza Ackbaraly on May’s issue of the notorious music magazine #jazzthing for an exclusive #interview ! Jazzing, Qwesting, pep talking and more 👌 An another opportunity to know better the passionate co-founder of @qwest.tv !
#jazzlover #jazzmusic #pressrelease

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