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Quintina Grace  Saved by grace. Act with grace. food_account:@queenbean_and_leafygreens

Me to myself at the beginning of the reception: we should take a roomie pic at some point this evening.
Me to kasey halfway through is dancing the night away: we should take a roomie pic at some point this evening.
Me to jada after she has taken off her wedding dress and right before she's about to exit the reception: hey, can we take a roomie pic?
#facepalm #IPromiseWeLookedBetterAtTheBeginningOfTheNight
PS: no one told me I was still wearing my glo sticks around my neck. I'm still slightly salty about it. Lol

Tearfully witnessed my dear friend marry her high school sweetheart today. The love & respect they share is absolutely beautiful. I am so so so happy for them. ❤️

There's no place like home.

full belly (7 ears of corn consumed last night) & even fuller heart.
It is beautiful to witness a community of believers who genuinely love and care for one another. ❤️🌽

In this life it's easy to let the worries, the fears, the responsibilities, and the hardships pile up around us. We start to look down, look inward, look at self. We feel like we are drowning in it. To get out of this negative state of being, all we need to do is look up and look out. Focus on serving God and serving others. Pretty soon you'll realize that your worries, your fears, and your hardships really aren't that hard when you've got the creator of the universe on your side. ❤️

Happy Father's Day to the man who taught me how to drive stick shift, how to shoot a basketball, and how to change the oil in my car. To the man who has guided me in my walk with the Lord, who has a servant heart, and works tirelessly to provide for his family. Not only is he honest, kind, wise, humble, loving, and hard-working, He also has amazing skills working with his hands. We walked through cowtown today and he showed us all the pieces he built or restored back in the day. He's just the greatest. ❤️

Camping is fun.

Feet ft. estate sale shoes handmade in turkey. These shoes have travelled further than I. Hmmm.

Dallas, I miss you. Let's get together for a reunion sometime soon. #reuniontower #dallas #texas

Oh you know, just horsing around. #countrylife

Don't blink. I did and suddenly two adorable little boys turned into these handsome young men. So mature. So accomplished. So generous and kind. It warms my heart to call them nephew and brother. ❤️

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