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Scorpions glow under UV light. Daily mail article as to why. "Scientists have finally unravelled why scorpions glow bright green under ultraviolet light. The ability is widely known - but biologists have puzzled over why the creatures might have evolved it.
Biologist Douglas Gaffin of the University of Oklahoma investigated the 'fluorescence' and found that the creatures can 'sense' light using their tails.
The creatures may to have evolved the ability to help them scuttle away under rocks 'Scorpions are largely solitary, nocturnal arachnids that glow a bright cyan-green under UV light,' wrote Gaffin in a paper in Animal Behaviour. 'The function of this fluorescence is a mystery.'
Gaffin's team 'blindfolded' scorpions, then tested them with various different colours of light - and found that the tails seemed to function like secondary 'eyes'.
The insects' shell works as a 'whole-body' sensor which relays information about light to the nervous system - so any part of a scorpion can 'see'. 'The cuticle (casing) may function as a whole-body light collector which relays information to the nervous system,' the researchers wrote. 'Scorpions may use this information to detect shelter, as blocking any part of the cuticle could diminish the signal.

Washed ashore

New Orleans Fast and Furious scene

Super Sunday. So pretty

When I look around at the proposed questions for Judge Neil Gosuch I see a lot of the same types of questions involving textualism, abortion, citizens united, and the more nitty gritty legal precedents. In addition to those I would like to hear Judge Gorsuch's opinion of process. Here is what I want to hear.

1. Do you feel that the manner in which you have ended up as the nominee for the Supreme court after a 401 day vacancy has damaged the credibility of the Supreme court?

2. Do you think Merrick Garland should have been nominated and confirmed as Supreme Court Justice?
2a. (fancier) as a constitutional originalist, do you think the Senate had a responsibility to consider the nomination of Merrick Garland.
3. The Republican Party broke with years of precedent by not considering the nominee Merrick Garland until after the vote, stating they would like to let the American people decide the direction of the court. Your record of jurisprudence is to the right of the majority of Americans who voted for the democratic candidate. Do you think your nomination fairly upholds the initial principle of voter representation that the Republican party initially used to justify this break with precedent?
Something along those lines

Today is the Mardi Gras Indian super Sunday. Prettiest day of the year

Carribean blue

Vinales Cuba

Mardi Gras Indian

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