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I've been looking at this swan for almost a month now. All alone, more or less on the same spot. Sometimes swimming in the water, sometimes sitting on the side in the grass. And it made me wonder: how is it doing? Swans are said to be mating for life, monogamic creatures. It is said that if you see a swan alone for a long time, it could mean it lost its partner somewhere along the way and hasn't chosen a new one yet. So what does a swan feel? Does it feel lonely? Does it feel broken? Is it sad? Is it just living its life till that life is no more? Does it even feel anything? I don't know, but it made me feel a lot. You see, there are many pictures I've seen. With two swans forming a nice beautiful heart with their elegant necks, providing us the symbol of love, which they may not even know of. And here I see a swan, with just its own half of the heart, making its love incomplete. Or maybe the love is still there, but then only from one side... #swan #brokenheart #lonely #words #writings #thoughts #writersofig #writingmood

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