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I was saving this photo for my 50k follower celebration but I was too excited to post ✨🌈😍 hello loves, today I have good news! I am adding more slots to my patreon. Yesterday the top tier filled up and I am so happy! I will be adding a few more so that if you want to support me you can 😘 thanks again for everything. You guys make this so fun for me.
Я хотела оставить это фото на празднование 50 тыс. на моем инстаграме...😌Но я слишком в нетерпении поделиться им с вами!💓✨🌈 Спасибо за вашу высокую активность,завтра я устрою SFS на моей странице,будьте готовы!❤️🙈

Hello Guys❤️ Love your sweet comments and messages✨❤️ spots are running out on my patreon for the month! ✨We are so close to my goal. 🙈I really would like to be able to afford a new camera for you all, if you want to contribute either sign up or email me 💓😊 I went to Russia two days ago to visit some friends and I took a ton of pictures for you all. I think you're gonna love them. 💓😇🌈

Hello my sweet fans ❤️😘 If you like the pictures I post to IG, you'll love my patreon. ✨Your gifts help me afford all the cute clothes you see me wear here and there. Last night's red robe photo was especially fun to take 💓😇.Thanks to one special fan your support, you know who you are. I hope to see the rest of you on patreon 😘 Have a great day!🥒🍅

My patreon subscribers get to see photos like this, and better, weeks before IG. 💓Subscribe if you want to keep up with me 😊 ❤️also! lately I have been getting fan art and it makes me so happy. ✨If you have drawn me I would love to see.😉

Hello everyone! 🌈😇I hope you are having a good day. What are your plans for the weekend? ✨Oh and to the people on my patreon who have already seen this photo, #queensquad, go look! I just posted something new for you 😘

I hope you guys have a nice weekend! ❤️✨How do you spend your weekends?😇 If you want to get to know me better or see more pics that I don't post here, check the link in my bio😉🔥
Хороших вам выходных,дорогие❤️✨ Как вы обычно их проводите?Пишите в комментарии😇

Little Red Riding Hood looked around and saw lovely flowers. 🐺🌈💐

A fan sent me this bouquet for Valentine's day 😊💓Nobody has ever sent me so many flowers before! 💐I have the best fans in the world 🌏❤️😍 Thank you!🙏🏻 #queensquad

She needed a hero, so that's what she became💪🏼

Good morning everyone! 😇❤️Did you know that I could bake? 🙈🍪🍰It's one of my many talents. ✨ What are you good at, what is your passion?😇(By the way, there are only 8 spots left on my patreon, so if you want to join act fast! Link in bio)
Добрый вечер,мои дорогие❤️😇 Вы знали,что я умею печь?🙈🍪🍰 Это один из моих многочисленных талантов✨ #скромность 😂 А в чем ваш талант? 😇

Tomorrow is a very special day.✨If you like me and my content, you should be excited for tomorrow too. 🙈It is my mother's birthday! 👩🏻🌹🎉To show her how much she means to me, I painted her a portrait! ❤️When was the last time you did something nice for your mother?💐🍰🍿

Only 4 days till valentines day!💓So many of you have spoiled me already, you're all so sweet and make me feel so special. 😘✨If anyone else wants to be my valentine you can subscribe to my patreon 🔥😁 I'm uploading photos right now! Spots are running out, so please hurry!🙈

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