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Quintina Grace  Saved by grace. Act with grace. food_account:@queenbean_and_leafygreens

I fixed the tea wisdom from my yogi tea.
Sorry, not sorry.
I like my version better.

There's no place like home. #ictproud #togetherwichita

Two of my favorite things: my Betty and my crocs.

I like to trick myself into believing my hair is long enough for a ponytail.
1 hair-tie, 7 Bobby pins, half my hair still hanging freely, and I've got myself a little nub of a ponytail! Sigh. Life is rough, isn't it?! PS: sorry for being that vain person who posts 2 selfies in a row.

It doesn't matter if you were gone 10 minutes or 10 days, your dogs will always be overjoyed to see you. That's what I love about them & that's how I want others to feel. I want them to feel like their presence is appreciated. So let's all try to be more like dogs. Let's try making people feel like their presence and their words are appreciated. #sundayfunday #sundaythoughts #dogsofig #dogsbeforedudes

"But my God will supply all of your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus." -Philippians 4:19
I was reminded of this promise today in an unexpected way. In the exact area of my life that I've stressed about this last week, through a kind human, he provided. Wow. Wow. Wow.
Thank you, Jesus.
Also, here's a nice pic of wildflowers in the mountains. I'm forever going to be sharing pics from my trip to co. #colorado #blessings #grateful #gratefulheart #godisgood #hiking #naturegram

Currently immersed in clinical nutrition review for my dietetic internship, but I'm day dreaming about that magical place called the Rocky Mountains. #whencanigoback #daydreaming

Tidbits I have learned/revisited this last week:
1. The building structure and the things in it do not make a house a home. The people do. I was reminded of this when I left my parents at their new place and came "home" to an empty house.
2. Minimalism is good, but it's sometimes okay to hold on to sentimental items. I was reminded of this as we packed and purged the farm. Some items like my grandfathers cuff links and blankets my grandma had sewn are just too special to throw out.
3. Sometimes the necessary choices are not the easiest, but you just have to buck up and do it. I was reminded of this when, during my first chicken feeding after dad had officially moved, I had to take care of a deceased chicken. My initial response (after crying) was to call my daddy. Right before picking up the phone I decided I just needed to take care of it myself - and I did.
4. Peoples actions sometimes speak louder than their words.
Okay, mom and dad. I get it. You didn't want me to move back in with you. You could have just told me instead of moving across the state so you didn't have to live with me. :) lol jk.
5. The vegetarian fajitas at El Churro restaurant in ft Scott is 🔥🔥🔥10/10. Would recommend.
This whole weekend was a whirlwind of emotions.
Moving my parents was never an activity I expected to do, but that's life - God calls you to do things you don't expect. God called my parents to move to serve at two wonderful churches. I truly believe He has big things in store for my parents, the congregations, and the communities they serve. So, this is not goodbye. It is hello. Hello to new beginnings, to new opportunities, and to new memories just waiting to be made.

feeling like you're on top of the world = 😍

Take me back to the mountains, to adventure, and to spending every second of every day with this beautiful sister of mine. ❤️ More pics to come, fyi.

Such a BEAUTIFUL and DELIGHTFUL two days of wedding festivities.
We came. We laughed. We feasted. We danced. We drove back home in the middle of the night.

You know those hazy crazy lazy days of summer.

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