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Gabby Rivera  author of Juliet Takes a Breath // America Chavez for Marvel // repped by NewLeafLiterary // queer latinx loverboi 🇵🇷

my homegirl made magic 💖💖💖💖💖 @ishouldbepainting


Marcela Mejia 💖💖💖💖 Here are five reasons I cannot live without this beautiful babe and am so thankful she was born:

1. She’ll pick me up anywhere/time/place w/o question. With coffee. AND SNAX.

2. Believes in me and supports all my good decisions & pushes me to question the bad ones

3. Her love is unconditional. After 22 years of friendship, there’s only pure joy in this seester-homie magic here, forever.

4. She will stomp all who dare harm me.
5. She’s a genius w numbers and is gonna have her own accounting firm where she manages $$$ for
Badass Latinas like her all day everywhere



So excited to be back on In the Thick!
Hosted by Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela. Callie Crossley, the brilliant broadcast journalist was w us too!

They’re the political smarties. I’m the softie queer nerdburger. It’s a match made in heaven.

We talked justice for Nia Wilson, the continued kidnapping/torture of immigrant kids by the US, and all the ways Justice Sonia Sotomayor doesn’t have time to suffer these fools in the White House.

#mariahinojosa #inthethick #gabbyrivera #calliecrossley #julioricardovarela #niawilson

They can’t take my joy. It lives deep inside my goofy heart and round belly. And everywhere I look, my people are using their magic & creativity to share joy w the world.

I thank the universe and my momma for making me queer and dorky and compassionate. Thankful every day I grew up puerto rican by way of the Bronx.

happy monday!

#qtpocjoy #latinx #nerdburger

“A #message from @ladyspeech
yo favorite Auntie Captain Goddess LadySpeech.
Be here for.
Listen to... Invest in...
All Black women’s lives are valuable.
All Black Women deserve protection.
All Black Women matter. “
#WiseWords #LadySpeech #MotivationalCoach #SpiritualGangsta #SoldierOfLove #BlackIsBeautiful #TheBlackWomanIsGod #BlackTransLivesMatter #BlackGirlMagic #BlackAndWhite #Reminders #Truth #ListenToBlackWomen #favoriteauntie #QuoteMe #BlackWomen #BlackWoman #SayHerName

indya moore as Angel on Pose is offering some of the best acting on television right now. fight me. I’ll win.
she stuns and delivers in every scene.
her performance is glorious.
so go watch pose.

Indya is 🔥🔥🔥 #wcw #indyamoore #poseonfx #emmys #bronxbabes #afrolatina #bronx #transafrolatina 📸s: @ogata_photo @poseonfx & elvin tavarez

“Pride as in we shutting it all down!!! From prisons to detention centers !!”
@thesoniag ・・・
Post via @garcia_emmanuel “Today I find #PRIDE in resistance! "If I do not fight bigotry wherever it is, bigotry is thereby strengthened. And to the degree that it is strengthened, it will, thereby, have the power to turn on me." - Bayard Rustin #AbolishICE #pridemonth #migration #migrant #undocumented #qtpoc

Just felt like letting potential lovers and maybe even my future wife know in advance all that I need to be happy.

HAPPY PRIDE YOU BEAUTIFUL BABES! 😘😉😇 #Repost @damhefine with @get_repost
Ijs... #grownandsexy 💏

we gotta remember that in the middle of everything we can find joy.
it’s ours.
it is abundant.
joy is the miracle of survival.

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Queer joy is eating ice cream & pizza & talking about all the shits. 🌈✨ @quirkyrican my whole HEART!

they’re making bank rolls off torture. fuck them forever. keep families together. end detentions & mass incarceration now.

#Repost @blackpuertoricanphd with @get_repost
Amnesty for all undocumented people!

Because queer black & poc love is the only thing I believe in
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Celebrate the love of queer families on this fathers day. #gayfathersday #loveislove #mygaydads #gaylove thank you to @terrell.and.jarius for the inspiration

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