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Balqis Abbadi  Buzzing Bee is Me 👑 🐝 Bella 🦄💙 👻: Balqis.ab #Mom #Marketer #SocialMedia #Foodie #Traveler #Beauty #Lifestyle 📍Los Angeles 🇯🇴Jordan

Read this and think carefully then do it.


Dr Seuss spreading his wisdom since day 1! 💖
Be you be original no one is worth copying, you might not succeed at first but then when you do it will feel a million times better because you did it by being you!
Confidence is a stain they can’t wipe off, so don’t let them!

People ask me now, “Are you happy these days?” and I say, “Yes, I am. I’m very happy,” and they say, “Oh, that’s good.” Somebody else says, “Are you sad these days?” and I say, “Yeah, I’m sad.” That was a very big one to find out, cause I grew up in a world where in order to be happy, you had to make believe you weren’t sad.

It was a great relief to understand that all the emotions are present in every moment, and somehow they’re present in their unmanifest or imminent form; and then within a moment is something that awakens grief or pain or joy, or preciousness, or humor… you’re just dancing through all the forms of life. - Ram Dass, Love Serve Remember

Makeup done by the awesome @mella.la.bella 💄👄

Can you guess what my favorite color is? 💙
I’ll tell you who my favorite makeup artist is.... the one and only @mella.la.bella !
In love with colors and in love with this look! 🧜‍♀️👩🏼‍🎨
Swipe ➡️for the full look

I prefer makeup over a filter any day!

Favorite product alert! 🚨
The gorgeous @stilacosmetics glitter on the eyes color: into the blue 🧜‍♀️ I feel like glitter makes everything better 💖
Shape tape concealer removing those mommy bags @tartecosmetics
Trophy Wife by @shophudabeauty 👄💄
Can you say #nofilter !

This year I completely felt what it feels to be a maximum woman!
Meaning I went through 9 months of pregnancy to then giving birth to this adorable little munchkin and the journey has just started! Women are the source of power in every household and to be a mother just highlights that even further!
Happy international women’s day to all those beautiful chickas all around the world 🌎 we got this 💪🏻
#internationalwomensday #womensupportingwomen

Work it with @relentlessmaria 💪🏻💪🏻

Are celebrities overrated?! Live from the Oscars it’s Queen Bee !!
#Oscars #AcademyAwards #Hollywood #Celebrities

Darkness 🥀
Who else matches their lip color to their mood? I sure do!
Sometimes I feel that the world is just unfair and almost never gives us a break, it’s like if a good thing happens we have to “cross our fingers” or “knock on wood” or say “mashallah/Hamdallah” because we are almost certain that for every good feeling we go through we will have a bad one to follow. Is it because we think so much of the negatives in life so we believe it happens or does it actually happen to you? Is it all in our heads or is it the reality 🤔

The world does work in mysterious ways I just wish I knew what kind of hocus pocus is require for its next move! 🔮

Hair up and makeup on 💄
The love that women have for makeup is so sacred men will never understand. The most phrase I hate hearing is men thinking we wear makeup to impress them, it’s like HELLO I don’t have 30 different shades of pink lipstick that men can never differentiate just for them! I have 30 shades of pink lipstick because ME MYSELF AND I loves makeup!
The way a simple eyeliner wing can bright up your day (especially if both eyes are matching THE STRUGGLE IS REAL)
The way a highlighter gives your face a glow a little pick me up!
The way you match your lip color to your mood:
Feeling feisty go with a bold red
Feeling girly a pink with be your best friend!
I am no makeup artist but with years of practice I think I’m pretty good and you don’t need to be an expert to make you feel good, so don’t be discouraged get out of your comfort zone today and add color and boldness to your daily routine... I mean HEY they are called palettes for a reason get that brush and paint yourself a smile 🎨 😁

On point 🦄

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