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@kaybloor is gonna have the coolest baby. Thanks for having a baby shower just so I could have a new Instagram picture. #baby #shower

this is how I maintain my waif-like figure

Reppin my loves @honeyhillband

The bed of someone who clearly has her shit together

*picks nose #annoying

Every morning at 3:21, I come into the kitchen and find two possessed hotdogs on my stove. And then I eat them because my food addiction is stronger than my fear of paranormal activity.
#horror #paranormalactivity #possessed #hotdogs

Staring at the passed out drunk guy who followed me onto the train. Thankfully there are a lot of people on here. Will be moving cars shortly, but I'm fucking tired of having to move my body out of fear. I am not for you. #leavemealone #sexualharassment

g'head, see if I care.

I wonder what it's like to sleep through the night -_- #insomnia

If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and kncok again #kncokkncokjoke

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