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Sandy Tnay  Sandy of the House Tnay, Khaleesi of the Great Choa Chu Kang and Mother of Twins

😂 I love River's inborn humor, she has been making jokes ever since she can converse
R: 切水果,切水果,妈妈来了我要把,一个.. 给 Meadow
M: (ignores)
R: Nah! Give you.. already
M: (ignores)
R: Want? Mum mum?
R: 😡 (smashes imaginery fruit onto her bag)
R: Bag eat!


Marina Bay Residences, why you there?

What a difference 1 year does to these 2 persons! Last year, we merely let them sit in the balls pool and they cried. Yesterday, we let them try the train ride for the first time. Imagine the panic and internal sweat we had when they boarded the train themselves with a little help from crew, fearing they'll burst into shocked crying state. They did not. Bring all the roller coasters on! 😆

Even the cat disapproved these terrible twos

Using this couple's social media tone for caption be like:
婚宴 一生一次。
醉了 吐了 昏沉了也值。 😂😂😂

Their first overseas experience starts with a solid jam, est. 2-3 hrs 😨Good luck to us

Tiny hands with loads of gestures

New phone opening ceremony for the bosses’ official 2nd birthday today💋
#totolings #iphonex

My girls will be more excited than me to drop test iPhone X
#iphonex #casetify

After their 1st birthday, we were so tired and decided they'll work themselves for 2nd birthday, and they did 💪💪 They tried to stop working halfway though, "mama mama open, I want eat" 😅😅

River sang lullabies before they drift to sleep in their room. ❤❤ No need mommy's singing already 👏👏

M: ready? together!
M&R: *unlocking all locks like bosses
R: open already
Mommy: *unlocking all oh-nos wths omfgs


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