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Doin' the hang-thang!!..It was such a pleasure to present @davidfoster (my brother from another mother) with the Architects of Sound Award from the @recordingacademy, alongside my dear friend, #NeilPortnow. The three of us go way, way back from the studio to the Grammy stage to...you name it! I'll never forget when David & I were working on "Just Once" with #JamesIngram & man, it was so beautiful to see everyone digging down to contribute something to that track. I truly don't believe there's a defined sequence of events in producing music, because it's an art that's based upon your influences & background. It's what your humanity is about & your experiences that count!...So, live your booty off...((:0)) I know we have!
📸: Alison Buck/WireImage.com

Man, I was only 14 years old in this picture, & the funny thing is...I didn't even smoke then! I just kept a cigarette in my mouth so that I looked old & cool enough to get in the clubs to perform. ((:0)) But once I got inside, nothing mattered except...Can you play??!! We'd hit 5 clubs a night & be in there from 2-6:30 am, then go to school right after, around 12:45pm. Thankfully, Parker Cook, my music teacher at Garfield High never scolded me because he said that I was doing what God made me to do...MUSIC. He let me have free reign in the band room & for that, I am forever grateful. Never underestimate the power of your impact!

I'm fortunate enough to have met many incredible people during my lifetime, but every once in a while, I cross paths with individuals whose lights shine a bit brighter than the rest. @pauladuprepesmen is simply one of those people & I want to share her story with y'awl...We first met when she was working on a doc called Keep On Keepin' On (which we wound up co-producing together), about my 1st teacher, Clark Terry, & his last student, @justinkauflinmusic (who also happened to score this video above). As I got to know her, I learned about her experiences as a producer on Mrs. Doubtfire & the Harry Potter series (amongst other notable credits), but what really stuck with me is her passion for others. This beautiful soul spends her time caring for families with children who've been diagnosed with cancer, through her foundation, @therewithcare...In a world that seems to be consumed with ideals of "entertainment" & "fame," it's so important to stop & be reminded about what truly matters...Making real relationships with real people experiencing real struggles. This video is such a beautiful reminder of that, & Paula, I commend you for your bravery/selflessness...I can only hope that our next generation will have many people like you! xxoo
Link to full vid in bio ⬆️

It absolutely breaks my ❤️ to know that 10 million+ people have been affected (& many displaced) due to the series of natural disasters that have occurred over the past 3 wks...While we all may not be able to help as much as we would like, it's important to do what we can. So, it makes my soul smile to know that 50% of net profits from your purchase of my line of @thinoptics reading glasses will go DIRECTLY to orgs helping the victims of Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, & the earthquake in Mexico..." A change can only come, when we stand together as one." xxoo link in bio ⬆️

I was in London back in '08 for Mandela's 90th birthday (which would sadly be the last time I'd see him in person) & a guy named Mitch Winehouse came up & asked if I'd mind having a few words with his daughter...With 6 daughters of my own, I can't help but play the role of "pops," so we stopped for a while backstage to chat. She came over, humbly got on her knees, kissed my hand & told me that she knew all the records I did with Dinah Washington in the 50's all the way to "Queen & Quincy." I was so impressed with her musical knowledge & she had an absolutely beautiful spirit that was undeniable...We stayed in touch & a couple of years later, she did a cover of "It's My Party" (the song I did with Lesley Gore back in '63) for my tribute record "Q: Soul Bossa Nostra." It was one of the last records she did before she passed & I will never forget that...Don't worry Amy..."Sistahs come before carpet burns & blistahs!" ((:0)) I love you & I'll always hold you in my heart & deep in my soul. Happy Birthday Amy Winehouse!! 📸: Dave M. Bennett

We filmed this very scene from "The Wiz" inside of the World Trade Center back in 1977, & it was a beautiful home to people from all walks of life...So, when I received news of the horrendous events of 9/11, I was absolutely broken...I have close friends who lost relatives on both planes that day & I was also working in NY only 40 blocks away from the towers when it happened...The pain doesn't go away, but I can only hope & pray that we will become stronger (together) with each passing year...

27 years ago today, a show that I was an Executive Producer for aired on mainstream TV, despite receiving pushback for it showcasing black culture. That show was the The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, & looking back now, it's evident that the influence of rap & hip-hop has gone far beyond the world of music...I'll never forget being asked to speak to 500+ advertisers about the show to assure them that a sitcom starring a rapper was NOT risky. I had to persuade the network's sponsors that they weren't dangerous (imagine Will & Jazzy being dangerous! Pleeeze...) And then on the day of my birthday in '90, we'd had a meeting at my home in LA, where we asked Will Smith, a rapper with no previous acting experience, to read a few pages of dialogue for about twenty NBC execs. Well, after 15 mins, we hired him. On the first day of shooting, Will didn't know where the camera was, but he learned fast & grew like an absolute weed! He's one of the most talented individuals out there, & the show proved to be a solid hit, running 150 shows over 6 years on air...As I always say, there's power in being underestimated, because if they overestimate you, they get in the way. If they underestimate you, they get out of the way...\(^o^)/
📸: NBC

Congratulations to this absolutely incredible soul on the release of "Too Good at Goodbyes!" Thank U for always being so honest with your music & staying true to who you are as an artist/human being...I always say that as a musician, you never have to make a comeback if you never leave...well, from the longevity of your last album to the success of this 1st single it's obvious that you haven't left! Let's do the hang-thang again soon plz?!!? All my love to U & your team @samsmithworld...xxoo

Man, y'awl sure know how to make a bald-headed, bow-legged, 84 year old man smile!! I want to thank you ALL from the bottom of my soul for showing me & my music so much LOVE at the #hollywoodbowl last night. It felt like I was 14 again!! To have some of my best friends, favorite young talents, original studio musicians & family in the audience/on stage with me was truly more than I could've ever asked for...Seeing that place packed from bottom to top was a beautiful reminder that no matter what's goin' on in the world, we can always count on music to unite the lefts & the rights & the ups & the downs...Sending my heartfelt love to you, just as y'awl did for me last night...❤️

Whether you've already been hangin' with us for the past few hours, or are just joining in...I say it's about time for the announcement!! Today, I am personally inviting U to be amongst the 1ST co-founding subscribers of @qwest.tv, by joining us on @kickstarter. It's been a dream of mine to see the world’s 1st subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) platform (celebrating all things jazz: its rich heritage, unlimited variety, passionate community, & invaluable contributions to society) become a reality, & it is finally is today! Check. It. OUT!! Link 👆🏾 bio

Duke Ellington once said...“There are only 2 kinds of music, good music, & the other kind.” We're only about the good stuff & I can't wait to make more of it available to each & every heart across the globe...As some of you might've already heard, we at @qwest.tv have been working on an amazing project that will absolutely change the way you experience jazz & all types of jazz-inspired music. It makes my soul SMILE to see so many b-e-a-UTIFUL musicians already on board so far & we can't wait for U to join us!! Today is very special because we’re just a few hours away from the REAL starting point...So I hope you'll stick with me for a few hours to see what it’s all about. My hope is that it will serve to carry forth & build upon on the great legacies of jazz & jazz-inspired music...For the generations of now & later!!

Towards the end of the 60's, I was doing about 8 movies a year, & I was so frustrated with the limitation of synchronization in the movie biz, that I was about ready to get out...I wanted freedom to just do an album, so, "Walking in Space" was my 1st chance in a long time to forget about the film discipline & let the guys play the charts & jam. In the same year (1969), by coincidence, the song I did with Sinatra-Basie ("Fly Me to the Moon") was the 1st song played on the moon. It also turned out that "Walking in Space" was the song chosen to be played as wake-up music on the space shuttle, Atlantis, in 2008! The album was named "Walking in Space," but never did I think it would actually be played in space! It's truly special to me, so it makes my soul absolutely smile to know that tomorrow, I'll be reunited with some of the original studio musicians (Hubert Laws & Valerie Simpson) & some of the most talented people on the planet (Christian McBride, John Clayton, Dave Grusin, Sean Jones, Gregoire Maret, Lewis Nash, Lee Ritenour, @alfredormusic, @richardbonaofficial, @jonahnilsson, etc.) to celebrate the sounds of 3 of my A&M Records..."Walking in Space," "Gula Matari," & "Smackwater Jack." Can't wait to see y'awl there! Tix in bio 👆🏾

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