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Questlove Gomez  .....& when things get for real my warm heart turns......

But...but...but...but wait it gets worse. Assuming this photo isn't doctored....we can't blame Beatty or Dunaway if that is indeed the envelope they were given. Were there TWO ENVELOPES onstage? I saw Beatty give Dunaway the envelope to read, the "thank yous" happened, then the confusion, then Warren has red envelope in hand that has the proper #Moonlight credits in. Does this mean #Pricewaterhouse accidentally printed a dupe of best actresses envelopes? Because when Stone won she said she kept her envelope saying that she won and there wasn't a second envelope saying she won. I also wonder if Dre/Em/Busta/Janet/Diddy/RKelly will contest the 99 Grammy Little train that could upset win of all wins now, cause I still refuse to believe we won that war. I need a bottle of #Ovaltine to get the decoder clues or Scooby & em to solve this mystery.

I loved both films, but yo, money snatched that paper out of Beatty's hand the same way my pops would snap "GIMME THAT DAMN %]*}}*}**}**{{]€€]€€[*]**}**}++]+[*]^{*€[^ Paper!!!!!! #Moonlaland.

You knew it was comin...I knew it was comin....night kids #Moonlaland

Yoooooo THIS IS SO 2017!!!!!!!!

Had this exchange w Allison the second I GOT OUT (of that theater).....👀😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 #GetOut

Damn man. Bill Paxton was in a lot of my favorite movies. On the low he was everywhere: #Commando #StreetsOfFire #Tresspass #Stripes #OneFalseMove #Apollo13 #WeirdScience #Terminator #TrueLies #Twister #Titanic #Aliens #Frailty #BigLove.... damn man rip


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#DonnT as Ethereal, #Questlove as The Star Maker in 'NEW' Donn T Last Breath (@Questlove Remix) Official Video - on YouTube now! #Afrofuturism #Psychedelic #fact #SpaceisThePlace #SpaceSiblings
Video Director: Idegosuperego Media Eternal Polk, Assistant Director: Arthvr Alleyne, Video editing: Eternal Polk and Foremost Poets, Graphic Designer: Foremost Poets. Styling: @ashakagivens, Make up: @sasha_y, Camera Assistant: Carmen Mercado, Set designer and Prop Master: Ray Diesnyc, Hair: @dommiecole, Assistant Hair and additional MU: Jacqui Thompson, Production Stills: XxavierPolk, Actors: Hameen Barnes and Xxavier Polk
Video Producers: Donn Thompson Morelli, Jake Morelli @jmotone, Arthvr Alleyne and T Sweet. Locations: Fairy Acres Farm Hopewell Junction, NY (@nina.b.b) and Automatic Studios Brooklyn, NY

RT: @Weasel3k1 @questlove Hey Q why don't y'all shout out area codes on the show intro anymore? That was cool.

Because not every set of numbers are area codes


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On this day in 1999 #TheRoots released #ThingsFallApart their classic album named after the #ChinuaAchebe 1958 novel. They released the album with five different covers, one of which uses an image from noted Chinese photojournalist H.S."Newsreel" Wong The photo known worldwide as "BloodySaturday" depicts a baby crying at a bombed Shanghai Railway Station after a Japanese air attack during the Battle of Shanghai in 1937. Wong later recalled, "It was a horrible sight. People were still trying to get up. Dead and injured lay strewn across the tracks and platform. Limbs lay all over the place. Only my work helped me forget what I was seeing. I stopped to reload my camera. I noticed that my shoes were soaked with blood. I walked across the railway tracks, and made many long scenes with the burning overhead bridge in the background. Then I saw a man pick up a baby from the tracks and carry him to the platform. He went back to get another badly injured child. The mother lay dead on the tracks. As I filmed this tragedy, I heard the sound of planes returning. Quickly, I shot my remaining few feet [of film] on the baby. I ran toward the child, intending to carry him to safety, but the father returned." After this photo was seen by millions of people across the world, the Japanese government were angered enough with Wong to place a bounty of $50,000 on his head. #cmcrecommends #photojournalism #hswong #newsreel #warphotography

When cool things happen in 2017, I cherish it like pancakes on a Saturday back in the day (growing up that was a luxury) @KarriemRiggins1 is bar none my favorite living beatmaker making joints today (he did Ye's #30hours, Erykah's #YourFuneral, Common's #TheHustle). In my opinion @Jdilla's best protege/student who has come into his own in the Detroit tradition. Before y'all start hemmin and hawin about who should I check and blah blah I know pretty much about all the dope cats. Believe me all 50-leven of my inboxes are full of links and beats. But if I gotta choose ONE cat whose music hits my soul like it autta should when I need a music pick me up?Then I reach for his debut #AloneTogether & now I'm rockin his NEW joint #HeadnodSuite. MAN I needed this #Detroit funk today. You. Just. Don't. KNOW!!!!