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Questlove Gomez  .....& when things get for real my warm heart turns......

Damn this is SUPER #tbt back when @TheRoots were traveling to spaces on the globe NO artist was willin to go. Me posin w my still tourmanager @tinafarristours
#Repost @tinafarristours
@thenewcuba won #TBT today. Thank you for bringing us to Cuba before all of the American groups with matching t shirts came. What a difference 15 years makes... and yet I miss those anti imperialist billboards all over Habana. Cuba simply captures your heart. ❤️ - dancing in the hills until the sun rises and all that rum..... 😍😩...what an incredible concert with incredible people and musicians! You took me back @jauretsi! Definitely a highlight of my life. Further, who dis? @questlove is lookin like a jawn... 😏 #TBT #cuba🇨🇺 #cubalibre #fidel #jauretsi #theroots #legendary #beingatourmanagerislike

Wow...#MuddyWaters is one of my fav records. @redmangilla diggin in the files

#Repost @rockwildermusic
I remember when I did that track man! You got the floppy to that? Wooowwww!!! Muddy Waters Fans !
What beat this song to on Muddy Waters ! easy ! ™@redmangilla

Not just simply #StillAGroup...they are now officially @TheRevolution! Follow em!!

One of my favorite cats @JerrodCarmichael pays a visit to #QuestloveSupreme (his #SupremaRollcall verse about #RickRubin was true) we discuss the science of comedy. His @hbo special & his @nbc comedy show the very very real @TheCarmichaelShow & his future plans for world domination & yeah....cereal. 1pm est (10pst) go to @Pandora to peep our new and past episodes!!) @qls #qls.

"I'm the 4th best #JamesBond"
-Roger Moore, rip

Part of me is hoping they were trying to be funny. But uh...

Dear @chethinks I think it's time for a revival of @DJClarkKent vs @damedashofficial fresh contest 2017 version. I refuse to let a fake news cat out stunt me at 30rock

At last audiences are realizing what I knew for 20 years: #FaceOff is a masterful comedy.

46 years later we are STILL askin: #WhatsGoinOn 5/21/71

TSA Observing Madness at #SNL @comedianlilrel

Yo. Today was amazing. Rescheduled my dentist emergency (much to the satisfaction of some ahem angry high schoolers lol) & brought my dead DJ computer back to life (after 6 hours of surgery) and saw the last #SNL for a few cast members of the season. But NOTHING I mean NOTHING beats meeting one of THE most iconic background singers of rock history #FrankSimms @frank.Simms

Jesus Christ my eyes went to the left photo & my first thought was "lemme find out my dad in Cuba in witness protection hanging w 2pac". Jeeze man. Denzel's FX person is a genius. I almost started crying on the spot for a second.

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