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Quitela ( キテラ )  ⬆️ "See my name up there?" 🔽 "My arch rival is Beerus, and he sucks!" 🔽 "Heh! I'm Universe 4's God of Destruction!"

's Post.
"Uh, Arak? Hey Arak! If I may ask
you the simple question that I'm
sure EVERYONE is wondering...
Why the heck are you hanging
out over there with Universe 7?!
Why would you move over to the
seats of another universe, and
why did it have to be with Beerus'
universe? What? Why? How? HUH?!"
{ The next episode is going to be good. I can just feel it. }

's Post.
"No! I don't want to be erased!
I-I-I-I... I won't allow it! Why do
we have to be erased?! I won't
accept this! In that case, I'll take
you all with m–"
Those were the last words uttered by Quitela as he and Universe 4 were unfortunately erased at the hands of Zeno.
{ Been a while since I last posted, honestly I was just lazy and prolonged my lack of posts. But I decided to post now, since this is very important to me. Fare-thee-well, Quitela. You'll always be my favourite God of Destruction. }

's Post.
"Okay Monna, get out there and
win this, will ya? But please do
be careful out there! Even with
Son Goku and Jiren out of our
way, all of the others are still a
threat! So please, be careful!"
{ Man, I just love all the episodes that have some form of focus on Quitela and Universe 4. This next one'll be good! }

's Post.
"Kek kek kek! Would you look at
that? There's official mini figures
of me in Beerus' Universe Seven!
Heh, I knew that my reputation is
huge throughout the multiverse!
Now how to buy, is the question."
{ Isn't this cool? I need that in my life!
Don't ask why I'm posting so late,
I was dared to do this.

's Post.
"U-Ultra Instinct?... The state in
which the mind and body work
together, allowing for the body
to react without having a form
of influence.. Self-Movement..
Could it be possible that this
mortal achieved such a level?
A level in which some deities
still have yet to master? Has
he really become that strong?
...No. It's not possible. It just
can't be. There's no way that
a mortal, from Universe 7 of
all places, managed to have
mastered the Ultra Instinct!"
{ That special was literally one of my favourite episodes of Dragon Ball, to be totally honest. Out of the original, Z, GT, Kai, and Super. This is definitely in my top five. Maybe my top three. It was that good. Also, love the name Ultra Instinct. It's so much better than Limit Breaker. Thank goodness. }

's Post.
"Keh keh keh! Why can't you
just accept that I'm stronger
than you, Beerus? I already
beat you once before, and I
don't want to humiliate you
again! I'm sure your pride is
already rock bottom as it is."
{ Quitela will always be my favourite God of Destruction. }

's Post.
"Kek kek kek! It seems someone
has finally caught on at last. Hah.
Oh, what an idiot you are, Beerus.
Your warriors may be powerful,
but that won't help them if they
get outnumbered near the end...
Get ready for the plot twist that
no one will be ready for..."
{ Just going to say right now, Universe 4 is going to last longer than most people expect. After all, you can't hit what you can't find. }

's Post.
"That old man of yours used an
outside item in his attack! Mine
used weapons that were made
out of her own energy! So that
means your old man cheated!
He should be out! Out, out, out!"
{ Man, I love Quitela. Glad he got some screentime this time around. }

's Post.
"What the-?! Hey, HEY! Yeah,
that's cheating! I swear of it!
There's no way that's really
allowed! Not a chance!"
{ Hey everyone! I'm still here, don't worry. I'm just taking my time, if that's worrying some of you. But I'm okay. }

's Post.
"Hey! You! How could you just
go and run off the stupid edge
like that?! You freaking moron!"
{ Expect more posts! I finally have pictures to post! }

's Post.
It was a wonderful day. The birds were singing, and the flowers were blooming. However, those factors are not why this day was so incredible.
Somewhere on a grassy plain, stood a young Super Saiyan, staring down a yellow mouse.
"So." The Saiyan began.
"From what I understand, you're some kind of god. Is that true?"
He asked.
The mouse chuckled.
"Kek. And why should that concern you, kid?"
The supposed god responded.
"Well, my dream is to become the greatest fighter in the universe, so I would like to test myself against you!"
The boy explained.
The mouse god chuckled once more.
"Keh keh... You'll regret asking for that..."
{ A little something I made. A possible throwback, if you will. I might make this a reality, or maybe not! Only time shall tell. But my real question is, how is it? }

's Post.
"Keh keh! Alright mortals, get
ready for the best TV show of
all time! Ku, Cog, and Qui! It'll
be the best show you've ever
seen! Just watch! Keh keh!"
{ Sorry for my inactivity, haven't found
much to post, but I'm getting there, so
don't worry! }

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