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Quincy Jones  Musician/Humanitarian. Credible inquiries/requests can reach out to @quincyjonesproductions or @fellzy

Thank-Q @nytimes for choosing QUINCY as your #NYTCriticsPick!! It makes my soul smile to read your words...I can’t wait for the rest of y’awl to see it on @netflix tomorrow!!...I’ve also got a surprise for U in the morning!!...((:0))

My ‘lil bro @johnlegend...Welcome to EGOT land!! I will never forget the feeling of graduating from “EGO” & I know you’ll never forget the feeling of graduating from “GOT”! I’m so proud of U & as I said to you the other day, it makes my soul smile to see your beautiful family growing. I’m looking forward to seeing you & having you perform on my 85th celebration concert this Tuesday...I know you’re going to tear the place down like you always do!!...xxoo

SEPTEMBER 25TH! ((:0)) Click on that link in my bio 👆🏾to do the hang-thang for my 85th bday, at the @mstheater here in LA! Man, I can’t even begin to tell y’awl how much this show means to me…The behind-the-scenes effort to make this happen, from so many different people, was UNparalleled! Y’awl know how to make this 85-year-young soul SMILE!! A special thank-Q to my brothers & sistas on this show & everyone else involved…I’m talking about @meghan_trainor, @johnlegend, @pattiaustinofficial, @iamjhud, @gloriaestefan & @emily_estefan, @brianmcknight23, @imcharliewilson, @ledisi, #EddieMurphy, #DaveChappelle, @gregoryportemusic, @cynthiaerivo, @msgladysknight, @llcoolj, & my doonkie @rashidajones (more coming soon!). You only turn 85 once, so I hope to see U there!!

My heart is overflowing with the ❤️ that you all have shown me this past week, & I still can’t believe the film isn’t even out yet!!…Only FOUR more days until you can 👀 QUINCY on @netflix! I didn’t think this week could get any better, but man, it sure has…& I can’t wait to tell U why!! So pls keep an 👁 out for my next post…\(^o^)/
📸: @rorymarxanderson

I've been driven all of my life by a spirit of adventure & a criminal level of optimism...I believed in my dreams because they were my only options!!...I hope my story inspires those of you who’ve been told that you can’t...Hold on to the light because it does get brighter, as long as you put in the work to keep the oil burning!! Thank-Q to all-a-y’awl who came out to my NY premiere & I look forward to doing it again tonight with my LA peeps!! It’s an honor to share my story with U... \(^o^)/
Coming to @netflix 9/21
📸: Brad Barkett

There’s absolutely nothing like the bond between a father & daughter (I’ve got 6, so U know I ain’t playin’!!)…My doonkie @rashidajones, words can’t even begin to express how grateful I am to know that you’ve voluntarily spent the last 6 years of your life, working on trying to tell the story of mine. This week has been incredibly beautiful, starting with the world premiere at @tiff_net, & I’m so grateful to all-a-y’awl for the love & support. It’s only the beginning!

As always, thank-Q to my incredible team…It’s only possible because of U - @alhicksfilms @pauladuprepesmen @janetribeca @berrywelsh @fellzy @quincyjonesproductions @quincyjonesfilms & everyone else who has played a role. U know who U are!!…xxoo…
📸: @surgos

That feeling when they wake you up 5 hours before you normally get up...((:0))
@tiff_net it’s an absolute honor to be here with y’awl for the premiere of “QUINCY” & it makes my soul smile to know that today. Is. The. DAY!! C U there \( ^o^)/ 📸: @vanityfair / @justbish
#quincy #qjp #netflix

A true 90s hang-thang ((:0))... <3 <3 <3...Much love 2 U both...xxoo!! #rp @rashidajones “Dad serving Hilfiger Jersey, @willsmith serving face. #fbf #90s”

It's an absolute honor for me to announce that the trailer for QUINCY is finally here!! It also features the original song, "Keep Reachin'", by me, my bro @iammarkronson, & sista @chakaikhan. Check. It. OUT!...Link in bio. 👆🏾 I'm also incredibly excited to announce that Chaka Khan, Mark Ronson, AND @yebbasmith will be performing live after the film premiere at @tiff_net this Sunday, so we hope to C U there!! ((:0)) Thank-Q to my precious daughter @rashidajones, Al Hicks, @pauladuprepesmen, @janetribeca, @berrywelsh, @fellzy, @quincyjonesproductions, @quincyjonesfilms & everyone else involved in making this film happen. It makes my soul SMILE to have such a dream team share my story. \(^o^)/ For all-a-y'awl out there...QUINCY is heading to @Netflix on September 21st…so I hope you'll join me there!...xxoo...q #qjp #netflix #quincy

Thank-Q honey!!...I love U!! What a journey it has been ((:0))
#rp @rashidajones .
Amongst other things, my dad @quincydjones was a dedicated yogi 🧘🏽‍♂️
Can’t wait for you to find out more about his truly unique and iconic life. QUINCY is screening at @tiff_net starting September 9, and premieres on @netflix September 21.

Thinking back to the moment when we were on the set of "The Wiz" & I told you I'd like to take a shot at producing your new record...never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that "Off the Wall", "Thriller", "Bad", & some of my greatest memories would've been the outcome. Even though you may not be here to celebrate with us, we are still celebrating you! Miss you with all of my heart, Smelly...I'll save U a piece of cake! Happy birthday!!...xxoo

I've always loved how a picture can capture not only a single moment in time, ‪but the stories & memories associated with it. These photos were taken during soundcheck at the Shrine Auditorium in LA for‬ the 1st Annual World Jazz Association Concert back in 1975. This was ‪right around my "Mellow Madness" era, not long after I recovered from my two aneurysms. I'll never forget the feeling of gratitude that I felt…Simply being alive & living out my second chance to view the world in a new light, was & is a gift. Veryl Oakland took this photo, ‬& it was a full circle moment for me to write the foreword to his brand new book, Jazz In Available Light...home to the pictures & stories of my past, as well as some of my best friends (the ultimate jazz cats who paved the way). Flipping through his book sure took me down memory lane, but it was beautiful to pay a visit to the great Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, Toots, & every other beautiful soul who is remembered within the pages of his book. ‪As I said in the foreword, his work is a timeless treasure that serves as a window into the past to illuminate our future, both musically & culturally; it's a truly invaluable work that features some of our most revered music icons, from their strongest to their most vulnerable states as human beings. Big time love & props to U my brother Veryl!! Thank-Q for giving us the gift of your art & congratulations on the release!

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