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Megan  2•4•17☀

gotta say we're looking pretty "hurt" ;)

a few classics in honor of national siblings day !!💜

reasons why I love this kid:

1.  for being the happiest, and sweetest person
2. for explaining what a looper is at every show even when WE ALL KNEW
3. for all of the smoothie and chipotle snapchats on a daily basis
4. for DOURTNEY @queencourtneymicaela
5. for giving the biggest hugs

that's just a few of them but I could keep rambling on. anyways, happy 18th Daniel🎈 love and miss you so much❤ ........also I look like absolute trash and the lighting is awful so we're getting better pics next time but Mike's in the background so I guess that makes up for it :')

happy 17th birthday to my best friend. I tried writing some mushy friendship post originally, but I didn't sound right and I got stuck on every sentence, so here's the real one. you've been my sidekick since fifth grade. our friendship started with the short hair, and neon justice t shirts. then when you brought me to KSGD, we began dancing together and received our shiny baked potato costumes (never forget hip hop year 1). since then, we've done everything together. I spend 90% of my time with you and the other 10% either face timing or texting you. So thank you, for having my back all these years. For being someone I can call up during the worst and best times. For giving me memories that last a lifetime. And here's to the future. To the concerts we're going to. To saving up and buying limelight for the next tour. To traveling together. And to our plans after High School, wherever we go (cali or new york). whatever happens in the next few years, I know we'll all be together somewhere, because I can't imagine being without you. so now that I did end up writing a long sappy post, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PARTNER IN CRIME. I love you so much and hope you enjoyed all the surprises today 🎉❤️ @queencourtneymicaela

happy birthday to one of the most talented people out there. hope you've learned how to do hair better in 24 years...❤️🎉

because it's national happiness day, and he makes me the happiest everyday💗

I think we're ready for the 2020 olympics🎯

always laughing together :))

it's the little moments like these that I wish would last forever💗

never want to leave colorado💙

Congratulations to my beautiful aunt. I am beyond happy and grateful for you. Thank you for being a role model and always sharing your love and positivity. I'm so glad I got to be here with you for your special day. I love you sososo much and can't wait to here about all of your future adventures. Enjoy your honeymoon!!❤️🎉

just your local blueberries dancing at the celtics🍀

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