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Quiksilver  Far from civilization. Close to heaven. Meet Depth Perception — our new project with Travis Rice, Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin and Robin Van Gyn.


Reminder - The #QuikPro France is less than three weeks away.

Downtime, turnt up. Spend a moment in Galicia, Spain with Leo Fioravanti (@lfioravanti) and Ramzi Boukhaim (@ramziboukhiam) in a new edit live now on our Facebook. It'll psyche you up to surf - in any kind of wave. 🎬: @andybenetrixproduction

@othochouf in Indo. A recent study conducted by an independent research firm concluded that this right here is the best way to end a day and that everything else is as dull and unimaginative as unsweetened yogurt mixed with lukewarm water in comparison. #Science 🚁 @indo.eye

The whole world in his hand. @tikanuismith, Tahiti.

Warmer. Lighter. More flexible. Better for pointing at the best waves you’ve ever seen. Superior for screaming at your buddy. Faster for sprinting up the beach — our wetsuits are truly next level.

Far from civilization. Close to heaven. Meet Depth Perception — our new project with @travisrice. Filmed deep in British Columbia, it features @bryanwfox, @austensweetin and @robinvangyn and showcases some of the finest backcountry riding you’ll ever lay eyes on. Full-length film coming this fall.

This will change the world. @kanoaigarashi and a warm up wave from the first ever comp at Slater's Surf Ranch.

@kaelwalsh, between freedom and a foamball at our #YGSurf Final a month back.

Love is in the air. And in the (frozen) water.

There is a healthy balance somewhere between insanity and rationale. @natxogonzalez1 has not found that balance.

Wear a feathery pink vest and start a conga line. Or go to Muscle Beach and lift some weights. Or just get a session in at the park — you can do whatever you want to do and be whoever you want to be in LA. Turns out @zakramiller just felt like being himself. Watch #RadicalTimes in CA for more.

Fire and water and a little bit of air wind. @kadematson, enjoying the elements.

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