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Quiksilver  Life on the mountain and the wave, and all the good spaces in between. #GenerationsOfQuik Everything you need to know about #YGSurfContest 👇

Feet on a board, head in the sky. @jesse_mendes, floating in Hawaii.

Life’s a trip — or at least it should be. Jump in on a jaunt to Morocco with @marclacomare and get inspired to a) annihilate waves on your backhand and b) start planning your next trip.

The sooner you put on your wetsuit, the sooner you get tubed. Remember that. @kanoaigarashi, @zekelau and @mikeyfebruary test that simple equation.

It’s all in the moments. @bryanwfox, looking back at 45 seconds of joy.

We designed the Highline New Wave Pro boardshorts to enhance every detail of high-performance surfing — in other words, that means we want you to get really barreled in them. (Like @zekelau, here.)

Getting skunked feels better in Quiksilver Originals — ain’t that right, @kaelwalsh and @joelpaxton?

Waves come in. People go out. @mikeyfebruary, @stephaniegilmore and the magnetism of surfing.

Sometimes, you have to stop and admire the beauty of a big wave. Other times, you have to take a 20-footer on the dome — here’s a little bit of both at Jaws.

Mountains and waves make for the best canvases. @mikeywright1, brush stroking into both at J-Bay.

Got some clips? Better post them now. The #YGSurfContest entry period ends tomorrow — so get to it and earn your way to the @wsl Surf Ranch. -
Here’s some inspiration from @pastramidwight, @marco_mignot, @mateusherdy, @keanumiller, @ketutagus_, @_kianmartin, @noah_hill_surfer and @mpsmalakai_deez

Not a bad way to spend a summer day. @bryanwfox, somewhere between a blue sky and a glacier in Oregon.

International Surfing Day checklist? Go surfing and do something nice for the planet. That’s our plan, at least. -
About half of our boardshorts are made from recycled plastic bottles with the help from our friends at Repreve. For every pair of Quiksilver Repreve boardshorts sold today on quiksilver.com, we’re donating US $10 to an environmental non-profit called @5gyres. Because, really, we want future generations to be able to enjoy #InternationalSurfingDay too.

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