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Quincy Jones  Musician/Humanitarian. Credible inquiries/requests can reach out to @quincyjonesproductions or @fellzy

This is how I’ve approached writing, almost my entire life, & I know now that it’s what has kept my creativity afloat...the truth is 🔑 & don’t forget it! ((:0))

I truly hope y’awl enjoyed the show as much as I did!! ((:0)) The talent on that stage was FRIGHTENING!! And man...I’m beyond honored to have had so many incredible performers/presenters show up for ME! Still blown away...My love to U all. \(^o^)/
@bet @bethertv #quincyjonestribute

Me & my baby doonkie, @rashidajones, on the red carpet for my 85th bday celebration!...Can’t wait for y’awl to see the full show this Sunday, 12/9/18, at 8/7c on @bet & @bethertv — “Q85: A Musical Celebration for Quincy Jones”! Thank-Q @genies for our clones \(^o^)/ @jblaudio

I. Am. OVERWHELMED. As you have probably seen from watching QUINCY, I didn’t have the best of childhoods (& that only scratched the surface of my every day life in the Southside of Chicago in the 30s & 40s) & I definitely wasn’t the kid you’d bet on ever becoming a “success.” Music was the one thing that offered me my freedom in a world where I had no place. Today marks my 80TH Grammy nomination...That’s almost 1 for every year I’ve been on this planet!!! ((:0)) 80/85. I already said it, but I’ll say it again...I. Am. OVERWHELMED. Thank-Q @recordingacademy & all-a-y’awl for your love & support on this beautiful journey of life....And a special congrats to my beautiful team. My baby doonkie @rashidajones, & the talented #AlHicks & @pauladuprepesmen. We share this honor TOGETHER & I couldn’t be more proud of you all...What absolutely beautiful news to go to bed to (y’awl know mornings are my bed time!!) \(^o^)/

((:0))...An absolute honor @bet! 📽: @dwheelz_bk

Just because we don’t talk about it every day doesn’t mean it’s not happening every day...#QUINCY @netflix

40s, 50s, 60s...2018...2019. It’s all about the mindset you choose to keep.

Man, my soul is STILL smilin’ from all the love y’awl showed me at my 85th bday celebration...
\(^o^)/ & I can’t wait for the rest of y’awl to see what an absolutely beautiful show my brothers & sisters put on for me. Check. It. OUT. This Sunday, 12/9/18, at 8/7c on @bet & @bethertv for “Q85: A Musical Celebration for Quincy Jones”! .
Thank-Q to all of the incredible performers & presenters!!... ((:0)) @oprah, Stevie Wonder, @ludacris, @brianmcknight23, @willsmith, @iamjhud, @mrdannyglover, @imcharliewilson, @cynthiaerivo, @ledisi, @gregoryportermusic, @msgladysknight, @tasiasword, @chloexhalle, @meghan_trainor, @llcoolj, @johnlegend, @pattiaustinofficial, David Delhomme, Neil Stubenhaus, @johnrobinson73, Kevin Richard, @neyo, @aloeblacc, @yolandaadams, Dave Chappelle, @usher, @herbiehancockofficial, Paul Jackson Jr., Hubert Laws, @jacobcollier, @harveymasonsr, @gloriaestefan & @emily_estefan, my precious Rashida, & all-a-y’awl involved in making this happen!!…My whole @quincyjonesproductions team; Scott Mills, Maureen Guthman, Connie Orlando & everyone else at @bet/@viacom; Ken Ehrlich, Ron Basile, Paige Hadley, & everyone else at @aegworldwide/Ehrlich; Chantel Sausedo; Scott Painter & the whole @fairtheapp team; Dinesh Paliwal, Ralph Santana, Aaron Simon, Andrea Seib, & the Harman/ @jblaudio team; Greg Phillinganes, Leon Knoles, Ron Weisner, Nalini Boyce, Bill Urban, JoAnn & Michael Tominaga, Joe Patrick, Scott Packman, & Ross Misher; @notsaunders & the whole @mstheater team; & @diamondfoundry...xxoo

Enough said...

I can’t believe that today marks 35 YEARS since “Thriller” premiered on MTV!...We simply did what gave us the goosebumps, & that’s what we got!...Forever missin’ U Smelly & Worms...xxoo

It’s impossible to forget, but beautiful to reflect...What a journey it has been. I hope that QUINCY has inspired y’awl on some level & that U will keep on keepin’ on, even when they (whoever “they” may be for U) tell you that you’re not good enough, not smart enough, or just not enough. It’s time to say ENOUGH! Because YOU ARE, & more importantly, WE are ENOUGH!! \(^o^)/

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