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da goodest boy der eva waz #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram

I guess it's time to really look at myself. I've stared at my reflection an unhealthy amount of times throughout my life. But I've only just realized that I never truly looked myself in the eyes. I've always asked "What do I look like? What do I need to change?" I stared at this body in the mirror as if it were an empty case. As if there wasn't this soul inside this body, full of the universe, craving connection to every living thing. Now I'm starting to ask "Who do I see? What do I want to to say? Like REALLY say. What do I need to share with the world?" I'm finally looking myself in the eyes and trying to get to know this person and what she needs. I desperately want to know how I can help her. It's time to be my own best friend. It's time to listen to her. She's been trying to tell me something important for a while now.

Happy Birthday to my #scissorsister #soulsister !! You save my life everyday. I love you. I need you. And remember, if you ever feel like leaving me, no one will ever understand the shape of your head like I do. Also, I'm using your birthday to post hilarious videos of us that only two people will like. @saralealovestea

Once upon a time a man was following me so I walked into Rite Aid, and boy was I RITE to do so because Karl and Tim came to my AID and walked me home. We quickly became besties and ended up hanging out all night. I met a bunch of their friends and now they are all my Bay Ridge Boys five-ever. Some of them are in an amazing band together called #honeyhill. @faradaysdog @klucasarl Meeting these guys is one of the reasons why I've grown to love NY so much. #brooklyn #nyc #bayridge OH YEAH. And then Karl freakin' walked me home in the best way possible.

I was waiting to be taken to an #alternateuniverse ..I don't even care that it would be through a toilet at this point.

Ow. Okay. @saralealovestea #zenhaircuts. 💆🏻

Anna banana, I'm so happy I know you and your camera ❤️ 😜

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