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  關永宏 I can; I will because I want& need so I must. 💪🏼 natural bodybuilder/calisthenics beginner

Saving money to finish the piece. Core day everyday.

Left arm is stronger , lunch break boredom

Often forgetting to keep my hands up

Messy space , sorry. Figuring out life at my own pace. GO


#club16 lift is life, weights are wife

“If you’re on time, you’re already late”

Going to bulk soon


Core work today. Now that I have your attention please swipe to the next picture. -These are my blue eyes white dragons , with a simple polymerization I can turn them into my BLUE EYES ULTIMATE DRAGON. I’m kind of a duel master. Time to d d d d d duel!

Tbt on a Friday

Spicy butter chicken at Jamila’s Grill. Looks small at first until you pour it on the plate. Filled me up good!

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