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Tis I, Sapits  •🔮David Luiz is my daddy🔮 •Probably the queenest Queen you’ll ever meet. •I’m the froggiest bitch too 🐸 •IM THE BIGGEST GEEZER YOU’LL EVER MEET 😍💍🤙🏽

I’m finally a Dancing Queen!! For those of u who don’t get it, it means today’s the day I finally turn 17 :> anyway it my bday or whatever 🤙🏽💋

Happy bday vieja! :> ❤️🎉

Y’all know what day it is 😍❤️ te quiero mami 🖤

I will start off by saying that I know most of you including David would not read this whole thing because let’s face it, it’s long and tiring. But I wish I could write more every year and express more every year. I’m not so proficient at expressing through writing so I rather draw something instead. This drawing resembles what David Luiz means to me. I firmly believe in the universe and it’s infinite deeds and I believe the universe sent me David for infinite reasons. David is my universe and without him I honestly wouldn’t know where I would stand in the world. His existence and way of being ha pushed me to fight through troubles and fears. He has pushed me to battle against a horrible mental disease. The battle is not yet over but as long as I know David exists I will continue fighting. So many things have occurred through my life. Every moment I’ve felt empty wishing I could find the right embrace to console me. The rightful embrace lives thousands of miles away from me and it hurts every time I want this embrace. There aren’t enough languages to say “I love you” to David and I only know four. I love you, Yo te amo, Eu te amo, Je t’aime. Drawing and painting helps me feel closer to David but there aren’t enough canvases to fill this hole. My goal this year is for David to look at this painting and feel all the emotions I put into it. His smile could kill me in seconds. His laugh can bury me in a flash. I wish I could hold him in my arms and never let go. I wish I could tell this all to him in person and just let him understand how much he means to me. I want to show him all the songs that make me think of him and all my favorite moments he’s had. May the colors of the universe guide him to me and may we meet and stay with each other. May the universe protect you and stars guide you @davidluiz_4 happy birthday my king 🖤😍🎊🎉 #DavidLuiz #HappyBirthdayDavidLuiz #Geezer #31


Disney, like a week ago or so 🚩

A birthday boy!! I think he’s 47???? Anyway... 😂❤️ Happy birthday Papi :> 🎉🎊

I should go to competition again 🔪

Já chegou 2018, which means ITS THE YEAR OF THE WORLD CUP 😍⚽️ anyway have a great year

Chism eve 🎄 (this is literally the only ok thing I had to post rip 💀)

Serving up that gray mood realness 🌙🌫

First game of 2017-2018 season was a success! I️ proudly represented @davidluiz_4 ‘s birthday ( #22 ). The score was 3-2 and as a goalkeeper I️ feel very satisfied with the work and effort I️ gave in. As a whole team we really demolished and played quite well. 🔮May we win the rest of the games 🖤🔮

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