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Questlove Gomez  .....& when things get for real my warm heart turns......

Part of me is hoping they were trying to be funny. But uh...

Dear @chethinks I think it's time for a revival of @DJClarkKent vs @damedashofficial fresh contest 2017 version. I refuse to let a fake news cat out stunt me at 30rock

At last audiences are realizing what I knew for 20 years: #FaceOff is a masterful comedy.

46 years later we are STILL askin: #WhatsGoinOn 5/21/71

TSA Observing Madness at #SNL @comedianlilrel

Yo. Today was amazing. Rescheduled my dentist emergency (much to the satisfaction of some ahem angry high schoolers lol) & brought my dead DJ computer back to life (after 6 hours of surgery) and saw the last #SNL for a few cast members of the season. But NOTHING I mean NOTHING beats meeting one of THE most iconic background singers of rock history #FrankSimms @frank.Simms

Jesus Christ my eyes went to the left photo & my first thought was "lemme find out my dad in Cuba in witness protection hanging w 2pac". Jeeze man. Denzel's FX person is a genius. I almost started crying on the spot for a second.

Alls Well That Ends Well. My Computer Got Fixed In The Nick Of Time! My Novocain is still working! & @pennsburyprom #BestPromInAmerica was lit! Hope you guys had a good time! Go out. Spread love and remember what I said: once in college, get to know 10 people who DO NOT LOOK like you do. Learn different cultures and background. Get to understand them and so on.... get home safe people.

Detroit City: Show #TheRevolution love 2nite at @MajesticTheatreDetroit. 7pm!

I've seen a lot. I've seen everything. But w this? Yeah. Now I've seen it all.

👽: take us to your leader
me: **points to Solange Knowles**


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