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Alexandra najmadin  24. Leo 🦁From Chicago🌃Swedish Blogger. Mom of three. Adriano, Aaliyah & Jamie👶🏽 ❤️ Happily Married to My King & Babydaddy 👑 👰🏽🤵🏽💍


Fortsättningen uppe på bloggen 😂🎬👇🏽💯 www.finest.se/QueenPsykos Skillnaden mellan att återhämta sig efter vaginal vs akutsnitt vs planeradsnitt.
It’s is bout to goooo down 😂💯#KevinHart #Röst

Goodmorning #cutebaby #SvärHanÄrPerfekt 💯😍❤️

Lilla bebisen räcker ut tungan ❤️😍👅 Valparna flyttar på måndag. #SeperationsÅngest

Börjat videoblogga mer 🎬 Kolla hela på finest.se/QueenPsykos

Mrs Futurestic. She's not materialistic. She stays down for the cause. Roll with the dogs. Yo n when it was time to clown she was down. And when it was time for the Love she was down. Hey Love hey Love hey Love 🖤🎼

Mama will always have your back Aaliyah ❤️ Damn she's just like me. See. When she's mad, she gets sad. She's been through the bad. Her scream. It's like she remembers the bad dream, we once lived in. Pulls off her hair. Damn I did the same at her age. Feeling of being stuck in a cage. Tears my heart apart. Cause I was born into the same pain. It's like we're made out of the same flame. But I don't want her to feel the way I do. Babyboo. Don't cry. Let me show you Why and teach you how to smile, laugh, Love. Just breathe in the only happiness above. You made me grow. Gave me this beautiful glow. Better than all the dough. Been through so Much shit. I Love you though. My babygirl. U rock My world. So strong. My life has been so Much deeper since u came along. 🌏🌈⭐️💫🌞🎆🎇💎💜💛❤️🖤💯

"You", he Said. "Are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world, and that, I believe is why you're in so much pain

My babyyyy🖤


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