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👸🏼tierra  - ∂яαιѕ•к•мαѕσи🤴🏻

#wifeyforlife 💍🔐

She was in 8th grade when i first met her & her voice always snatched my soul. Thank you for an amazing night. I love you💘

Can you believe they’re 7 months apart?! Yup, me and @hiexrob were pregnant the same year. I was actually nervous to tell her that i was pregnant because we both been trying to have kids for the longest time and i got pregnant first😐. I actually called her with the PT still in my hand after i pee’d on it 🤷🏼‍♀️😂. Idk how i could sense that she was pregnant but we had lunch at highway inn & she was complaining that her twins were sore, so i told her to go and get a pregnancy test & BOOM she called and was crying historically, she didn’t even have to say anything, i already could tell by her cry lol (insert Kim k ugly cry GIF😂). She was my backbone thru my whole pregnancy & she also was guna sleep on the floor in my delivery room because she didn’t wanna leave my side💕. We got to witness both pregnancy’s, mines was still the worse😩. So when y’all ask us when we’re having another one and we tell you NEVER is because our labor & delivery were HELL but well worth it in the end because look what we created💗. #overadecadeoffriendship 🔐

Cool kids on the block💙 #reunited

These 2 different skin colors got me shook 😳😂. How the hell was i sooo dark in high school?! Mind you, I’d be the girl in school with the short jean shorts with basketball shorts over it, big T- shirts, tita buns & slippers. & not to be conceited or anything but I’m now hotter than most of the popular girls back in high school🤷🏼‍♀️, just stating facts🤪.

#thatdamnforeheadtho😳😩 #andthosebrows #myfriendswasnotmyfriendsbackthen #theyletmelooklikethat #rude

Words can’t express how happy & thankful i am to have her back in my life again. •


#wifeytillthecasketdrops #sheaintleavingEVERagain

Sometimes, when i wanna give up, i remember who I’m doing it for👩‍👦🔱🔐❣️. •

#mymotivation #draisKmason #myreason

i know your lane sucks, but stay in it 🔃

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That holiday gains 😜

Team us we ain’t worried bout you

My new years resolution is to CONTINUE to be a better version of myself👸🏼 & an amazing mother to my son👩‍👦♥️. •


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