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Music is a strange animal...Whenever you work with other people, it takes a tremendous amount of love, respect, & trust...& that's exactly what #ellafitzgerald ALWAYS brought to the table. She was the greatest rhythm singer of them all & began swinging the living daylights out of songs as just a teen in Chick Webb's band, all the way up until her last recording with me for "Back on the Block." She was revolutionary in every sense of the word & I cherish each moment we spent together...One of my favorite memories was listening to her come up with lyrics to my Sanford & Son theme song for Jazz at the Santa Monica Civic with the Count Basie Orchestra & Tommy Flanagan Trio in '72, because man, it was somethin! She truly was one of a kind & there will never be another like her!...Happy 100th Birthday Ella...miss you eternally.

To my dear ghetto baby-lady since the age of 16...who is one of the most talented 'everythang' artists on this planet!!...Happy Birthday, @barbrastreisand! I'm absolutely blessed to be working with your son, @jasongouldmusic, because it reminds me of when we used to jam...the talent just doesn't stop! I know he gets it from his momma...Love you GURL...xxoo

The U.S. is one of the only countries without an Ambassador of Culture & it's such a shame because, we've go to know where we come from, in order to get where we want to go!!...But I'm thankful to be a part of a very special group that sets out with this mission in mind. My brother @herbiehancockofficial was named @unesco Goodwill Ambassador & created International Jazz Day 6 years ago, so jazz could be played, taught, listened to, watched & created in cities around the world, every April 30th. Jazz has the power to make us forget our differences & come together...It's the personification of transforming overwhelmingly negative circumstances into freedom, friendship, hope, & dignity. So, it is my absolute honor to be joining this wonderful group in Cuba next week for International Jazz Day! Join us 🙌🏾

This kid has been absolutely blowing me away since he was knee-high to a grasshopper!!...Love it my baby bro @andreasvarady...
Can't wait for the new album \(^o^)/

A closer look of my before and after! 😂...Thank you to @jkelmakeup for making me look slightly younger for @adamsandler's new film, "Sandy!" You even got the salt and peppa look right...I'm barely pushing 40! ((:0))

This is the perfect example of how you truly can do anything if you just put in the work...This kid released his very first album last year & took home two Grammys! But while it looks easy, the thing you don't see on stage is all of the HARD WORK & years of dedication he put into the creation of the album. Success is simply the separation of those who say they do it...& those who actually do it. So, thank you @jcolliermusic for inspiring people of all ages to get out there & DO IT! I know this is only the beginning...Looking forward to seeing you on the @harryconnickjr show today!

I can't believe it's already been 50 years since I scored "In the Heat of the Night!" I must be getting young ((:0)) We recently celebrated with a screening for the @tcmfilmfest & it made my soul smile to see my long time friends who all worked on the film together...Sydney Poitier, Norman Jewison, Walter Mirisch, Lee Grant, and so many others. I'll never forget...Alan & Marilyn Bergman had just finished the lyrics to the theme song, and Norman asked who we should get to sing it. I knew my childhood friend, Ray Charles, would be the right fit, so I called Ray, and then he asked to see the movie before he committed. So, we played the sound for him and right as Sydney slapped Rod Steiger, Ray stopped right in his tracks and asked, "did the black character just hit the white character?" We told him he was right and then he stood up and shouted "MAXIMUM GREENS, MAN! MAXIMUM GREENS!" We had no idea what that meant, but we was such a cool dude that we just agreed! 😂 I had Ray accompanied by the Raelettes on background vocals, bass performed by Ray Brown, and the Hammond B-3 performed by Billy Preston. Doesn't get any better!

Here's the look I had on my face when I saw myself with a head full of hair for the first time in years!! ((:0)) I had a blast on set playing a much angrier Quincy Jones & getting to throw my 61 Chateau Petrus on @adamsandler in his new @netflix film, Sandy Wexler, alongside my baby @iamjhud!

I love, and have so much respect, for my brother @herbiehancockofficial. We sure have come a long way since the Chicago days. I've always felt blessed to have known you for so long, and have also felt blessed to have known your mother; she was such a beautiful lady. We've been working together since you were 19! And I have to tease you... thinkin' back to when we were at A&R Studios in NYC when you were 22, and you whispered to me as Donald Byrd walked by, "man he's old!" Donald was 30!! Look at us now ((:O))
Love you to death my brotha.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
In any way I can, I've got your back, and hope to multiply your joy, subtract your pain, divide your sorrow, and add to your tomorrow ❤️

I always say that the only reason you should ever look down on someone is if you're going to help them up...except if you're @kareemabduljabbar_33...then you've got no choice but to look down! ((:0)) I had such a beautiful time catching up with longtime friends at the @jazzfoundationofamerica fundraiser over the weekend...This foundation holds such a special place in my heart, & the work that they've done to provide assistance to our great jazz & blues musicians is absolutely incredible. Thank you to Wendy Oxenhorn & the whole JFA team for your dedication! @officialgoldiehawn 📸: Wire Images

I found out real early why God gave us two ears and one mouth...because you're supposed to listen twice as much as you talk!! Everyone around you has a lesson to teach, but it's up to you to learn.
📸: @intljazzday #mondaymotivation

Back in 2013, @iamwill, @timbaland, and I judged Dubai Music Week to help develop musicians from the Emirates...and man there were some talented cats!! But out of the hundreds of contestants, there was one in particular who truly stood out from the rest...She had the vocal chops and absolutely blew us away!! She’s been a part of my Global Gumbo All Stars ever since, and I’m so proud to announce that she is going to be the next artist-in-residence at my Q's Bar & Lounge in the @palazzoversacedubai Hotel. So, reach down to give up all the love you have for my Habibti, @xrissofficial!

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