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Qveenofswordstarot  Rizz. Genderqueer . Toronto. They/them qveenofswords@gmail.com DM or email to book.

Not what I was expecting! It’s been a great year for QOST!

This Saturday!! Come check out this awesome shop and get a reading! Dm me to book or just stop by!

C A R D O F T H E D A Y . 8 of cups. Somethings missing bb’s. you have so much care and compassion for someone or something and today may push you to take that final step of walking away into the unknown. It’s hard my loves when we don’t know what else is out there but trust you need to take this next step.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. Page of cups. Plant seeds today bb’s for emotional growth. What can we do today to be loving on ourselves and showing up for ourselves.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. 7 of swords. It may feel overwhelming today mentally my loves but don’t fret too much. Be mindful of who you are giving your power or energy to today as they may not be reciprocal or deserving. Even when we want to believe the best in people sometimes they are not meant to be in our lives at this moment.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. Page of wands. Plant seeds today bb’s for creative innovation. Start to take action for what you want and make it happen. How can you start to grow to make changes happen for you that light a fire under your ass!

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. Temperance. Today is all about restoring balance bb’s. look for the opportunities that come up even if they seem impossible. You have ability to get whatever you want but you got to keep fighting.

Reading tomorrow at @capitalespresso from 12 to 3! Slide into my dm’s or just show up! Come sip coffee with me and we can talk about what your 2019 has in store!

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. The hermit. Take time today to reflect and give pause to what’s happening for you right now. When we learn what makes us tick we can become more self aware and address the situation more intuitively. Rest, look within and contemplate today. You totally got this.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. Queen of Swords. The universe has been begging us all week to grow and work on our communication. Today we come to a place where that feels a little bit easier. We may have drifted to far into our heads so don’t forget to listen to your body and your heart today when things feel to up in the air.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. Knight of swords. Go forward my loves even if it may feel like you don’t know what the fuck you are doing. You need to take what hasn’t been working and push through to reach your goals. Think about how you can communicate better with others and really show up when you can.

C A R D O F T H E D A Y. Page of swords. Today is all around baby steps in terms of communication. Use your language skills to start planting seeds for what you want. You can always start somewhere. Take it slow and build. You may feel like you are starting to see things more clearly.

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