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Questlove Gomez  .....& when things get for real my warm heart turns......


On the next @QLS we have the tastemaker of all tastemakers: @GillesPeterson. Gilles is often the pebble that starts the massive ripple into many of the artists we cherish today. He is often touted as the first to break open & debut music we've never heard but will soon wind up on our playlists.
Name em #JamesTaylorQuartet #Galliano #BrandNewHeavies #Jamiroquai #NuyoricanSoul #YoungDisciples #Incognito #RoniSize's Reprazent even this crew from philly called #TheRoots ----those were just artists signed to his label ventures in the early 90s

But as a fan of his show #Worldwide (ahem named after a Roots song) I have to say GP is a shining example of what DJs should be: fearless forward thinking historians & innovators. His legendary dj gigs often used free jazz 25 years ago the way that EDM music was poppin during its 2009 noise o rama origins. You haven't lived til you seen a packed club of 10,000 faithful hypnotized by the COMPLETE HALF HOUR version of #TheCreatorHasAMasterPlan ---this is when I realized ANY genre of music can work in a dj set if you present it right & how spiritual music can be w/ the DJ booth as pulpit. Gilles was also one of the first slew of DJ's I knew to re introduce sample breaks into his set. Completely exposing a new generation to the origins of this great music.

Giles broke so many acts on his radio show it would take 2 posts to list em all: From NeoSoul/House/2step/Garage/Broken Beat/Drum N Bass/Trap/New Disco/Nujazz--Winehouse to Ndegeocello to Badu to Lamar to 4hero to Keys to Hill to Miguel to Maxwell To D'angleo to Bilal to Weeknd to Kenna to Drake to Frank Ocean to Gambino to Banks to Solange to Syd to FKA Twiggs to Bugz In The Attic to IG Culture to Jazzanova to Mark de Clive-Lowe even our own Jeremy Ellis to JDilla to James Blake to Sampha to Little Dragon to Flying Lotus to Hot Chip to Four Tet---a lot of these artists and more owe Gilles an amazing thank you for getting the ball rolling. I mean as for The Legendary, he is why we have a record deal. plain and simple. Legends come from an idea to a buzz and hopefully a positive viral movement.
Gilles is all. 1pm/10am pst @Pandora!

Man. Of all the members of #Mbase (Osby, Coleman, Wilson) I really regret The Roots not having worked with the great Geri Allen who passed away earlier. Her colors were beyond words man. Rip #GeriAllen.

The moment you realize that @StroElliot is an alien. Man this is gonna be a strange incredible ride.

Crashing The Doors. Taking Names. Not Playin #Endgame

August 29th 1958-June 25th 2009. Michael Joeseph Jackson.

sitting in cab in massive parade traffic & @SiriusXM decides to rock the extended 9 min version of #SilverConnection's #GetUpAndBoogie. Essentially a "specifically made for discotheque" song for nightclubs that had late hours (now a days I can brag about 300 songs in 6 hours, but back in 75 DJ's would splice tape to extend songs to 10-15 min status because there weren't that many joints out to sustain a night)---thing about cookie cutter songs like "Get Up...." which essentially helped ruin the art of disco (many a hair brain scheme get rich "throw something together right quick" moments back then---more quantity and less quality) was it was a song without a singer. I mean even the Ohio Players let Sugarfoot & Billy ad lib to death on their verseless joints (yup find the verse on #LoveRollercoaster or #WhoSheCoo or even #Ecstasy & #Pain lol EXACTLY!)---but it is TORTURE listening to the splice and paste job of this song. Even another Splice job like #Superfreak (yup you are listening to a 24 sec loop all over again and again) was made interesting with a verse and cool background parts---but I'm like "was a deadline gun to their head that they opted to repeat 2 background parts and a "THAT's Right!!!" Over and over and over and over and over and over and knitting and knitting and knitting #andknittingandknittingandknittingandknittingandknitting #andknitting #andknittingandknittingandknitting !!)?gehxjsiwjwksjzkIWHSJSKNDXJJXNSNSKKnznsnkzksnxjwiqosjdkdsnnddjejdd---cheese n rice I fell like #Ren during the #HappyJoyJoy song

"how do you think he does it? I don't know!
what makes him so good?" @modernpinballnyc

A smart dj knows if you plan proper, this classic song can get a louder response than #ToTheMax. #RoughSideOfTheMountain #RevFCBarnes.

Man. I went back to listen to @ProdigyMobbDeep's stories. Jesus the stories man. Like EACH story can be some high drama jawn on @Netflix. Follow @QLS & go through our episode archives and grab all the 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿. Name em: Doo Wop history, The Tap Dance Kid, The Havoc 1st day of school meeting, battling Nas, that interlude after Start Of Your Ending, Jazz history, "the Def Jam incident", Bad Boy, Pac, Summerjam Screens, prison diets, mediation, & second chances. Even if you NOT a @MobbDeepQB fan it's essential listening about Life.

From @hamiltonmeme
I'll go one further....they hate us.

When You Accidentally Update RIGHT BEFORE A GIG 😀😀😀😀😀

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