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Throwback Thursday! ❤️❤️ I really love how this set turned out and I miss China 😭😭 I want to go back for vacation soon!! Hopefully around spring next year?
You can get this set as a past reward on my Patreon 😍😍 📷📸P-San: Pudding

Happy birthday to the best WanWan in the whole wide world!!!! ❤️ ❤️ please go say happy birthday to her~~~ so many things have been happening in my life the past two weeks, she stood up for me and was always there for me. She is the most kind, loving, and sincere wanwan ❤️ My bunbun as well, delivered me snacks when I felt super stressed, always showered me with love when I needed the most and comforted me during my worst times. My nyan always gave me words of encouragement. I don't know what I would do without them, and they honestly make me who I am today, my life has never been the same since I became a part of the zoo.
So go wish @jean_wanwan a happy birthday!!!!!

Heyy waifuus ❤️ I have something that I need your help with and if you could let me know what you think by commenting I would really appreciate it!!! I love making content for my Patreon and just content for you guys in general, but work is getting busier and along with my professional exams I am finding less and less time to push out a lot of content 😭😭 but deep down I still want to continue doing it because well, it's what I love doing!
But I won't be able to offer as many rewards in the future if I do, do you think that's okay? Or do you think it would be unfair to my Patrons/Waifuus?
Let me know! A quick yes or no on what you think 😘😘😘 or what you think I should do!? #franchan #fateapocrypha #cosplayer #cosplay #fatecosplay #fategrandorder

Waiting at the airport to head home now! Colossal East has been super tiring but super fun and I got to hang out with my favourite Zoo 😭😭 so sad to be leaving now..... But I also caught a bad fever so I really need to rest...

We're cute furries all weekend ❤️❤️😍😍 @jean_wanwan @tsikyocos

Hiii with my furry babies ❤️❤️ @jean_wanwan @tsikyocos just missing our cute little @bellaxbunbun 😭😭😭 Come find us hanging around in furries hngggg

Sorry for being super MIA! I've been really busy moving and then travelling in NYC ❤️❤️ catch you all at Colossal East this weekend tho!!!

Last kemonomimi set for this month!! ❤️❤️ thank youuu for all the birthday wishes! I'll be at Colossal East for the weekend of September 6, please come say hi!
As usual link to rewards are in my bio 😘😘😘

Happy birthday to me!~~❤️ thank you for all the messages!! 😘😘 I might be having a birthday stream tomorrow what do my waifuus think? 📷 @fhdskl
#shutendouji #shuten #cosplayer #cosplaygirl #cosplay #fatecosplay #fategrandorder #fate #fgo

One of my favourite pictures from the Violet set! Can you see the cute sheepy and windmills at the back?? Birthday countdown continues! 🎂2🎂
Thank you to @fhdskl for trekking so far to shoot this 😂😂😂

Woof~ ❤️ so many goodies for this months rewards! Ahhhh and birthday countdown is at 🎂3🎂!!! Link in my bio for rewards!
#kawaii #foxears #foxy #bride #kittenears

I think I missed some birthday countdowns 😰 sorry waifuus! 🎂4🎂 I think now?
Shuten HD set is a part of the rewards this month! ❤️ 📷 @fhdskl

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