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Qveenofswordstarot  Rizz. Genderqueer . Tarot Reader. Toronto. They/them qveenofswords@gmail.com DM or email to book a reading.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y.9 of cups. Guys we are at the airport and ready to rip on our gaycation. Heading south bb's. I'm so happy to have pulled this card before our flight!! Today is gonna be so full of happiness you need a mother fucking alter to put your happiness on! Embrace the day being open and steady in what you want to receive. You are so deserving of good things bb's take it all in.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y.5 of Wands. We had this card a few days ago bb's. Obvi people are still trying to make our decisions for us. Take a minute bb. Take a deep breath. What do you need to feel successful? Listen to yourself. Trust yourself. Move forward with your vision, take others opinions into consideration but ultimately it's up to you.

Tomorrow!! 12 to 7 at @tkvotoronto come by and say hi!! Get a reading and check out this amazing queer space! Yay!

C A R D O F T H E D A Y.3 of Wands. Today will feel like a victory bb's. You have already accomplished so much. You still have more levels of completion to go so don't stop now. Understand how powerful you are and how hard you have worked bb. You did this. You created this.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y.5 of Wands. Everyone's gonna have an opinion about what you should be doing today and how you should be doing it!! Stay true to yourself and stick to what you want. You can still listen and validate without taking on others shit.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y.The chariot. Make a decision and stick to it today bb's. You need to put your energy into something or you are gonna feel stuck. Make moves bb. Gain control and start going.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y.The devil. Don't get tempted into old patterns today and old ways of being. You may feel stuck but bb's it's in your head. Ask for support from those you love and trust. Take a self care moment and just do you bb.

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PARTY TIME | What’s an art show without a launch party? Not Bad Girls’ style.

Saturday evening we are celebrating @sofiasofiato - a supportive community of Canadian female photographers - and the launch of their group photography exhibition Boundless Love. Come sip some wine + mingle with some talented gals + get a tarot reading with @qveenofswordstarot. It’s going to be a hoot!

The deets: May 12 | 6pm - 8pm | 950 Queen St W. | no cover | a part of #BadGirlsMarket.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y.Wheel of fortune. Everything's about to get flipped the fuck around today bb's! But you totally got this. Say grounded and breathe. The trick about the wheel of fortune is that when it's good it's so good and when it's not it's not. Focus on what you need to get through. Focus on what keeps you in the present. Focus on Positive mindsets.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y.Ace of Swords. You will gain a new perspective today bb's. Things will start to shift. The conversations you have today may be different then what you were expecting and that may be a good thing! Concentrate on how you communicate and ask for what you want!

C A R D O F T H E D A Y.7 of Swords. Be careful today bb's as someone may try to manipulate you or take from you. Protect yourself and your energy today bb's as your mindset may be a bit off. If you can't carry it all don't take on such a big task. The right thing usually is the harder decision.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y.7 of cups. There may feel like there is so many choices for you to make today bb's! Each choice has pros and cons but will define who you are so choose carefully! If nothing feels like it works for you it's ok to not chose anything at all.

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