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For holding + carrying light.

I did some stuff !!!!

At unca on Wednesday, I got to talk to Masha from pussy riot and sasha bogino, a reporter for the independent news outlet MediaZona combating censorship by spreading news coverage of all topics related to freedom and unfreedom in Russia.

Nadya and Masha's political actions have been a major source of inspiration over the years but especially now. They predicted the political situation we are now in. And they know, like we know, it's only going to get a hell of a lot worse.

Sasha Bogino said "if you do not fight for your country it will not be your country. It will be their country." Radicalize. Organize.

Asheville friends! Got any art doodles photography or words you'd like to submit to the zine? Tell your friends. We want to get submissions from all over :)

When your professor asks you to be on a panel of people interviewing pussy riot when they come to your school.......... ...... .. .
#isthisthereallife #isitjustfantasy #caughtinalandslide

Solo exploration of selves in giant mirror

Hey folks!
Harlot vol.2 is lookin for submissions. Send us your poems, art, comics, blurbs, prose, photography, words, jokes, lists, ideas, toenail drawings, toenail sketches, toe nails.... and anything else you can think of.
There's a lot goin on around us and now, just as always, we need creative platforms for resistance and for processing and just for.. healthy existance. Grateful for all the lovely folks who submitted last year to Harlot vol. 1 and we're looking forward to seeing all the REVOLTING stuff you all come up with this time.

Remembering a day at the airport when drawing and water coloring those waiting area seats was all I could do to keep myself calm~ish~ while Donald Trump's voice boomed and echoed on every surrounding television then Hillary's voice, then the "reporters" "reporting" and I watched the people next to me watching and i reflected on its remniscience of some kind of horror film.
Then I remembered that America is the Twilight Zone.
Moral of the story: airport seats are very useful at times when you feel very (insert any range of emotions) about the state of this country and this election.

Feeling confused and strangely aware of a lot of things. But my heart beat is starting to slow down and I'm reading black feminist theory. And the leaves are falling. And these are the feet of a friend. And @problematiqueer is always there for me every damn time. Woooooshsshhhhh hello world

water your toes every day so that they too will grow tall and grow blob faces and blob consciences and rescue the world from the wrath of humans and their non-blob like ways.
question everything, including your "sanity." mine is certainly questionable at this juncture. #woooo #notmytoes #minearerotting

never underestimate the writing on the wall, of the bathroom stall.

thinking of giving my mole some pigtails and a lil tinybody #thoughts #life #companion

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