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Quincy Jones  Musician/Humanitarian. Credible inquiries/requests can reach out to @quincyjonesproductions or @fellzy

With what would've been Bumps Blackwell's 100th bday on Wednesday, the 44th anniversary of Duke Ellington's passing yesterday, & Miles Davis' 92nd bday tomorrow, I want to share a small fraction (because there simply aren't enough words in the dictionary to properly sum it all up, plus we'd be here all day) of the everlasting impact they each made on my life. Bumps was a like a father to my brother Ray Charles & I...he was also the reason I learned to play ALL types of music. We'd do our "regular routine" at the Seattle Tennis Club playing schottisches & pop tunes from 7p-10p, then from 10p-1a, we'd play R&B tunes at places like the Educational Club & the Washington Social. Then, we'd play bebop jam sessions for free at the Elks Club...Then, we'd do it all over again!! Genres didn't matter, because he & Ray (Duke too!) taught me that good music is...good music. Duke was an absolute pioneer & I'm honored that my first TV co-production was a tribute to him. He, along with Miles, led the way & it's because of them that many of us get to do what we do today. I'm running out of space here, but as I reflect on my 85 years of livin'...you never forget the people who took time out of their day to help you as a kid, or that teacher who taught you when you know they didn't have time, or simply that one person who believed in you. I'm grateful to have had so many beautiful souls in my life & I'm honored that these 3 were a part of it. At the end of the day, I hope y'awl read this & understand that your impact outlives you...So, don't forget it, & make it count!
**📸 of Duke & I rehearsing for our CBS special, "Duke, We Love You Madly."**

Happy birthday to my dear @iamnaomicampbell!... ((:0)) I always say that I have no hair because of my 6 dauds, but U know that you are right there with them! My 7th daughter!! It's been an absolute honor to have you in our family & to watch you grow up into the lovely individual you’ve become...All my love to U...xxoo...Pape-Q
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Lookin’ like those “Can’t believe it’s been a month already 😩 take me back to #Coachella” posts...

‪Happy birthday @samsmithworld!! All my love to you & hope to do the hang-thang again soon!!
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Thank-Q to @tiffstarrkumar & #troycarter w/ @spotify @secretgenius for a beautiful night 🙌🏾. So nice to do the hang-thang with the songwriter/producer community... @beberexha, @murdabeatz, @ryanpress215, @cory_litwin, & the rest of y’awl!! Keep on keepin’ on! 🎶
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My eternal brother Sammy Davis Jr....I'll never forget working with him when I was only 12 years old (he also later introduced me to Smelly -Michael Jackson- at his house when Michael was only 12...Absolute divine intervention)! Sammy would come by the Washington Social Club every night with the Will Mastin Trio & beat that four to the floor over its head!...He was the first guy we knew who had earphones & a record player that held 4-6 records. Us jazz kids wanted to be just like him & the other cats that would roll through...It was so special to be able to work with him as a kid & later again as an arranger & friend. It was also fascinating to watch him work because he was so curious about everything...& that's exactly what I remember from this photo. We were going through the arrangements I did for our record, "Our Shining Hour", with the Count Basie Band in Detroit in 1964, & all it takes is one listen to know that he is an absolutely irreplaceable talent. On the anniversary of his passing, I am reminded today (& every day) that his talent & heart will never be matched. My dear Sammy, I've got our music deep in my soul & that's where it'll stay!!

Happy birthday to my little bro from anotha mo!! Congratulations on your new EP "Year One", @clarkbeckham! It has been such a pleasure to have you on the team, & there's no doubt that you've got the vocal chops to take it to the top, so LET'S GO! ((:0)) Don't stop 'til U get enough!!
📸: @surgos

Who would’ve thought that meeting you when you were only 12 years old would lead to an eternal friendship!!…My brother Stevie, it’s always an honor to be able to share special memories with you & reflect on how each one brought us to where we are. You already know how I feel about you so I just want to say, I’ve always got your back & I wish you the happiest of all birthdays!! May you have love to share, health to spare, & most importantly, friends who care...& U KNOW I care! \(^o^)/
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Well, there ya have it...& that’s how our life got flipped turned upside down.🤸🏿‍♂️👑🤸🏿‍♂️So go ahead & take a minute, just sit right there & he’ll tell you all about how we created The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air ((:0)) Love U @willsmith. Bringin’ us back to the DAYS!!! #qjp

My brother @kareemabduljabbar_33...I’m so incredibly honored to have had the privilege of cheering you on, courtside (or in this case...”ballroomside”), for your #dwts journey...Your form, your footwork, your grace, & mostly your height, set you higher than the rest 😜...But in all sincerity, I’m proud of you for showing that dance floor who’s king & giving that salsa all U got! And it was also such a pleasure to sit next to the everlasting beauty & brains @kathyireland & her sweet daud. All my love to you!! 📸: Deborah Morales

Can't wait to get back up on stage this summer for three 85th celebration concerts in London, Italy, AND Budapest!! Who's comin' to do the hang-thang with me?? \(^o^)/ Tix available now!...Link in bio 👆🏾
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There’s absolutely nothing like the feeling when your rugrats have rugrats & those rugrats have more rugrats 😱 ...❤️ my great grandbaby (who thinks & talks like she’s a full grown woman)!!
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