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Balqis Abbadi  Buzzing Bee is Me 👑 🐝 Bella 🦄💙 👻: Balqis.ab A mom by soul, a marketer by career, a foodie by taste & a beauty lover by choice. 📍Los Angeles 🇯🇴Jordan

Ok let’s talk social media!!
* First I am not here to diss influencers because that’s an old trend by now!
But I am here to discuss why should a category define me?! I personally don’t believe that I belong under one specific category and I love that - yes LOVE IT!
* My love for my career in marketing does not mean that all I have to do is share marketing or social media info (I get paid to do my job and I do it well & that’s all I need). My career is more than just posting and saying I work in social media, no I actually do analytics, reporting, budgeting, business development and other big words that “bloggers” don’t know anything about. 😏
* My love for going out and eating amazing food and trying new places also doesn’t define me and doesn’t mean I have to only post pictures of food! 🤤
* My love for fashion, beauty , makeup ,unique items colorful, comfy 🌈 and unicorn 🦄 things doesn’t mean that that’s all I wear or that’s all I should be about because I am definitely not a fashionista I’m my own kind of “ista” and I love it! I personally don’t see myself as a makeup artist either I’m just a girl that happens to get lost in Sephora and try cool things out !
* My love for travel from 45 min flights to 22 hour flights globally doesn’t mean I’m a travel blogger and all my posts should be about that. (Even though nowadays someone can take one trip and then define himself as a travel blogger 🙃) ✈️ * Last but definitely not least I am a kick ass mom (if I do say so myself) but my content isn’t all about being a mom because I don’t feel like that’s the only thing that defines me either! I really do love sharing tips, recipes, things I’ve learned along the way too but that’s my thing I SHARE! I love all the questions I get regarding this topic specifically and I’m always happy to get in touch, but being with the new trend of a mom blogger also isn’t for me! 🤭
So as you can see I’m a mix of all things awesome and I am planning on staying this way. I will not allow a word or a phrase to define me because I am much much more than that and I freaking love it 😍
Here’s to self love and spreading positivity!
Your vibe attracts your tribe 💜

Just two unicorns on planet Earth 🦄 🦄

Brunch is always a good idea 🌈 🥂
@wammanhotel met my every eggspectation for a delightful and diverse brunch that suited every SINGLE tastebud I had!
I couldn’t even decide on posting pictures of the food or of the amazing hotel itself - so naturally I did both haha
Take a group of fun friends (like mine) and enjoy hours of countless laughs and good food; the best combination ever.
Definitely want to do this again ... and again ... and again!

Zoey = Life 💜💙

Eid in Amman 💜🌈
Swipe ➡️ Family !

This photo sums up my relationship with these two pretty well!
Hahahaha I couldn’t help but posting it and here’s to over 10 years of friendship 😎 🥂 🤪

Did I strike the pose correctly?!!! 😎
It’s always fun to make fun!
But on the real side just be yourself.
Be the best YOU that you can be!
Do one good deed a day just ONE so simple and easy. It could be just saying thank you to someone, or giving a compliment or getting a friend a cup of coffee!
I personally love to give “positive hugs” just hug the negativity out and recharge with some positive vibes! Another favorite would be to smile in the face of others and especially strangers, I like to ask the barista or employee that’s serving me how are THEY doing for a change, a small chitchat can go a long way. 💗
There’s so much evil in this world and with all the negativity around us it’s good to be the opposite be unique be the best YOU that you can be.
What’s something you like to do?

A trip to Downtown in Jordan is a must for a cultural experience!
There’s something about walking from shop to shop getting the best bargain, stocking up on good books for dirt cheap, nice gold shops(better prices), getting the best souvenirs as gifts, getting a good workout (hello cardio!) and most of all the best food experience you will ever get when visiting Jordan I recommend going to Alquds restaurant for mansaf or Hashem restaurant for a lighter meal like hummus and falafel theeeeen top it off with Habiba Knafeh because the tradition said so (oh and because it’s so freaking good)! Then end the night with the popular Jafra for nice Hookah and coffee or food (if you still have space)!
Want to go? Hit me up I’m always up for some fun 🇯🇴 📿🐫
#LoveJo #Amman #Jordan #VisitJordan #Tourism

Zoey my unicorn 🦄
I’ve always been the type of person who like to celebrate things and go the extra mile ... It feels good to go the extra mile for someone you know will be worth all the effort that you go through!
Why I love unicorns you ask?
Because they represent something mystical yet imaginable, sometimes beautiful but with meaning; that magic is everywhere around us all it takes is for someone to B E L I E V E 🦄
Oh and of course because they involve glitter ✨ , rainbows 🌈 and my favorite colors BLUE 💙and PINK💖!
A special thank you to:
@treattweet for the awesome setup and @areejkhalifat for being an awesome aunt!
@amman_donutwall_catering for the super cool matched to the theme donut wall 🍩 !
My amazing family and friends 💙💗💜

There is nothing as powerful as the mother's love, and nothing as healing as a child's soul. 💕

Wedding season 💃🏼
#myjo #amman #jordan #boomerang

Flipping with the Bride!@lina.h6 💃🏼

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