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Balqis Abbadi  Buzzing Bee👑 🐝 Bella 🦄💙 A mom by soul, a marketer by career, a foodie by taste & a beauty lover by choice. 📍Los Angeles 🇯🇴Jordan Shop in Bio w/@amazon

I couldn’t help it.... a flannel Santa hat!!! 🎅🥰

My brother is cooler than yours 😎
Holidays are always my favorite time of the year because you get to spend it with family 🥰

H A P P Y *early* 1ST B I R T H D A Y to my daughter Zoey, the best gift in the world 💜
We are so thankful for the awesome people in our lives!
A super thank you to @gigglesnhugs for the amazing venue and best staff!
Here’s a glimpse of the day! 🦄

Oh you knew one picture isn’t going to do this outfit justice!
Matchy matchy

The sun will shine through - something I think about every day.
What do we have to live on for if not hope.
Let me tell you something I might have lost hope before having this little girl, but she has literally made my whole world shake in the best way possible.
Never did I imagine that I would feel this clarity of love for another human being, she gave me this love.
I know that for the rest of my life I finally have the best friend who will always listen to my drama, love me unconditionally, be my shopping companion and be my go too person and the coolest thing is I actually made her!
My childhood was pretty amazing I have the best memories that any kid could ask for, however I always felt there was one thing missing - I didn’t have a sister.
I would always thinking how amazing it would be if I had a sister who would be my bestie and my confident! But growing up its made me realize that I actually did have a bestie all along and it was my mom!
She was always there for me in all my craziness, ups and downs!
And now I get a glimpse of that feeling with my daughter Zoey - it’s the strangest feeling how life is just a big circle that keeps turning!
Well let’s buckle up because I’m here for the whole ride, are you?!

LA Museum of Art 🖤
The city of Angels and the city of my heart.

“Look mommy no hands” - Zoey !

My Jordan 💙🇯🇴
#Repost @robstrok
My recent trip to Jordan has easily become one of my favorites ever. Despite the location of Jordan, the country is super peaceful and every person I met was so kind-hearted. @ChelseaKauai and I spent hours running around through the desert, “swimming” in the Dead Sea, and eating too much hummus. It was a trip full of fun and creative visual ideas as well.

I posted the full video on YouTube last week, but I thought I’d throw it up here as well for those who haven’t checked it out ✨ Cheers to more adventures like this! @odesza
#amman #deadsea #wadirum #jordan #lovejo #visitjordan

Took my girls to the Grinch movie premiere!
Highly recommended especially for kids and well also for big kids aka ADULTS lol
Just in time for the holidays!
Disclaimer: might want to bring some tissues might get emotional 😭 💚💚💚💚

I like people that take Halloween seriously! 💜💙

What a Purrrfect Halloween 🎃 🐱

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