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Quincy Jones  Musician/Humanitarian. Credible inquiries/requests can reach out to @quincyjonesproductions or @fellzy

‪Happy bday to my sista from anotha mista! All my love to U & the fam. @barbrastreisand 🎉‬
‪📸: Isaac Sutton‬

WE THE BEST 🔑 @djkhaled 📸: @ivanberrios

Thank-Q for the skateboard, @searchndesign! Time for a ride...🏂

What a nice coincidence...I noticed #DizzyGillespie wearing an @umbriajazz_official Festival ‘88 shirt in this photo, & I’ll be going there in July for the very first time (exactly 30 years later) for a concert in celebration of my 85th! I’ve always loved, respected, & trusted my mentors & will continue to try & follow in their footsteps...Even if it is 30 years later! Umbria Jazz, if Dizzy loved you, I know I will too...For the rest of y’awl, I hope you’ll follow us there!! Tickets to "Q85 - QUINCY JONES 85th BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION" available now...link in bio 👆🏾

This photo of Ed Cherney (back), Bruce Swedien (middle), & me is from the day we started the mix of "Thriller" in Studio A at Westlake Studios on Beverly Blvd., & maaan...we were diggin' it!! I always say that the engineer brings the message to the ear & the Director of Photography brings the message to the eye...if they don't do it right, you've got a disaster on your hands. But thank God for Bruce because he ALWAYS did it right!! He has been one of my absolute "go-to" engineers since before I can remember & also an eternal blood brother. We all used to have so much fun in this room & would start every session with 4 cans of Spanish peanuts & 4 giant Mr. Goodbars ((:0)) I'm telling you, this studio was our home...Absolute junkies! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bruce! Here's to many more years of runnin' the board!

When I first tried to get into the movie biz, all I saw were Eastern European composers with 3 syllable names. Absolutely no brothers allowed. And if they were, they never got full screen credits...So, when a certain studio was interested in having me score, I also knew they were extremely skeptical about hiring a black composer, & I didn't think I'd get the job. But this man right here believed in me & his recommendations helped me land the next few films. He was also extremely influential in shaping how I view the creative process...We are 88% subconscious mind & 12% conscious mind. It's really all about our intuition, our subconscious, & our ability to hear the whispers. Our conscious mind is full of BS because all it does is make judgments & put thoughts into our head about what we think people will say about our art. But it's not about that! You are a terminal for a higher power & all you have to do is let it come through you. Anyways, I miss you always #HenryMancini...You may not be here with us in person, but we're still celebrating you! I'll never forget when we used to call ourselves The Rollers (along w/ other dance band composers Dave Grusin, Mandel, & John Williams) because we’d roll around under the piano to see if we could find better ideas under there. ((:0)) Such memories can't be replaced! Happy birthday.

LONDON! Remember that bday celebration I told you about?...Well, tickets are on sale now!! \(^o^)/ I’m so excited to announce that we’ve added 2 new cats to the lineup... @corinnebaileyrae & @paulwellerhq 🙌🏽 It’s going to be an absolute party (& y’awl know I can party) so I hope you’ll join me there!! Ticket link in bio 👆🏾

We’ve been talkin’ about getting old since 1959 & look at us now...Still got at least another 50 years before that happens...((:0)) U are the true definition of a brother from another mother & I couldn’t be more honored to know you. Happy birthday @herbiehancockofficial...The true Watermelon Man!! 🎉
📸: Fábrica de Arte

I'm so excited to announce that I'll be coming to celebrate my 85th with y'awl in LONDON for "Quincy Jones - A Life in Song" on June 27th at the O2 Arena! I'll be joined on stage by @iammarkronson, @caroemerald, @jessglynne, Mick Hucknall, @lalahhathaway, @beverleyknight, @jonahnilsson from Dirty Loops, @jacksavoretti, @andreasvarady, a full symphony orchestra conducted by @julesbuckleymusic & many more to come. ((:0)) Tickets go on sale this Friday, 4/13 at 9AM GMT, so I hope to see all of you there! ❤️

On what would've been my dear sister, Maya Angelou's 90th birthday, I can't help but think back to the long lasting friendship we shared for 46 years. I was scoring "For Love of Ivy" back in '68 & we became unexpected friends after I asked her to co-write "You Put It In On Me" & "The B.B. Jones" which B.B. King recorded. Maya would always teasingly say to me, “Dahling, let’s have 'lurnch!'" & I would always be ready...I also delivered her poem "On the Pulse of Morning" during the Clinton Inauguration & opened my Vibe Summit with a letter of greeting from Maya, because there was simply no better way to begin! I will always count our friendship as an honor because there's no doubt that she was a gift to this Earth. She helped us find words when we had none, & helped us to see the light when all we thought was left, was darkness. It takes a special person to continue bringing joy & love to this world, even after passing, & that's exactly what Maya continues to do for us...All my love to U my sister. Miss you more everyday.
📸: Harpo - @ Maya's 80th bday w/ Oprah & my daughter Jolie

I’ll never forget when this kid was just knee-high to a grasshopper, up there on the main stage at the @montreuxjazzfestival performing “Quincyology” with his dad & brother...& he played this one note that brought me to my feet! Glad we got it in this video ((:0))...Well, even though he’s all grown up, he’s still my lil bro & his long-awaited album is almost here!! I'm so proud of U kid & I can't wait for the rest of the world to hear the progression of your musical journey when it comes out this Friday. It's quite a beautiful one & I'm honored to have witnessed it from the beginning!...YOLO SO KOKO (You only live once, so keep on keepin' on)! @andreasvarady‘s The Quest 📀 - Link in bio 👆🏾

She ain’t playin!! 🙌🏾🙌🏾 #Repost @sheleamusic and I 👀U @davidfoster ・・・
The first time I did a Whitney tribute publicly was with Narada Michael Walden at his book signing at the Grammy Museum, shortly after she passed. It was packed out with DIEHARD Whitney fans; and for the first time in a long time, I was nervous. Not because the songs are so hard, but her interpretation is SO signature and left such a nostalgic imprint on everyone’s soul. The average fan may not be able to sing it, but their heart is an expert when it ain’t done right! Once upon a time when songwriters wrote songs tailor-made for an artist, they studied where her voice breaks, how she goes between her full voice and falsetto, how she attacks a note: sometimes it dips a little, sometimes it’s like a horn; the air she adds, the vibrato that quickens at the end of a phrase. Voices are like snowflakes...they may look similar, but impossible to replicate exactly. Whitney and I have similar vocal instincts, probably cause we’re both church girls. But when I sing her songs, I’m not mimicking her. When her daughter, Bobbi Kristina found me, she told me she felt her mom’s spirit, not that I sounded just like her mom. And after that Grammy Museum performance, those DIEHARD Whitney fans found room in their heart to embrace Sheléa, The Artist with her own voice paying tribute to Whitney, The Icon. I’m so glad her legacy lives on, and I will always do my part to keep her memory alive. Thanks for all the sweet posts and texts yesterday! 😘💋

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