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「What did you say? I can't hear the voices of trash like you」
I look so S in this photo 😂 where all the M waifuus at?
Shinjuku Jeanne Alter by me 💕
📷 @raindrop_tony

Ahhh got super sick this past week *blows into a tissue* stay warm waifuus and don't get sick in the cold!! I love how these turned out with my @bellaxbunbun 😍😍 please continue supporting us!! 📷 @raindrop_tony

Ahhh these turned out so cute!! Junk food alters 🐽🐽 with my @bellaxbunbun ~ ❤️ KFC should pay us for free product promotion ahahaha 🌚🌚 📷 @raindrop_tony

I also did the lingerie version hehe~~ look forward to my collab with bunbun ❤️

Officer D.VA on the case! You can't run from me~~ just a bit over a month until Christmas!! 📷 @raindrop_tony

Edgey Alters! I'm glad we finally got to shoot these~~! We look so cute I'm crying 😭😭
Arturia Alter by @bellaxbunbun
Jeanne Alter by @queenrikachuu

Haven't shot anything last month because I was super super busy, will finally be shooting some cute content with my bunbun tomorrow! ❤️❤️ I'm so excited!~~~ hope you look forward to it as much as I do! 📷 @kaze_mike

🐻Thank you for all your support on my Patreon ❤️ As of today it is officially on hiatus~!! I will continue to cosplay and create content for my waifuus and if you want to support me you can do so through Ko-Fi!~~ ❤️ 🐻I cannot begin to express my gratitude to every waifuu that has been supporting me, you made my dream cosplays, dream studios, and dreams come true! I was able to shoot Scathach in Cancun, Violet in Europe, and lots of cosplays in Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong! This is all because of your support 😘😘
🐻 Hope you will wait for my return on Patreon~~ ❤️

Hi are you my Master?
I'm selling my Alter Arturia cosplay! Please DM me if you're interested~~ ❤️

Happy November 🐥 and happy Monday ❤️ I hope you all smile to yourself once today!
Last five days until I pause my Patreon so if you want to access up to 6 HD and selfie sets for this month be sure to pledge now! These rewards will not be available anymore in the future!
Thank you to my zoo for dressing me up!!! ❤️ ❤️ 📷 @kaze_mike

Are you following the World Cup? Yesterday was China against Canada so I had a difficult time deciding who to root for 😂😂 but then Korea came in and wiped China in the end so...... Welp!

Throwback Friday!~ ❤️ I really enjoyed this set as it was one of the first studio shoots I did! Hope my waifuus like it too~~ I've been pretty busy lately so sorry for being super MIA 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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