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In what you thought I didn’t see... I saw the most.

Guilty 🙋🏻‍♀️ 😂

I’m not afraid to bare my soul ♥️


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I started my journey to a healthier self a few years ago at the age of 20 . I was committed to being thin and to look the part and less the idea of actually being healthy. Besides, even though I was considered obese I was fairly healthy. I lost the weight but soon put a majority of it back on due to the fact that the idea of losing the weight would bring me happiness and it never actually did . I then learned to let go of the idea . Let go of the physical and work backwards . I started working from the inside out . Learning to love myself despite the size and shape . Once I lost my father , I found myself going down a path I knew wouldn’t help me in any way. I was drinking as much as I could and refused to be alone with my thoughts . Once I caught on that I needed to change my behavior I turned to fitness for a healthier escape. I am proud of my journey. My point is, if you find yourself in a weight loss journey , remember to do it for you and for the right reasons ! And second life is hard , this journey is hard but it’s your choice as to whether you will grow from the tough Times or will you let it break you . I turned my pain into strength and I am proud of that and if you are going through tough a time I KNOW THAT YOU CAN too ! #Progression #thickfit #fitness #motivation #strong #influencer #thisismyjourney

The past ??? I don’t live there anymore 👣👣🛸

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