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Creator | @Reflectiongram 🌅  California 📍 : Oct 18-23 Adventurous Soul 🌄 Caffeine addict ☕️ Adventurous Wife @flukey14 Collaborations or business inquires drop an email -

A paradise of palms and a beautiful sunrise 🌅 I’ll be off social media this whole weekend folks gonna enjoy those little moments in life! Catch you all on Monday @follow.the.palms

We can get lost in the love of color and the beauty of life @ig_color

I strongly feel if I didn’t let my creativity run wild. I’d never truly understand my full potential, so never let anyone tell you differently get wild and let your heart shine bright - @ig_color @visualsoflife

If you don’t fail in life you won’t be able to succeed. Life’s a challenge of finding the balance between yourself and the fears you want to overcome - @ourcolourdays - I was given the incredible opportunity to edit this heavenly capture by @superjenny @lost_world_treasures

We’re all perfectly unique in many different ways we all share a magical gift in life - @gottolove_this

Life hasn’t the craziest ways of creating beautiful moments, especially when you’re doing nothing. It’s in those moments that something wonderful happens - @ig_color

Bittersweet like wine against fire
Bittersweet like cherry wine
A storm of thunder like waves crushing against the shore
The peak of sunlight and this world is bittersweet forever - @gottolove_this

The things you deserve in life require little amounts of effort. It’s truly finding the inner peace and learning to enjoy all of life’s moments @ourcolourdays

You’re as strong as the voice you have inside of you. Remember you have a voice that’s only as strong when you use it, but if you stay quiet that strength and that voice will never be heard - @ourcolourdays @gottolove_this

500th Post! So why not post at 5pm 😉 see what I did there!? Anyways, guys appreciate every single moment you have on this earth. Enjoy every beautiful unforgettable adventure and always remember to tell those you cherish most that you love them!! Now here’s to many more incredible espresso shots and many more inspiring sunrises @ig_color

I recently discovered Bacon Mac’n Cheese and my mind is blown 🤯 What’s your favorite meal to indulge in? @ourcolourdays @gottolove_this

Always feel proud of yourself and how far you’ve come! In life we sometimes forget how precious our life is. We overcome so many obstacles and reach the tallest of mountains to realize that the sunrise always shines bright. Never forget you’re incredible and amazing! @ourcolourdays

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