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Gabby Rivera  Juliet Takes a Breath // America Chavez for Marvel // repped by NewLeafLiterary // Bronx boriqua dyke 🇵🇷

Thursday, November 9th, I gave a TED talk.
I got to talk about softness and vulnerability as sources of power and how I put all that soft love stuff in AMERICA. I even talked about how the women in my family shaped my ability to tell stories.

I was scared as hell and doubted myself so hard for two months. My mental health took a wild ass turn but I reached for my people and got it together.

I found my way and shook off all that debilitating impostor syndrome. Also the TED folks offered deep support and guidance.

So damn happy I didn’t quit. Here are some pics.

Marcy, Kat, Jo, and Abbie thanks for being there and loving on me in the audience.

And to Dr. B, thank you for helping me save my own life six years ago and thank you for being there on Thursday. -G

PS- Ahh! Link coming soon.

when ur momma & your favorite prima decorate pumpkins and make them gay affff.

Heap all the love on your lgbtq family members. We need it every day, forever.

Mom and Gloria, you’re my number one babes! {image: three pumpkins painted with rainbow stripes. The first has pride written on it in black letters. The second one says gay in thick gold sticker letters. The third says love is all you need in black paint.} #gaylatino #queerlatinx #latinx #homogays #halloween #nationalcomingoutday #queer #lgbtq

fall in love with women every day forever.

happy national coming out day, sweet babes.
#Repost @lgbthealth with @get_repost
It's officially June! Which of course is more appropriately regarded as LGBTQ+ #Pride Month!!! And while the parades and parties are sure to be poppin', this month is a time of commemoration and reflection of our struggles and continued fight for liberation.
This quote from 'Juliet Takes a Breath' --one of my all time favorite novels by @quirkyrican feels like the perfect way to kick off Pride Month. I've shared my copy of this novel AND purchased it for others because it's such an amazing encapsulation of the experiences and emotions QTPOC encounter on our quest for both self and romantic love.
Our ability to share and receive love is essential to our health and well-being!

#lgbthealth #pride #lgbtpride #bisexual #qpoc #qtpoc #asexual #polyamorous #lesbian #queer #juliettakesabreath #literature #gay #liberation #publichealth #healthdisparities #healtheducation

got to be in community w Ruth E. Carter yesterday. She’s the costume designer for Black Panther, Do the Right Thing, Selma and has 40 plus film credits under her belt.
Talk about being honored af just to be in someone’s presence.

Love to Springfield Technical Community College for putting on a mini comic con.

#blackpanther #ruthecarter #GETTHATOSCAR #woc

Queer Latinx Joy at Vanderbilt U. Wow, y’all, what an experience. Thank you!! #Repost @vanderbiltu with @get_repost
Check out highlights of @marvel writer @quirkyrican's visit to campus
#vandygram #marvel #juliettakesabreath #creativity #diversity #latinx #lgbtqi

my homegirl made magic 💖💖💖💖💖 @ishouldbepainting


Marcela Mejia 💖💖💖💖 Here are five reasons I cannot live without this beautiful babe and am so thankful she was born:

1. She’ll pick me up anywhere/time/place w/o question. With coffee. AND SNAX.

2. Believes in me and supports all my good decisions & pushes me to question the bad ones

3. Her love is unconditional. After 22 years of friendship, there’s only pure joy in this seester-homie magic here, forever.

4. She will stomp all who dare harm me.
5. She’s a genius w numbers and is gonna have her own accounting firm where she manages $$$ for
Badass Latinas like her all day everywhere



So excited to be back on In the Thick!
Hosted by Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela. Callie Crossley, the brilliant broadcast journalist was w us too!

They’re the political smarties. I’m the softie queer nerdburger. It’s a match made in heaven.

We talked justice for Nia Wilson, the continued kidnapping/torture of immigrant kids by the US, and all the ways Justice Sonia Sotomayor doesn’t have time to suffer these fools in the White House.

#mariahinojosa #inthethick #gabbyrivera #calliecrossley #julioricardovarela #niawilson

They can’t take my joy. It lives deep inside my goofy heart and round belly. And everywhere I look, my people are using their magic & creativity to share joy w the world.

I thank the universe and my momma for making me queer and dorky and compassionate. Thankful every day I grew up puerto rican by way of the Bronx.

happy monday!

#qtpocjoy #latinx #nerdburger

“A #message from @ladyspeech
yo favorite Auntie Captain Goddess LadySpeech.
Be here for.
Listen to... Invest in...
All Black women’s lives are valuable.
All Black Women deserve protection.
All Black Women matter. “
#WiseWords #LadySpeech #MotivationalCoach #SpiritualGangsta #SoldierOfLove #BlackIsBeautiful #TheBlackWomanIsGod #BlackTransLivesMatter #BlackGirlMagic #BlackAndWhite #Reminders #Truth #ListenToBlackWomen #favoriteauntie #QuoteMe #BlackWomen #BlackWoman #SayHerName

indya moore as Angel on Pose is offering some of the best acting on television right now. fight me. I’ll win.
she stuns and delivers in every scene.
her performance is glorious.
so go watch pose.

Indya is 🔥🔥🔥 #wcw #indyamoore #poseonfx #emmys #bronxbabes #afrolatina #bronx #transafrolatina 📸s: @ogata_photo @poseonfx & elvin tavarez

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