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Qudsia Noor  ﷽ A happy soul is the best shield for a cruel world. I write sometimes.✍🏼 Szabist👩🏻‍🎓 Islamabad/Dubai Sc// q_871

only a few people care, the rest are just curious

Walking down the streets, watching you shedding tears,
Telling someone you love them, setting aside all the fears.
I saw you, trembling, shivering, in pain,
With passing time, you will know, it’s all a gain.
Wave me goodbye as I leave your place,
Tell me you’ll remember me, my insanity, and my craze.
Hold me, at the back of your mind,
Picture me, draw me, lose me, and find.
Meet me, in another world, another place, with a new start,
I’ll pull you close, kiss your forehead, and tell you, you broke my heart.
Remember me, my kind heart, and my beautiful part.

Hi have a look at this charcoal ice cream

After 7393828 attemps, I found good lighting... on the floor

It’s all messed up. Life, people, hearts, minds, and destinies. Looking for something that you want, getting frustrated when you’re not getting it. Blaming each other for the scars that are left on your arms, scratching the scars because you want to forget it. Loving, just because you need someone by your side, to be there for you, meanwhile you think about someone, who was never there for you. It’s all shattered, hearts and people. We had a very simple idea of living this life, be kind, be kind,
Be kind.
But that’s not all that you require, you need to give, you need to love, you need to take,
You need to stay true, to yourself, before anyone else.
Hold the mess, your own mess, and don’t worry about others. Every one is responsible for their own messed up life.

Been so lost,
Need your hand to hold.

Attending shaadi is my most favorite thing to do. I miss shaadi season😭

Love, will change you.
Love, will heal you.
Let it come, honey.

My face whenever @honeyy.1 talks to me about anything stupid, also they annoy the shit out of me but they have my heart. Shoutout to my girlfriends ♥️

Insaan, bohat asaani se behak jata hai. Kisi aur ke hissay ki muhabbat, kisi aur ko dene nikal jata hai. Aur bhooljata hai, ke iska asal haqdaar kon hai. Duniya jaga hi aisi hai, har insaan waqt ki raftaar ke sath bhaag raha hai, kisi ko kuch khabar nahi, kahan jaraha hai, kya kar raha hai, kiske sath jaa raha hai, aur kisko chor raha hai. Meine logon ko nazar mila kar jhoot zahir kartay huye dekha hai, aur meine un logo ko hi nazar se girrtay huye dekha hai. Aap jo aaj kisi ko de rhe ho, wohi kal laut kar aapke paas wapas ajayega: chahe muhabbat ho ya dhoka. Mujh se nazar nahi milayi jaati, us shakhs se jo mere dil mei utar chuka hai, kyu ke mera dil bharr chuka hai, aur usko dekhne ke baad, mera dil bebas aur laachaar hojata hai. Mere dil mei us shakhs ki muhabbat, is tarah bass chuki hai ke, usko nazar se girranay ki jaga hi nahi. Muhabbat, nazar se zaahir hoti hai, aur dil mei utar jaati hai. Jis se muhabbat nahi kartay, us shakhs ke dil mei jaga nahi banao, uske dil mei mat utro, kyu ke kisi bhi insaan ko dil se nikal kar bahar phenkna bohat mushkil hai, aur isi mushkilaat mei insaan haar jata hai, zindagi bhi, aur muhabbat bhi.
Ishq Aur Zindagi.

I remember, holding your hand,
Shedding tears, and telling you,
That you consume my heart,
My soul, and everything that belongs to me.
I remember, making memories with you,
Wearing red, taking cute photos,
Laughing as hard as I could,
Without realizing, you’re just a phase,
And you’ll pass by me.
I remember, giving my all,
Surprisingly, making you happy,
Screaming and shouting,
That you have me, all of me.
I remember, all of it, it’s all merely a memory.
A beautiful memory.

You deserve poetry written on you, love.

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