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queenchastity♡  crawl to me, good little bitchboy. Now hand over your hard earned cash.

I don't need you but you do need me. You're lonely and I admit I get lonely too. So why don't we make an agreement you give me what I want and I give you what you want. Sound fair? #sugardaddywanted #dmme #paypigswanted🐽 #spoiltheprincess

Its been a while but im back. Sugar daddywanted. #sugardaddy #paypig #slave #dmme

I know you're laying in bed thinking of me, of what you could do to me, while I'm laying in bed thinking of all your hard earned cash in my hands. Watching you helplessly surrendering to my every need.
#cashcows #findom #dm #paypigs

Your wife isn't giving you what you need. All she does is complain to you about all the things you do wrong. I mean she is right, you do make a lot of mistakes but what she doesn't know is that I locked you in chastity and threw away the key, that's all she needed to do to make you listen and obey more. Now that you're my worthless pig, all your money goes to me and not her anymore. Your bank account? Mine your credit cards? Mine your pathetic little enslaved cock? Mine also. Everything is mine now and you will continue to serve me unless you wanna hear your wife tell you to do the dishes again.
#dominance #queen #cashcows #oink

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