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Quitela ( キテラ )  ⬆️ "See my name up there?" 🔽 "My arch rival is Beerus, and he sucks!" 🔽 "Heh! I'm Universe 4's God of Destruction!"

's Post.
"Hmph! First Nink, but now both
Shosa and Majora are out nearly
at the same time? This is really
starting to get annoying!"
{ Look at how disappointed Quitela looks,
he's so beautiful. }

's Post.
"Yes, haha! Playing dead is
Shosa's greatest technique!
Take that, Beerus! Keh keh
keh! Take that, take that!"
{ I loved Quitela deliberately being an
asshole to Beerus this episode, he's so
awesome! }

's Post.
"Alright, Universe 4! I have a new
plan in mind, heh! It's gotta work!
Now, all warriors of my universe,
come together and take out our
good pal, Son Goku! Charge!"
{ I would credit the artists, but I don't know their names. Sorry to those who drew this stuff! }

's Post.
"Heh.. Uh. Oh wow, already. So
the first casualty of the battle
is Universe Nine. Zeno literally
erased them on the spot. Uh I
mean, too bad so sad, but it's
just... Oh my gosh. To believe
that Zeno actually erased the
entire universe. Whoa."
{ My thoughts exactly, Quitela. Holy...}

's Post.
"Hey! All you did was cost us a
warrior! Tch.. Stupid Nink. He's
just a lost cause at this point...
Damn it, fools like him will lead
to our universe being erased all
too soon! We don't need that..."
{ Man, summer is keeping me occupied.
How're your summers going? }

's Post.
"Heh, Universe Seven! Taste the
wrath of my own Universe Four's
warrior, Nink! He's big, bulky, and
he'll take your warrior, Son Goku
down with him! Get 'em Nink!"
{ I seriously love how much attention Quitela got in the latest episode, I was so happy watching it! }

's Post.
"Heh, not only is Beerus spouting
teamwork foolishness, but it also
appears that he refuses to argue
with me unlike the usual. Heh, I'll
say it again. Pathetic, Beerus."
{ I love Quitela so much, guys. Literally my favourite God right here. Like, he's such an asshole, but I love the way he acts. }

's Post.
"Heh, I heard that..
Who woulda thought, that Beerus
of all people would be promoting
teamwork? How pathetic indeed!"
{ I'll be posting a lot more now,
since I now have a whole bunch
of new Quitela pictures to post! }

's Post.
"Heh, the Tournament of Power's
about to kick off! My team has a
lot of talent, so I think that we are
the ones who'll win! Good luck to
everyone, may the best universe
win, but prepare to lose! Heh!"
{ Here we go, holy shit man.
And Quitela got quite a lot
of screen time this episode,
too! It makes me so happy! }

's Post.
"Heh! Here we are, and let's go!
This is the entirety of my team
Universe 4! Including Kuru, me,
and Cognac! Now that I'm able
to think about it, I think that my
team will probably win! But, of
course if we don't win, we will
definitely be one of the last to
go! Heh! Good luck everybody!
You'll need it against my team!"
{ And it begins! Even if we all do know
who'll win in the end, who would you
want to win this tournament? }

's Post.
"So, 'da Tournament of Power is
about to start, and my plan sadly
failed. I'm actually startin' to feel
just a bit worried! I can't have my
universe lose, 'dat would be just
horrible! What'll I do? 'Dis won't
end well..."
{ I'm ready for the tournament! But are you? }

's Post.
"Y'know, even though Beerus and
the mortals close to him are all a
bunch of losers, Universe 7 does
have a few redeemable​ mortals.
I like this one in particular. Sure,
he's a bit small, but this lil' thing
sure knows how to make ya just
smile the whole time! If only my
universe had him!"
{ Cute lil' guy indeed! I love Kirby, so I decided to make this comic thing! }

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