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KJMapparatus  Makin these bubs bud. Based in Seattle WA- Quave Club Bangers website⬇️

Pipe I finished yesterday for fungi day.
#cannabis #azurescens #church

Dropped these tessellated flats on the website. QuaveCB.com
Also I'll be at Seattle hemp fest through the weekend with glass and free QCB shirts. See you there. #quaveglass
#quaveclubbanger #bluejuice

🎶Ruby and Caramel, Cobalt suede shoes🎶 Happy 4th! 🇺🇸
🎥: @theterpdon
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DFO 2018 was the best one yet. Rain was a bummer and it was still a great time that will be even better in the sun. Big ups to @abeatron @mattywhite @hugh.glass and crew for all the hard work! You did an excellent job creating the woodland-lot syle/festival atmosphere our community needs to nurture. The work finished and displayed there was excellent. People are really fuckin good nowadays! The vibe was affirmation of trajectory towards an event mirroring the magic Grateful Dead Lot environment that @bobsnodgrass1946 created the Pipe Big Bang in. I hope to see this grow into an untamable monster of a good time in the future. #dfo2018

Recent collab with @bobsnodgrass1946
for the concepts of borosilicate show. I had a surreal final session finishing this. Good times!
#bobsnodgrass #quaveglass #gatsby #klein

I've been trying to refine my description of hanging out and watching Bob Snodgrass operate. Tough thing to do. It left me with a feeling I've never felt. It was honestly unreal, and highly emotional to see the history of our pipe art form in every move he made. He's a magician. Over time successfully blending himself with his magic, to the point of not being able to differentiate the two. He lives the magic trick. Watching him finish a piece sent my imagination reeling towards the image of Bach drawing the last note of a symphony, or Picasso painting a final line. He is 72 and stayed up later than me working almost every night. If you make pipes, your magic is a fractal off shoot of his magic. Pretty wild notion. Thank you Bob so much for everything you have done. And everything you continue to do! Also big thanks to the whole Snodgrass family for having us. A connection I will cherish forever. @bobsnodgrass1946 @mariesnodgrass @ginnysnodgrassgietl @bobbadtram_stagram @bt_glass @snodgrassglass_official #snodgrass

Ode to Flower tube from Wook Show. Nothin quite like a snap of chrons out of a clean weed Bong. 2 ounces of smarties later- she was ready for the streets.
Made with @glassalchemy potion
Photos by: @boro.vision
#quaveglass #ourflower #weed

Klein made for Wook Show . I learned this old school fume tech from the work of @kajaglass
When I first started pipemaking, I was 17 and exhausted my resources quickly. After 8 months I had no supplies/tools/money to make pipes. 2 months of no glass later I went to Oregon country fair. After separating from friends and meandering around one night, I stumbled on a large case of insanely beautiful pipes and bubs made of parts in this style by @kajaglass
The pieces were so impactful I told myself I would never not blow glass again. I hammered him with questions all night, which he kindly answered in detail. "Brace everything" was one piece of advice that really stuck with me. Thanks a bunch Kyle! It was nostalgic to see this classic style come together on the new school canvas. Pic by the owner @kdoggydizzle #quaveglass

Made a Krystal Klein for Wook show, also gonna bring a lot of little pipes and chillums. Hopefully sending more than usual home with something smokable. #wookshow6 #widebody #shorty #cutitupbuttercup #popbubs #quaveglass #horridphotography

Send up to @sweaterkingpin s unprecedented use of the arrow. One facet of the infamous and infinite Adam G style
#lasercat #weed #daytonfamily
#GED #mathcouldbewrong

This picture is about people who won't likely realize this picture is about them. #sammussabini 18"x24"

I apologize in advance for the crudity of this model I didn't have time to politically correct it or paint it to scale. You're gonna have to zoom in. #starwars
#lament #lastjedi #notgood #lastjedisucks #darthvader #lukeskywalker #yoda
#rianjohnson #kathleenkennedy
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