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@lift_brand After another fasted morning cardio session I decided put some weight on my back. #inspired by @barry.tsang & his temporary new toys I decided to put in some work this morning. Unfortunately I didn't have much in the tank. Warmed-up with 2 sets @135, it was then I decided to set a goal of 315 for at least a couple. You'll see, I didn't even load the bar. 315 - I'll see you in the evening...Lesson learned - #fuel - you simply just need it. It's so difficult to try to cut and stay thick. Lesson learned - I need to eat before I attempt to move heavy weight. I worked up to 275x2 2 sets but I'll be back - @basenj doing an evening session. #live#inspire#fuel#train #thisis50 #stayfit

#lift #live#inspire#fuel#train @lift_brand So the plan was to go in early do 30 minutes of fasted cardio and bounce. The cardio just got my blood flowing. I was slightly disappointed. The goal was to work my way up to 510lbs. I worked my way up from 315x7 405x4 455x3 475x2 - finished with 225 for 14. Good way to start a vacation. I was disappointed as I was walking out of Base, my head was low (I really wanted that 510!) so one of the trainers @basenj gave me some encouraging words, "nice pulls! You got those up easily" #thankyou #blessings #countyourblessings theyre like reps... they add up and they make you a #betteryou. #workout #grind#wordsofencouragement #thisis50

#graduation #2017 #family #familyovereverything #proudmom #prouddad #proudfamily. I am truly #grateful for the support and and guidance that assisted in this momentous achievement. To my son - Always remember to put God above all... you can and WILL do anything you set your mind to & you are loved more than you will ever know. Continue to excel #myson ๐ŸŽ“#blessings #love

I am beyond proud of my little man@ajgryff! Austin @#q#u This photo is with his #grandfather Ronald Henson son of Matthew Henson. Exploring the world is in your #dna. So get out there and be great and do great things! I know it's coming, cuz it's in you. ๐Ÿ‘จ๐Ÿพโ€๐ŸŽ“๐Ÿคด๐Ÿฟ๐ŸŒŽ
I got - I got - I got loyalty got royalty inside my #DNA use it! #love #myson.

This is GarryWright - I haven't seen this man in 28 years. In the 80's we cleaned cars together as a small independent business. We found a few local dealerships and did all of the detailing for a lot of dealerships in the area. We'd go in take care of their inventories, new used, didn't matter, the cars were spotless. As the business grew, the money grew but my desire to clean cars went away, I had 2 cars of my own a 1969 Camaro which was my pride-n-joy and a new sports car... I'm embarrassed of what I bought so I won't say. I was doing well for a young brother legally. Everyday I went home dirty. For those that know-me know, I wasn't into that but what I was into was independence, the free thinking, the "this is for self" and the money. I was a teen into my 20's going to community college with little real direction all I knew was I wanted to go up. Garry and David Milner we're amazing mentors to me. I learned my most valued lessons from that time in my life. #grind #nevergiveup #nuture #passion #stayfocused #workhard to do it right the first time, there are no short cuts in life and the most important, to #workharder cuz your work is being scrutinized. When I stopped cleaning cars I promised myself I'd never clean someone else's car again. Now we're watching our children graduate from a private university amongst all this beauty. What an amazing life I'm being blessed with. Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise...dreams do come true & prayers are answered and #God is real. If this isn't #testament to that, what is? #quinnipiac#u. I woke up this morning and realized I wasn't dreaming. #countyourblessings

I've dreamt of this day for 7822 nights. What an amazing day. I can't believe I used to hold him in one hand and dropped him a few times too. Glad I didn't damage anything too bad. #graduation#lovethiskid#quinnipiacuniversity #classof2017 #views #mygraduate

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