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Monia Ben Hamouda  // It is almost the end. And they stare at each other, completely wet. // 🔪 Visual Artist based in Milan 🥛 Last interview: artslant.com LA

Holding hands as a cup (we found each other) now on view @like_a_little_disaster / “First I have to put my face on” curated by @christina_gigliotti

Tonight a brand new work @ “First I Have to put my Face on”, a mesmerizing group show curated by @christina_gigliotti at @like_a_little_disaster 🐳

🔪Clumsy and Milky : encoding the last quarter of a pose ⚔️solo show by Michele Gabriele will open today in Rome @whitenoisegallery . Curated by me under the name #somethingmustbreak 🥀
#curatedby #contemporaryart #michelegabriele

Under the name #SomethingMustBreak I curated and wrote a text for the upcoming solo show of @michelegabrieleinspirations “CLUMSY AND MILKY : ENCODING THE LAST QUARTER OF A POSE” at @whitenoisegallery , Rome IT. See ya there @ june 7th 🗞🥄
#michelegabriele #somethingmustbreak #curatedby

📱🐙My contribute for #videotutorial group show curated by @paneproject - today in Marseille @mediaaa.naranjaaa and online on @aqnb 📲
#moniabenhamouda #paneproject #videotutorial

Sneaky bastards 🥛🍶WORKINPROGRESS
#aquarium #contemporaryart #moniabenhamouda

🔥🌑🔥3 majestic group show featuring me is now selected for FLATLAND UN/certain Place, a selection of exhibit happening outside the white cube (by OFLUXO) . 🔥🌑🔥 - The Bunt curated by GinnyProject
- HOPE curated by New Scenario
-Assiette ou Virage et Derapage curated by Something Must Break
🌺feeling the spring 🌺
#moniabenhamouda #contemporaryart #contemporarysculpture #flatland

New series of puppies out very soon!🤞🏽🐋📥 #moniabenhamouda #contemporaryart #puppies es #contemporarysculpture

Exhibition view from MIRANDA, Monia Ben Hamouda’s solo show curated by @paneproject , Milan Italy

Survive,Adapt and Protect (You’ll Never be Missed)

Plastic band, clay, silicone, water, Michele Gabriele’s ‘The Missing Link’
#moniabenhamouda #contemporaryart #paneproject

by Monia Ben Hamouda and Michele Gabriele, 2018
#moniabenhamouda #michelegabriele

by Monia Ben Hamouda and Michele Gabriele, 2018
#moniabenhamouda #michelegabriele

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