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Quincy John  Experience light | God's WIP | #dearTanyaRae

Nightfall comes and our imaginations cruise on fjords of hope, praying for things humbling, graceful, liberating; laying your head to the dawning of sleep, blanketed with comfort, seeking refuge, you forget the battles we fight in the meantime.
You wake up, as those hundreds of mornings, wishing each break of brightness brings forth freedom. The times have brought us to difficult odds challenging our kindness, compassion, much more, patience. The ever-changing tides of times sail us to the ranges of unclarity of what lies ahead of us and what is happening in the now.
We're leashed by the details of the life we doubt if we ought to live in, disremembering what liberty looked like. I wonder now how it felt; I wonder now how was it to be free. .
But as we muddle through this journey, as we continue to breathe and live this life He has entrusted, hope springs eternal, faith remains to prevail that these things, all of it, work together for good.
We may never understand today, but surely we will, sooner or later, as we connect the dots from the end to its beginning.
Remember, I am certain that as the day ends, there will be a gleam on your smile, and the subdued shining bokeh of komorebi in the warm colors of dusk will surely break through, light you golden, and set you free.

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Counting the days before setting sail on uncharted seas. ⛡️ #newyork #newyorkcity #manhattan #usa #sailing #oneworldtradecenter #skyline


Walking the streets unmindful of direction and destination. I'll see you again, NYC!
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β€œIf you take responsibility for yourself, you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams.” ― Les Brown

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Much needed. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ˜…

Sometimes, I'm liking a phone-less stroll in unfamiliar streets, or set the map on fire, and just move on. Set free. Care less of what would be and where would it be. Clear the mind of what has been. Begin anew. .
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"We don't grow by the years but through pain, sweat and damages."
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"People spot a big black lens and they worry about what they're doing or how their hair looks. Nobody sees the person holding the camera." Circa Feb 2013

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