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....and good morning #newday

I was a late bloomer in driving because I had a traumatic experience getting pulled over when I was 16 (“mistaken identity”) I was so traumatized I never even told my parents because they woulda just made me always stay in house even on weekends.

As a teen i shied away from getting my license because I automatically assumed that would make me a prime target for an ass whuppin. b4 the “well, if you have nothing to be guilty of, then you’ll have nothing to worry about” just stop it.

I finally got my first car at 33. A #ScionXB. why? It was too silly to even be a threat. It was a goofy breadbox on wheels. I mean it was charming somewhat. but one can’t find the words to describe to the feeling of panic, guilt, anxiety & trauma one feels when they won’t know the outcome of this getting pulled over scenario. This is not an exaggeration folks. I’ve been let go plenty of times, but why should one have to work w jay z, or do that funny bit w chappelle to be given the benefit of the doubt? (back when I was in the music making business my car was the judge/jury: make a gang of beats or maybe just having mastered the new Roots album and I drive/listen to it for 3-4 hours near Temple/Drexel/UPenn which i learned was bad news.) examine that one: A life where one has to compress & re adjust to make others feel safe. I mean yes, be considerate and aware of other people’s surroundings. But man...me writing this rant is like Tre punching the air in #BoyzInTheHood. That’s how mad I am. This has been going on for 8 years now. 6 times a year. Without fail. Results are always the same: search for the (literal? preverbal?) smoking gun because I’m NOT supposed to be in a car THIS nice. If they know it’s me they lemme go w/o fail. But what about those without the benefit of a doubt? they ain’t getting off so easy. something has GOT to give folks. I was shaking earlier & typing this out is calming me down. Listen & Believe us when we tell you what’s goin on out here. next time y’all feel like reminding me life Is different cause im on tv. I’m tagging you. Next time you lecture me cause I’m explaining why peaceful protest in needed, I’m tagging you. goodnight. peace.

....the moment it hits you that you were talking to #RalphCarter from #GoodTimes & never realized it #DAMNDAMNDAMN!!!!!

That time @ShawnMendes keeps buttin in me @JanetJackson’s bidness. Scram! This my dodain! 😂😂😂😂 #StateOfTheWorldTour

imo #BootsyPlayerOfTheYear 78 Tour>>>ANY Pfunk related tour #MothershipConnection 76 #FunkentelechyVsThePlaceboSyndrome #FlashlightTour 77 #MotorBootyAffair 78 #UncleJamWantsYou 79 the proof is there on YouTube. The most POTENT demonstration of THE MOST PERFECT funk is in that concert. On the next #QuestloveSupreme (part 2 mind you) @Bootsy_Collins speaks of leaving the #JamesBrown band & heading to #Detroit to funk around w the one known as @TheRealGeorgeClinton and the construction of the #PFunk empire. Go to the @Qls page, follow us so you can have all this knowledge they pay thousands for in the top schools across the country. Press the link and go to #QLS on @pandora and listen baby bubba 🌟🌟

Dude. Randy Jackson is the PRIME reason I chose the drums. All of @TheJacksons were superheroes but Randy was one of the first drummers/percussionist I’ve ever SEEN on tv. So watching a kid drum on tv w his magic brothers was like ***mind blowing***—-(actually i got in trouble once for trying to remove the legs from my father’s keyboard player’s #Wurlitzer trying to play it like a keytar just like Randy did during the #Destiny album period) Like I was mid convo w his sister and then **whoooosh** I vanished like *snap* (“jan, uh I love talking to you but your brother is the only Jackson I haven’t met and HE started me being drummer so I’m out!”) he gave my Jacksons 78-80 logo shirt props. This was without a doubt the best day EVER. Janet was pulling the deep cuts out the woodwork (@flytetymejam you didn’t tell a mug bout #TwentyForeplay!) definitely a must for the die hards (well, nothing from 1st two albums #DontMessUpThisGoodThing is too awesome to toss aside, that song STILL is a miracle in the clubs—-but zero complaints here. This is THE MOST hype I’ve seen a crowd at a concert dancing like no one is watching since—-well...Prince) & meeting Randy (@randyjackson8 NOT @randyjackson dog) was just the ultimate. #StateOfTheWorldTour

This is what I’ve been reduced to in 2017 #

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SNAKE!!!!!!!! Part 2 🐍😂🔥#HanbyGang #GoodVibesOnly #HohYeahhhhTouchMySnake W/ @domzeglaitis and @joshpalerlin

Man Listen..... #Repost @kristen12365 😂😂😂😂😂😂🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷

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When your daughter tells you she wants to be an actress and you gotta get her prepared.

Less Is More Folks. Master Timing/Meter/Dynamics/Stick Control & TONE before you start over-seasoning your food. Practicing #Afrobeat and the rhythms of #Fela drummer #TonyAllen is CRUCIAL to development.

Monday Mood (ha ha thx @bestcrosses)

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