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Man, I can't believe George Benson & I did "Give Me the Night" almost 40 years ago!! That was the first record released on my record label, Qwest, & it sure didn't let us down at the Grammys or on the dance floor. ((:0)) The two of us have enough memories to last a lifetime...but I know we're just getting started!!...So it makes my soul absolutely smile to have him on my "Quincy Jones & Friends" show in Stuttgart, Germany next month, along with my little bro @jcolliermusic, the talented @deedeebridgewater, SWR Big Band, & the Stuttgart Orchestra directed by one of my favorite conductors, Jules Buckley. Hope to C U there!! Ticket link in bio

Happy Birthday to my brother @lennykravitz!! You must be older than me now right? ((:0)) I wish you all the love and joy on this planet...because U deserve it...We gotta do the hang-thang again soon!! xxoo q 📸: @candytman

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In the wake of such a tragedy as the Manchester Arena bombing, our hearts deeply mourn every life lost, and we find ourselves asking, “What do we do?” As a management company with musical artists whose entire lives consist of public performances, are we to simply refrain from doing any further live shows because we are afraid? Do we allow opposing forces to steal the joy of coming together and experiencing the power of live music? Or do we press forward and continue to exemplify that music, in and of itself, has the unique ability to unite individuals from all walks of life? Just think about it—cutting innocent lives short is NOT power. Filling an entire arena with thousands upon thousands of people with different backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses who willingly choose to unite in the name of music IS power. It is not our place as a management company to say whether or not it’s “time to move forward” or try and offer words of comfort, because let’s be honest here: nothing we say or do can bring about comfort in a time like this. However, it is our place to choose where we as human beings stand. And we choose to stand in solidarity with those whose lives were lost and those whose lives have been affected. We choose to stand behind the belief that music can be a conduit for unity, empowerment, and genuine love. This isn’t about ticket sales. This isn’t about promotion. This isn’t about our artists, nor our place in the music industry. This is about understanding the fragility and preciousness of human life and that music is one of the purest forms of expression, whether in times of happiness or sorrow. We grasp the fact that no words could ever reverse what happened, but we also believe that silence is defeat. So, we as QJP choose to sing. We choose to play. We choose to let our music be the voices for those whose songs have yet to be completed. We choose to turn up the volume because if we don’t, someone else will try to turn us down. #westandtogether

Happy Happy Birthday to my baby, @iamnaomicampbell!! You are an absolutely beautiful soul, & I'm proud to have you as part of my family...I love you like my seventh daughter, & you know my kids love you like a sister!! Keep on keepin' on & don't stop 'til you get enough!...xxoo q
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My brother #Bono...last night was on FIRE!! @u2 has been killin' the game since the beginning of time, & your show at the #RoseBowl proved that y'awl haven't lost an ounce of what makes you special. It was such a pleasure to be there, & thanks for the shout out!!...((:0)) Love & Big-Time Props!!

There's absolutely nothing like releasing a product that you enjoy, & that you collaborated on with your kid (@kidadajonesog), into the world. My daddy used to tell me every day that, "Once a task has just begun, never leave it ‘til it's done; be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.” And thank God he did, because that work ethic has stuck with me & we made sure to do the E55BT @jblaudio Quincy Edition headphones RIGHT!! I'm telling you, they will SOOTHE YO SENSES!!...🎧 Coming soon!!...Thanks to all y'awl who came & celebrated the launch with me!!

Big-time thanks to the @todayshow team for the great interview this morning!!...It's always a pleasure to spend time with my brother @alroker! Link in bio for full #livinglegends video👆🏾

What an absolutely beautiful time I had this weekend in my hometown Seattle!!...I got to spend a few days at my brother Paul Allen's @upstreammusicfest; watch my lil bros @eliteplinmusic and @justinkauflinmusic take the stage; and visit my childhood home and high school. So much has changed, but yet it still feels like the same old place that my daddy moved us to seven decades ago...Never did I think, as a scrawny 13 year old, that I'd be sitting on stage sharing what I've learned over the years. Thank you to all who listened, and don't forget...keep on keepin' on!!

Let the Good Times Roll! Happy Birthday Stevie Wonder...we've been together since 12 years old and that ain't stopping any time soon!! I've treasured every moment and I know we are JUST. GETTING. STARTED!!...< 3

Today, I had the pleasure of visiting my old school in Seattle, Garfield High, and man did it bring back some memories!! I can't believe its been 70 years since I walked these halls as a student...as a young kid who wasn't sure how life would turn out, or even if I would ever know of a life outside the gangs. Moving to Seattle forever changed me for the better...and finding music here showed me that I could be more than a statistic. My hope and prayer is that these kids know they can too...the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary, and that's the TRUTH!...I've lived it! So keep on keepin' on folks because the road is long and tiresome...but worth it!...So happy to be home!!! \(^o^)/

It's always great to be back at @westlakestudios in the same place where we recorded everyone from Michael Jackson to Louis Johnson, and now my baby bro, @justinkauflinmusic! This place is just like home...and man, these cats do not play! I can't wait for yawl to hear what JK has been cookin' up in the studio...It's frightening!! ((:0))

Passion is the difference between musicians and participants. #MondayMotivation 📸: Ted Williams

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