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C A R D O F T H E D A Y. Hanged man.im feeling this card so hard today bb’s. It’s so easy to get comfortable in our discomfort. To feel it and recognize it as the normal for your life. Today is a day to reflect on what’s working and not working and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. We are all survivors bb’s now it’s time to push and let go and see what else beautiful is out there for you.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. 8 of pentacles. Today is a day to hustle bb’s you will be working so hard. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t see the rewards or recognition just yet.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. 8 of swords. You may feel stuck today my loves and it may feel like you can’t see clearly and don’t know what to do next. You need to use your voice as a tool to help you get out of this stuck place. Ask for help, say what you need, get support you are not alone bb’s.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. 3 of swords. Take time today bb’s to reflect over how to change your old ways of being and old patterns. Heartbreak can lead you down a heavy path if you don’t make the efforts to take what you have learned and grow from the situation. Focus on communication and moving forward.

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C A R D O F T H E D A Y. Emperor. Take charge of your shit today bb’s and get back into a routine that’s more suitable for you. It’s time for you to gain back control and take action today my loves.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y... 4 of cups. There is so much love today to fill your heart bb’s but you are so fixated you are not seeing what’s right in front of you. The spirit is offering you new love, happiness, emotional stability and you can’t see it. Try to stay present today and not get too caught up in other things. Keep your eyes open and look out for the gifts!

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. 6 of wands. Don’t hang up your hats just yet today bb’s. You have accomplished a lot but there is more to go. Keep fighting for what you want and victory will be yours.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. 2 of pentacles. Today you just may wanna avoid the emotional toll and dive into everything else as a way of protecting yourself. It’s ok to take a break from the emotional work as long as you are doing it in a healthy way and not overloading yourself with other distractions. You may feel like you are juggling a lot today bb’s don’t take on more then you can handle and it’s okay to say no.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. Knight of swords. Keep fighting today bb’s even if you don’t know what the fuck you are doing. You are headed in the right direction although you have some decisions to make. You may feel like you are being naive but it’s all to lead you to something greater. Clear out the clutter in your mind and try to soothe any anxiety.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. Strength. Look within today bb’s to find that courage, that resiliency that fierceness to continue to fight for balance, to continue to fight for yourself. You are so capable of getting to where you wanna go, so fight for it.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. The star. Today things will become more clear my loves. It will finally click into place and you will be like fuck okay I know now what I need to know in order to move on. This will bring you action and balance and help you restore some of the issues in your life right now.

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